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Texas Instruments is one of the largest and reputed semiconductor manufacturing companies in the United States. Texas Instruments was founded by Cecil H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson, Eugene McDermott, and Patrick E. Haggerty. In 1930, it was founded as Geophysical Services, Inc., and in 1951, it was founded as Texas Instruments in the process of rebranding. Texas Instruments headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Some of the famous products which Texas Instruments manufactures include analog chips, integrated circuits, calculators, embedded processors, and analog electronics. Around 80% of the revenue of the company comes from embedded processors and analog chips. That is why the company’s focus is inclined towards this sector of products.

Texas Instruments is a publicly-traded company, and it is registered on the Nasdaq stock exchange. As of 16th December 2021, its stock price is around $190. The stock is a part of Nasdaq 100, S&P 100, and S&P 500 stock. The revenue of Texas Instruments in 2020 was $14.461 billion, and the net income was $5.595 billion. In the Fortune 500 of 2021, Texas Instruments was ranked at 210th.

General Information

HQ Address: 12500 T I Blvd, Dallas, Texas, United States
Zip code: 75243
Traded as: Nasdaq: TXN
Industry: Semiconductors
Founded: 1930 (as Geophysical Service Incorporated) 1951 (as Texas Instruments)
Products: Analog electronics, Calculators, Digital signal processors, Digital light processors, Integrated circuits and Embedded processors
Website: ti.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What is Texas Instruments known for?

Texas Instruments is widely known for the reliability of its microprocessors and other products. The company became famous and successful because of this reliability. TI is also known for its innovation. No doubt, their products contributed to global development.

Where is Texas Instruments headquarters located?

Texas Instruments headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas, United States. The company also has 22 other offices in the United States. Besides this, they have 55 corporate offices spread in 19 countries across the globe.

texas instrument headquarters
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How do I contact Texas Instruments corporate?

You can contact the company through multiple means; by email, phone, or by sending traditional mail. You can find their email address here. Their phone number and mail address are given below.

Phone Number: (800) 842-2737
Mail Address: Box 660199 12500 TL Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75266-0199

Company History

Texas Instruments was founded in 1951 in the United States by Cecil H. Green, J. Erik Jonsson, Eugene McDermott, and Patrick E. Haggerty. Eugene McDermott previously founded another company in partnership with J. Clarence Karcher named Geophysical Service in 1930. In 1939, its name was changed to Coronado Corporation. The Geophysical Service was now a subsidiary of Coronado Corp. By 1941, the whole company was in the ownership of Eugene, Cecil, and Erik.

During World War 2, because of the increased demand for electronics from the Army and Navy of the United States, the company decided to expand itself. Haggerty was hired by GSI as the general manager of their L&M division in 1945. When the company got the initial attention of the public, they changed their name to General Instruments, but later it was again renamed to Texas Instruments as there already existed a company named General Instruments. At this point, GSI became a subsidiary of Texas Instruments.

In 1954, the company decided to build a transistor radio. The initial design and prototype were built in the same year. It was the world’s first transistor radio. It was built in collaboration with IDEA, Indianapolis. In 1953, Texas Instruments became a publicly-traded company. It was listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

By October 1954, Texas Instruments started selling these transistors. In 1988, a large percentage of the equity of Texas Instruments was bought by Halliburton Company. After this deal, GSI became an independent and separate company from Texas Instruments. However, Texas Instruments kept on providing and manufacturing seismic products and services.

In 1992, The Defense Systems and Electronics Group, which is a subsidiary of Texas Instruments, received Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for improving the quality of their manufacturing. The company decided to offer its products to the public directly by building an e-commerce website named TI.com in 2001. This website still exists, and in 2020, a couple of new features were also introduced, which elevated the customer experience.

Texas Instruments Profile

Texas Instruments is an American technology company. It is known as one of the biggest manufacturers of semiconductors in the United States. The company mainly produces analog and digital electronics, and a large percentage of its revenue comes from it. The company says that they are one of the leaders of the market because they always focus on innovation. The company does focus on innovation, and that is why they have around 45,000 patents worldwide. The reason behind the creation of Texas Instruments was to improve the world by producing quality electronics at affordable prices. Texas Instruments is still motivated and stands by this statement.

Texas Instruments Incorporated CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Designations
Richard K. Templeton Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Haviv Ilan Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Ahmad S. Bahai Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Kyle M. Flessner Senior Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Hagop H. Kozanian Senior Vice President, Analog Signal Chain
Source: investor.ti.com

Top 5 biggest Texas Instruments competitors or Alternative

texas instrument top competitors or alternatives

1. Intel

Intel is a multinational technology company based in the United States. It was founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce in 1968. Intel produces CPUs, microprocessors, modems, and other electronic devices. In 2020, the revenue of the company was around $77.87 billion, and its net income was $20.9 billion.

Its stock is a part of DJIA, S&P 100, and S&P 500 components. Moreover, the company is ranked 45th on Fortune 500.

2. Advanced Micro Devices

Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD, is another American publicly traded technology company. It was founded by Jerry Sanders in 1969. The company mainly produced computer processors, microprocessors, and graphics processing units.

The revenue of AMD in 2020 was $9.76 billion. Its net income was $2.49 billion. It is ranked at 309th on Fortune 500. It is also ranked at 594th on Forbes Global 2000.

3. Analog Devices

Analog Devices is an American semiconductor manufacturer. The company was founded by Mathew Lorber and Ray Stata in Massachusetts in 1965. It is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment. In the fiscal year of 2020, its revenue was $5.794 billion, and the net income was $1.22 billion.

The stock of Analog Devices is a part of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 components.

4. NXP Semiconductors

As the name suggests, it is also a semiconductor producer. NXP Semiconductors was founded in 1961. The HQ of the NXP is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. According to Wikipedia, NXP claims that it was the world’s largest semiconductor supplier in 2016.

Its reported revenue in 2020 was around $8.612 billion. The net income of the company in 2018 was $22 million. As of 2021, it is ranked at 974th on Forbes Global 2000.

5. Nvidia

Nvidia is an American technology company that mainly focuses on gaming technology. The company was founded in 1993 in the United States. Its areas of expertise include semiconductors, graphics processing units, CPUs, and graphics cards.

The revenue of Nvidia in 2020 was $10.92 billion, and its income was $2.8 billion. Nvidia’s stock is a part of S&P 100, S&P 500, and Nasdaq 100 components. On Fortune 500, it is ranked at 184th.

Why Texas Instruments is a retiree’s dream stock?

Every retiree wants to invest his savings to earn profits and preserve their actual capital amount from inflation. For this purpose, Texas Instruments stock is perfect. Retirees want a secure, profitable, and instant opportunity for investment. The stock of Texas Instruments fulfills all of these factors, and that is why it is the best stock for retirees.

First of all, its stock is not volatile at all because the portfolio of Texas Instruments is very diverse. The company produces electronic equipment for a lot of fields which makes its stock more secure and risk-free. Unlike Texas Instruments, most of its competitors only work in small niches.

Past gains should also be considered while reviewing any stock. If we analyze the past of this stock, it looks profitable. Its net income in 2010 was $3.23 billion, and in 2020, it was $5.6 billion. Honestly, the revenue of the company did not grow a lot, but this is also a positive sign as the investments in it will not be unsafe.

Buybacks are another reason to buy this stock. Texas Instruments consider frequent share buybacks. For this purpose, the company has a free cash flow (FCF) which is increasing year by year. There can be a possibility of selling the stock to the company and making huge profits.

Dividends also make this stock a great investment. There is a $0.9 dividend on Texas Instruments stock. Not only this, but the company grew its dividend amount every year for 17 consecutive years. This makes it a great stock if someone is looking for a high-dividend stock. These all factors make it a dream stock for retirees.


When did Texas Instruments go public?

Stocks of Texas Instruments were initially offered to the public in 1953. The company merged with Intercontinental Rubber Company and announced IPO. It is registered on Nasdaq under the symbol TXN.

Does Texas Instruments pay dividends?

Yes, there is a dividend on Texas Instruments’ stock. A dividend is a reason behind the popularity of its stock. The most recent dividend paid per common stock was $0.90, and the dividend yield was 3.3%.

Where are Texas Instruments calculators made?

There are several manufacturing units of Texas Instruments where their products are manufactured. According to their website, their calculators are mostly made in their factories in China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and United States.

What is Texas Instruments famous for?

The company is famous for the constant reliability of its products. The goal of Texas Instruments is to transform the world with its innovative products.

What kind of chips does TI make?

The company makes embedded processing chips and analog chips. A large percentage of its revenue is generated by selling these chips. The company is planning to focus more on-chip development.

Executive Summary

In this article, we have discussed one of the largest and successful semiconductor manufacturing companies in the United States. Every aspect of Texas Instruments is discussed in detail in this article, including the reason for its popularity, history, company profile, competitors, and stock analysis, etcetera.

The company is motivated to revolutionize the world by producing innovative products at low prices without compromising on quality. In the past, the company has produced a ton of impressive products, and they also have a collection of ideas for the future. In general, the vision of Texas Instruments looks great, and this can surely be said that it is going to do something big.

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