Xerox is an American technology corporation that specializes in providing digital document products, including printers, scanners, and other related accessories. Xerox location headquarter are in Norwalk, Connecticut, and incorporated in New York. It is a large company and is often listed in the Fortune 500 list of companies.

Xerox Holdings is a multinational company and derives about 60% of its total revenue from North America and the rest from the international markets. The clients that the company services primarily include large corporations in retail, insurance, and healthcare sector and governments.

Xerox Holdings has tried expanding its business portfolio towards new products and services, providing managed print services, printed electronics, and digital print packaging solutions. The company sells its products to its customers either directly or through its network of dealers and independent agents.

Xerox Holdings is a public company, and Xerox stock is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It performed well on the stock market in the days of the tech boom, but its performance deteriorated when the bubble burst and has not shown any significant value appraisal in the years after.

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General Information

HQ Address: 201 Merritt 7, Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
Zip code: 06851
Traded as: Nasdaq: XRX
Industry: Information technology
Founded: April 18, 1906
Products: Office printers, production printers & digital presses, multi-function printers, wide format printers, projectors, scanners copiers, and other office equipment

What does Xerox Holdings Corporation do?

Xerox Holdings primarily manufactures, sells, repairs, and maintains digital document devices such as printers and scanners, although recently, the company has started expanding its business towards the service sector.

Where is Xerox Holdings Corporation headquarters located?

xerox holdings corporation headquarters
The Xerox location of headquarters is in Norwalk, Connecticut. Xerox locations of offices are about 48 offices all over the world.

The contact number for the headquarters of the company at Norwalk, Connecticut, is given as:

Contact number: (203) 968-3000

How do I contact Xerox Holdings Corporation corporate?

For headquarters of the company at Norwalk: (203) 968-3000.

For customer service: 800-822-2979.

For any type of specific issue to discuss with the company: official website.

How do I contact Xerox support?

The contact numbers for the company are given on their official website, through which one can easily contact the relevant department of the corporation.

Xerox Holdings Corporation History

The company was founded as The Haloid Photographic company in 1906 in Rochester, New York. Initially, it started as a manufacturer of photographic paper and related equipment but then expanded towards xerography in the coming decades.

The company changed its name to Xerox Holdings in 1961 to represent its new business model. Xerox got listed on NYSE in 1961. During this time, the company made several important developments in the digital document sector, such as fax and xerox machines.

In the coming years, the company managed to acquire important companies as its subsidiaries which helped it expand its portfolio. Also, Xerox stock shifted to the NASDAQ stock exchange from NYSE in September 2021. Currently, the company continues to acquire new companies and expand its business model for future growth.

Corporate structure

Xerox has maintained a long history as a joint venture with a Japanese company, Fuji Photo Film corporation, from 1961-2021. In 2021, both companies separated, and Xerox had already built some companies under it as its subsidiaries. These subsidiaries currently work under the company, and this corporate structure is currently followed by the company.

Company Profile

Xerox Holdings is an American technology company that primarily designs, manufactures, and sells digital document management systems to its clients, which include printers, scanners, and document management services. It has also started expanding itself towards AI and internet of things technologies.

Xerox locations of headquarters are Norwalk, Connecticut, and its services customers all over the globe. It is a large company and very significant as it played an important part in the microcomputer revolution in the 1980s. Xerox is a public company, and Xerox stocks are listed on NASDAQ.

Xerox Holdings CEO and Key Executive Team

Name Designations
John Visentin VC and CEO
Steve Bandrowczak President and COO
Joanne Collins Smee Chief Commercial, SMB, and Channels Officer
Mike Feldman Executive VP and President
Jacques-Edouard Gueden Executive VP and President, EMEA Operations

10 Fun Facts about Xerox Holdings Corporation

  1. Original name:

The company originally had a totally different name and was known as The Haloid Photographic Company, which then shifted to Xerox in the coming decades.

  1. Origin of its current name:

The company took the name Xerox, as it was derived from xerography-meaning dry writing reflecting the company’s business. The name was adopted in 1961.

  1. Photocopying services:

Xerox quickly became a generalized name for photocopying as the company was one of the first to offer photocopying services in the market.

  1. Patent of the company:

In 1975, Xerox lost a case which resulted in the company being forced to share its patent with other companies, which took huge benefit of this situation, and Xerox’s market share fell significantly.

  1. First laser printer:

Xerox is responsible for making the first laser printer in 1969, although it was introduced much later in the market in 1976.

  1. Birth of fax machine:

Xerox also contributed towards the birth of the fax machine by its project named Long Distance Xerography.

  1. Bitmap graphics:

Bitmap graphics through which we see images on a digital screen were also first developed by the company at PARC.

  1. Ethernet:

PARC was also responsible for the making of ethernet.

  1. Personal computer:

Xerox created one of the first personal computers in 1972, although it was never released in the market.

  1. Copy-past feature:

PARC is credited with creating the copy-paste feature that we all use a lot in our daily lives.

SWOT Analysis of Xerox:


  • Market dominance in the electronic document sector
  • Strong product and services portfolio
  • Efficient cash flow model
  • Powerful and recognizable brand image


  • The company is dependent on mature markets
  • Fall in revenues


  • Growing global printing market
  • Increasing demand in the global printing services market
  • Developments in the global healthcare sector
  • Acquisitions made by the company


  • Competition in the market
  • Adoption of paperless work environment

Top 5 biggest Xerox Holdings Corporation competitors or Alternative

xerox holdings corporation top competitors or alternatives

1. Hewlett-Packard

HP inc is an information technology company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes in computer hardware products such as desktops and laptops and provides printing and scanning products and services.

While HP is a dominant market player in the laptops and desktops sector, Xerox is the industry leader in digital document products and services.

2. Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology company specializing in software products. It is one of the big five technology companies in the US and one of the largest in the world.
The portfolio of the company ranges from computer software, personal computers, consumer electronics, and cloud services.

Microsoft can be said to have a slight edge over Xerox in some of its offerings by looking at the reviews of both.

3. IBM

IBM, aka International Business Machines, is an American technology company headquartered in Armonk, New York. It is one of the largest technology and hardware companies in the world.
Comparing IBM’s ratings to those of Xerox Holdings, the latter is superior to the former in most of its offerings.

4. Adobe

Adobe is an American technology company specializing in computer software products. The company has its official headquarters in San Jose, California. It produces software deployed in photoshop, video editing, and print media.

Although Xerox may have the edge over Adobe in its specific product and service portfolio, the overall better performer is Adobe.

5. Apple

Apple is a well-known American technology company specializing in consumer electronics but has expanded its portfolio toward software and cloud services.

As the company is a huge technology giant, it can be a dangerous competitor to other players in the market unless they are very specific in their product and service offering and significantly distinguish their offerings.


What is the future of Xerox holdings?

The company’s main targets now appear to expand its portfolio towards more products and services and keep innovating its business model. The company has also declared to create a separate dividend for its growing software and finance solution services. Considering the company’s approach, it seems that maybe it will be able to experience growth in the future if it manages to expand and innovate.

When did Xerox Holding Corporation go public?

Xerox, or more accurately, The Haloid Company, went public on the 17th of April in 1936. The company got listed on NYSE in 1961 with the ticker symbol XRX, but it is currently listed on NASDAQ.

Does Xerox Holding Corporation pay dividends?

Yes, Xerox stock pays dividends to its investors. Its current dividend yield is at about 4.84%.

Is Xerox Holding Corporation Stock a Good Investment?

The positions of major hedge funds in the US and the predictions made by analysts indicate that Xerox may not be a very good long-term investment.

Who is the auditor of Xerox Holding Corporation?

PricewaterhouseCoopers, aka PWC, is a multinational network of professional services (primarily accounting services) that has been the external auditor of Xerox Holding Corporation.

Where are Xerox products manufactured?

The product assembling of Xerox Corporation is done at the company’s Worldwide Production Systems Manufacturing Plant, which is located in Webster, New York.

Executive Summary

Xerox Holdings is an American technology company specializing in the digital document sector of the country and has dominated the sector for a long time. The company has expanded in many other directions but still faces huge competition. Due to these problems, Xerox is not considered to be a good long-term investment as of now, but this view might change in the future depending on the company’s performance.

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