Bread Financial is an American financial services company, offering private label, co-branded, and commercial credit card and loyalty programs, and marketing services.

The company is best known for its credit card services that partner with retailers. Bread Financial has a lot to offer including lending and saving solutions, risk management, data analytics and related services.

Address: 3095 Loyalty Cir, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Zip Code: 43219
Contact Number: +16147294000
Industry: Financial Services
Founded: April 22, 1983
Products: Credit Cards, Lending, Payment Solutions, Savings
Official Website:

Where is Bread Financial headquarters located?

The Bread Financial headquarters is at 3095 Loyalty Cir, Columbus, OH 43219, United States at The Easton Square Place. The three-story brick building was built in 2007 and is located in a campus-type setting where amenities and retail offerings are within walking distance. The Easton Square Palace features 200,000 sq. ft. of office space, which is sufficient to house more than 800 employees.

Aside from the Bread Financial corporate office in Ohio, their services are also offered in their 9 different offices across the country.

A Short History of Bread Financial

Bread Financial Holdings, Inc. was founded through the merging of two companies: J.C Penny and The Limited Bank. Two years after the merger, Alliance Data (former name of Bread Financial) acquired Loyalty One, a Canadian loyalty marketing company, allowing the company to obtain valuable enhancements to its business.

Alliance Data went public in 2001 and since then has gone through a couple of leadership changes including the move of Bread Financial headquarters from Plano, Texas to Columbus, Ohio.

In 2019, Alliance Data opened its first international office in Bengaluru, India. Then, in 2021, the company made its Loyalty One segment into an independent publicly traded company, Loyalty Ventures, Inc. Following this major change, Alliance Data rebranded to Bread Financial to align with the company’s wide range of financial services.

Is Bread Financial part of American Express?

Bread Financial is not part of American Express, instead, it partners with American Express for cardholders to both enjoy Bread Financial’s cash back and rewards and American Express card advantages.

How do I contact Bread Financial corporate office?

Getting in touch with the Bread Financial corporate office is available through different channels. Depending on your concern, you can call the Bread Financial headquarters through their publicly published number: 614-729-4000.

For concerns regarding Savings, you can reach Bread Savings Customer Care at 1-833-755-4354 from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. CT, and 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT on weekdays and holidays. Or you may course your inquiry via mail at Bread Savings PO Box 182084 Columbus, OH 43218-2158.

Bread Financial Products and Services

  • Credit cards (about 178 specific types like cash back, travel, sports, pet, cosmetics, vision, and more)
  • Personal Loans
  • Savings: high-yield savings and 1 year-CD (Certificate of Deposits)

What is the old name for Bread Financial?

Bread Financial was formerly known as Alliance Data Systems Corporation. In March 2022, the name was changed to Bread Financial Holdings, Inc.

Bread Financial CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Designations
Ralph Andretta President and CEO
Perry Beberman Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer
Valerie Greer Executive VP, Chief Commercial Officer
Tammy McConnaughey Executive VP, Operations and Credit Risk
Joseph Motes Executive VP, Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Secretary

BFH Stock – Bread Financial Holdings Inc.

Bread Financial Holdings, Inc. is represented by the symbol BFH and is currently traded in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Its first Initial Public Offering was in 2001, back when it was still operating as Alliance Data.

According to Yahoo Finance, its earnings have declined over the past years which contributed to a 78% loss for its shareholders. However, it can still perform better especially for long term investors.

Executive Summary of Bread Financial

Bread Financial Holdings, Inc. is mainly a fin-tech company powered by modern technologies to streamline the line of financial services they offer to consumers and online merchants. With their list of transparent payment, lending, and saving solutions, purchases, and checkouts are a lot more convenient and user-friendly for their user base.

The company’s partnership with about 135 retailers and merchants help these businesses increase their sales and orders because of flexible payment terms like the Buy Now, Pay Later scheme.

Bread Financial aims to provide seamless and direct financing options allowing significant growth for merchants and consumers to pay, lend, and save. It is a customer-focused and results-driven fin-tech company that will continue to invest in modern technology. They are highly innovative in terms of offering saving, lending, and payment solutions so that they can continuously meet the needs of their consumers and partners.

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