Sophos Headquarters

Sophos Group plc provides business-grade cybersecurity and management solutions primarily for large organizations and also home consumers. The Sophos location has its headquarters in Oxford, The U.K. This firm develops software for securing networks, email encryption, creating the mobile shield, and managing endpoints. It is powered by A.I. threat intelligence and machine learning. Tech Products … Read more

DocuSign Headquarters

DocuSign provides eSignature, which allows users to sign electronically on a variety of devices. DocuSign has more than 1 million clients and hundreds of millions of users in more than 180 countries, according to the company. DocuSign signatures are consistent with the United States’ ESIGN Act and the European Union’s eIDAS law, which includes EU … Read more

IBM Headquarters

IBM stands for International Business Machines. It is also known as Big Blue, which is one of the largest IT companies all across the world. You can get a wide variety of hardware and software. IBM started their journey from supplying hardware, and now it has become a top supplier of the mainframe computer. After … Read more

Oracle Headquarters

Oracle Corporation is a world-renowned, international computer technology corporation. They are based in Redwood Shores, California. They specialize primarily in developing and marketing database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products in its own several brands of database management systems. For all that we know about Oracle Corporation, there are some interesting … Read more

Zendesk Headquarters

Zendesk is a publicly-traded American software as a service company founded in 2007 by three Dane entrepreneurs. Mikkel Svane, Alexander Aghassipour, and Morten Primdahl. The services of the company are in corporate fields like sales, communication, and customer support. Some of the popular services of Zendesk include agility, automation, financial services, and customer experience services. … Read more

LexisNexis Headquarters

Where is LexisNexis Headquarters, office locations on Map? LexisNexis was founded in 1970. It was first founded with the name Lexis. Later, its name was changed to LexisNexis. It is a company that provides a platform that extracts relationships and patterns out of huge data set using technologies like machine learning and data science. In … Read more

NCR Corporation Headquarters

Where is NCR Corporation on Map? NCR Corporation is one of the world’s biggest points of sales hardware and software providers, among other things. Its push toward the digitalization of the cash register made it a remarkable company in various industries. Today, investors can funnel their funds directly through its agent, so they can purchase … Read more

CyberArk Headquarters

CyberArk is the only security business dedicated to eradicating the most sophisticated cyber threats, such as those that take advantage of insider privileges to infiltrate and compromise the core of an organization. CyberArk is committed to preventing cyber assaults from disrupting corporate operations. The company proactively safeguards against cyber threats before attacks grow and cause … Read more