Zendesk is a publicly-traded American software as a service company founded in 2007 by three Dane entrepreneurs. Mikkel Svane, Alexander Aghassipour, and Morten Primdahl. The services of the company are in corporate fields like sales, communication, and customer support. Some of the popular services of Zendesk include agility, automation, financial services, and customer experience services.

Zendesk’s headquarters is in San Francisco, California, United States. It is listed on New York Stock Exchange, and it is also a part of the Russell 1000 component. Zendesk is ranked at 81st position on Fortune’s 100 Best Medium Workplaces. The market capitalization of Zendesk as of 2022 is around $14.216 billion making it one of the largest SaaS companies. Some of the big companies that use Zendesk are Dropbox, Etsy, Netflix, Zoom, and Nokia.

Where is Zendesk headquarters located?

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The Zendesk headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States. The company overall has around 24 offices across 23 countries.

Address: 989 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94103, United States.

General Information

HQ Address: 989 Market St, San Francisco, California, United States
Zip code: 94103
Industry: Software as a Service
Founded: 2007
Founder: Mikkel Svane, Alexander Aghassipour and Morten Primdahl
Website: zendesk.com

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk platform provides services in the form of software. It was founded in Denmark in 2007 but later moved to the United States. Zendesk majorly provides customer relationship and communication services. Generally, Zendesk serves small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

How do I contact Zendesk corporate?

You can contact Zendesk corporate by using the phone number given below, or you can follow this link to contact a specific department of the company.

Phone Number: +1 888-670-4887

How do I raise a ticket in Zendesk?

  • Creating a public ticket:
  1. In the toolbar, hover on Add tab and then click on Ticket
  2. Click on “Public Reply” if creating a private ticket is allowed; otherwise, nothing has to be done.
  1. In the Requestor field, insert the name of the user or add a new user
  2. Now, insert the ticket data and select the “Submit as New” option
  • Creating a private ticket:
  1. In the toolbar, hover on Add tab and then click on Ticket
  2. Enter the name of the user in the Requestor field or add a new user
  3. Insert the ticket data and select the “Submit as New” option

Company History

Zendesk was founded by Mikkel Svane, Morten Primdahl, and Alexander Aghassipour in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Initially, they started building software in the attic of Svane’s home. At the start, their startup did not get huge funding from investors; rather, they funded their startup themselves. The startup was an immediate success, and within the same year, Twitter became its user.

The founders had no plan to shift their company, but American investors were reluctant to invest in another country. So, Zendesk was moved to Boston, Massachusetts, the United States, in 2009. After six months, the company was shifted again to San Francisco, California, United States. After that, Zendesk got around $86 million in several rounds of funding from investors.

Zendesk introduced a lot of new features in 2010 and increased the price of its services. In response, their customers were disappointed. To solve the issue, Zendesk again decreased the pricing. In 2011, because of the need for a large workspace, Zendesk moved to Tenderloin, San Francisco.

zendesk headquarters

After 2012, the company started to establish its roots in other countries. Some countries where they first set up their international offices are Australia, Ireland, and Denmark. In 2013, the revenue of Zendesk was increased by 89% from the previous year. At that time, the company almost has 614 employees.

Zendesk became a publicly-traded company in 2014. Its market capitalization before IPO was $1.7 billion, and the company raised around $100 million from the IPO. Because Zendesk had raised capital so, it started acquiring other companies. In 2014, Zendesk acquired Zopim, Outbound.io, and BIME.

In 2016, the company changed its logo and invested in rebranding. Since 2016, Zendesk has kept on expanding its services. Also, they expanded their target audience by catering to every type of business. The company’s revenue reached an average of $500 million by 2018.

In 2019, Zendesk acquired a Canadian company named Smooch, but the deal was not disclosed. Zendesk further improved its service in 2020 by introducing more features. In 2021, Zendesk declared that they are going to acquire Momentive Global for $4.13 billion.

Zendesk Company Profile

Zendesk is an American company that provides software as a service, the main software for customer service. The company was founded in 2007 in Denmark. Zendesk was founded to improve and innovate relationships between customers and organizations by using modern technology. Currently, it is the 29th largest SaaS company in the United States, with a market capitalization of over $14 billion.

Zendesk CEO and Key Executive Team

Name Designation
Mikkel Svane CEO, Founder, and Director
Mortem Primdahl Founder Emeritus
Alex Aghassipour Founder Emeritus
Colleen Berube Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations
Shanti Ariker General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Privacy Officer
Source: investor.zendesk.com, zendesk.com, investor.zendesk.com

Top Companies That Use Zendesk Help Center


Metamask uses Zendesk for its support page. It has a search bar and a couple of options below it. Furthermore, some boxes with certain information are also available at the end of the page.


Shopify’s help center has a very simple and friendly design with very few options available. It uses Zendesk to create this delightful help center.


Binance integrates Zendesk as a help center that includes cute favicons and a search bar at the top of the page.


Fiverr also integrates Zendesk. Fiverr’s help center is one of the simplest design with very few buttons available that takes a user to other pages. It has a vibrant color scheme that makes it attractive.


Bittrex is also a user of Zendesk. It makes use of pleasant colors in its help center. This help center has information sorted in a beautiful manner with a calm theme.


Prodigy Education has a very delightful help center’s design with a pleasing color scheme that does its branding. Prodigy also uses the Zendesk help center.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways also use Zendesk. Its help center is very simple yet full of a lot of information displayed in a minimal manner.


Dropbox has a unique and interactive customer help center, especially when it comes to color management. It has been created by using the Zendesk help center.


Etsy’s help center is also known for its simple and minimal design. It provides an interactive way to navigate through different options. It also uses Zendesk’s help center.


Nokia’s Wi-Fi help center integrates Zendesk in it. It has a clean and tidy look with easily understandable options. The decent color scheme makes it more sophisticated.

Marvel App Help Center

Marvel App help center also makes use of Zendesk. Below the search bar of this help center, there are three buttons that lead to a specific webpage. This increases the simplicity of the help center.

Top 5 Biggest Zendesk competitors or Alternative

zendesk top competitors or alternatives

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a SaaS company founded in 1999 in California, United States. Its stock is a part of the DJIA component, S&P 100 component, and S&P 500 component. As of 18th February 2022, its stock price is $199.8. It is perhaps a great time to buy its stock because it is in a dip. A prediction by Money.cnn says that in the coming 12 months, its price will touch an average of $325. The highest and lowest expectations are $385 and $222, respectively.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is another American software company. It was founded in 2006 in Massachusetts, United States. It is registered on New York Stock Exchange and is also a part of the Russell 1000 component. According to Marketbeat.com, in a stock consensus, HubSpot’s stock received 20 buy ratings, 0 sell ratings, and one hold rating. Money.cnn predicts that its price may go higher than $575 by 2023. On the other hand, Walletinvestor.com forecasts that it may touch $810 within 2022.

3. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is another American SaaS company founded in 2003. It is ranked at 570th on Fortune and is one of the biggest rivals of Zendesk. Its stock is a part of the S&P 500 component and is listed on New York Stock Exchange. As of 19th February, its stock price is $562.18. ServiceNow’s stock is very volatile. That is why short-term investments won’t make much profit; rather, they can result in losses.

4. Asana

Asana is a project management and productivity software, provider. The company was founded by Dustin Moskowitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008. Asana’s consensus rating is “buy”; however, some stock analysts also recommend to hold it. As of 18th February, its stock price is $67, and it is expected to increase soon. Analysts predict that Asana’s stock may touch $95 by the first quarter of 2023. So, it is maybe the best time to buy Asana’s stocks.

5. Twilio

Twilio is a company that provides communication services. It was founded in 2008 in the United States. Twilio is listed on New York Stock Exchange, and it is also a part of the Russell 1000 component. The company was ranked at 1598th on Forbes Global 2000 in 2021. Since the last quarter of 2021, Twilio’s stock has been falling rapidly, and the fall is expected to continue in the future. Considering the long run, the stock looks profitable.

Is It Too Late to Consider Buying Zendesk, Inc.?

In short, it may not be the best time to buy Zendesk’s stocks, but it is also not late to consider buying them. The company has a perfect business model, experienced staff, and huge market value. All of these things make it a successful company. Every aspect of Zendesk looks great, and its stock is also expected to grow in the future.

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Zendesk’s stock is undervalued, and that is why its price will likely increase in the future. Here, the question comes, should you invest in it now or wait? The stock is not stable is considered volatile to some extent. It can be expected that its price will decrease in the coming time. So, you should wait until this happens.

According to finance.yahoo.com, the stock price of Zendesk is expected to grow by 58% in the coming years. Also, this stock received 11 buy ratings, five hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings. This shows that still Zendesk’s stock is a considerable option to invest and it is not too late to think about it.


When did Zendesk go public?

Zendesk became a publicly-traded company in 2014. Its IPO price was $9. It is listed on New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ZEN.

Can you buy stock directly from Zendesk?

No, you cannot directly purchase stock from Zendesk. For this purpose, you would have to open a brokerage account.

Who is the auditor of Zendesk?

The accounting firm and auditor of Zendesk is Ernst & Young LLP.

What are Zendesk’s business hours?

Zendesk business hours are the hours in which you need customer support from Zendesk. Businesses set these hours themselves.

What is Zendesk Support?

Zendesk support is a tool based on cloud technology created by Zendesk to provide customer support to the customer in a managed manner.

What is the Zendesk portal?

Zendesk’s portal software is a platform provided to manage customer support requests. It is like a customer support forum.

How much is Zendesk per year?

Zendesk offers different pricing plans. Here you can find the price of the plan suitable to your needs.

Does Zendesk have an API?

Yes, Zendesk does have an API dedicated to performing tasks like searching for specific data, editing the records, and creating support tickets.

Executive Summary

This article was about Zendesk, which is one of the successful software as a service company in the United States. Zendesk totally changed the concept of customer support with its valuable services. The company has more interesting plans for the future. In the past few years, Zendesk has grown rapidly. If it keeps on growing at this pace, it may achieve much more in the coming years.

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