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Visa Inc.  is a US-based financial service international company, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards and debit cards, considered to bear brand standard. Presently, there are Visa HQs in Canada other than in US. US based Visa headquarters throughout its history are in San Francisco, Miami, Austin Texas, NYC, Washington DC and other HQ Visa has to showcase. Rates are little to non-existent since their service relies upon customer-related transactions with stipulated product and service rules and helplines.

As of October 1, 2012, Visa’s headquarters are located in Foster City, California. Visa had been headquartered in San Francisco until 1985, when it moved to San Mateo. Around 1993, Visa began consolidating various scattered offices in San Mateo to a location in Foster City. Visa became Foster City’s largest employer.

Company Information

HQ: 900 Metro Center Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404, United States
Traded as NYSE: V
Industry focused Financial Services
Founded 1958; (as BankAmericard) Fresno, California, United States
Founder Dee Hock
Products Credit cards and payment systems
Website: visa.com
Business data Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

Visa Inc. Profile/Overview

Joseph Williams started its roots in the way of almost 60 thousand unsolicited credit cards and convinced senior BofA executives in 1956. This let him pursue what became the world’s first successful mass mailing of unsolicited credit cards which included actual working cards to a massive group of people.

This test in 1958 attracted competitors. By March of 1959, there is a significant decrement of cards in the cities; by June, BofA was dropping cards in the city of LA; by October, nearly 2 million cards were saturated, and BankAmericard was being transacted to and by 20,000 merchants

In 1968, a one of the NBC’s managers decided to make a license of BankAmericard in the Pacific Northwest market while in the year of 1968, a manager at the National Bank of Commerce (later Rainier Bancorp), Dee Hock took in charge of the same concept in the Pacific Northwest market.

Going into October 2007, Bank of America announced it was reinvigorating the BankAmericard brand name to “BankAmericard Rewards Visa”. Companies merged in October 11 that employed 6,000 people worldwide: Visa International Service Association (Visa) – the worldwide parent entity, Visa U.S.A. Inc., Visa Canada Association, and Visa Europe Ltd.

Merging began on October of 2006 (for the public regard V stock). On October 3, 2007, Visa completed its corporate restructuring with the formation of Visa Inc. open to all Visa central applications. Visa Europe Ltd. was a membership association and cooperative of over 3,700 European banks and other payment service providers that operated Visa branded products and services within Europe. Visa Inc. announced the plan to acquire Visa Europe on November 5, 2015, creating a single global company. On April 21, 2016 the agreement was amended in response to the feedback of European Commission. The acquisition of Visa Europe was successfully completed on June 21, 2016.

Key People/Executives for Visa Inc.

Mr. Alfred F. Kelly Jr. Chief Executive Officer and Director
Mr. Ryan M. McInerney President of Visa Inc.
Mr. Vasant M. Prabhu Chief Financial Officer and Executive VP
Mr. Rajat Taneja Executive VP of Technology
Ms. Ellen Richey Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer
Website: visa.com

Visa Inc. Products/Capabilities

Visa Inc.  is dedicated to international payments systems all over the globe. The company renders payment systems among the following entities:

a. Consumers d. Businesses
b. Merchant e. Strategic parnets
c. Financial institurion f. Government entities

The VisaNet is a processing network that enables the following functionalities:

  1. Clearing, authorisation and settlement of payment transactions
  2. Offers fraud protection for account holders and assured payment for merchants.

The company also offers Visa corporate services and products to the general public such as:

  1. Gateway services for merchants to accept, process, and reconcile payments
  2. Manage fraud conditions
  3. Real time security, as well as processing services for participating issuers of visa debit, prepaid, and ATM payment products.
  4. Digital products, including Visa Checkout that offers consumers an expedited and secure payment experience for online transactions
  5. Visa Direct which is one of Visa’s unique services that acts as a product platform, which utilises transactions that are sent directly to the Visa account of the recipient, as well as Visa token service that replaces the card account numbers from the transaction with a token.
  6. Corporate (travel) and purchasing card tangibles, as well as V-A services.

Platforms of the Visa Inc. are under these divisions:

1. Visa, Visa Electron 3. V Pay
2. Interlink 4. Plus brands

Executive Summary

Alternative modes of payment are the current preferred media of exchange in several transactions throughout the world. There are checks, credit cards, accounts, and more.

Being able to pay a certain amount of money without even being able to hand on actual tangible money is a nice approach to the fast growing local and international markets. A good example of this is a credit card and no other company facilitates credit cards more than the Visa Inc.

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  1. My name is Stacey Marie McCormick and I sent an idea to Visa called a Misa by Visa card. It’s paying for items before they are picked up. They divide he payment up to either 6, 9, or 12 months with a per month fee. Christmas paid in advance.
    I’ve been having trouble with stolen mail and plagarism. I left an address of 1411 Diamond Bluff, San Antonio Tx 78251. The new temporary address is
    Stacey Marie McCormick
    c/o Inn at the Alamo
    405 Broadway
    San Antonio, Tx 78206
    Phone 210 781-7141
    If any mail was already sent regarding this or the Hologram card idea sent a couple months ago, please resend to the Broadway address. Suggestion if worried about plagarism, Sodium Pentothol comes in a spray on the tongue. Can order it online.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi ,,,my experience its actually to do with a firm called GROUPON ( shop on line ),,, Where I’ve sent a item back and asked for a refund,,, that was a month ago,,, I’ve sent a few emails to GROUPON CUSTOMER SERVICE regarding the matter and they just keep giving me excuses that its my bank that’s delaying the refund,,,, which is NOT TRUE,,, CAN SOME ONE AT visa, PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS,,,, I made a full payment on my D. D. VISA CARD,,, and so far ,,,NOTHING.
    R. Feitor

  3. My Name is Daniel Breedlove I’m writing to Thank The good people at Visa for a good deed that has been tarnished by the people at Topsweeps sweepstakes Saturday Visa sent $183000 dollars according to Topweeps as a refund to me I had won a big amount of money and thought it strange that Visa was footing the bill but I guessed that maybe Visa had some kinda agreement on that part wasn’t none of my business but now the good folks at Topsweeps say there’s only $17000 now to pay me and you do the math this isn’t my first time of getting taken and to be honest probably not Visa s either in October I won $244000 dollars from Topsweeps and crew and never got a penny from that even Ellen D from TV sent me a congrats on both occasion s I don’t know what it is That really getting at except I’m always going to remember the good that Visa was trying to do and I will always give Visa high praises for it meant alot to me showed Visa is a wonderful bunch of caring responsible considerate good company who cares and like I said this guy will never forget you Thank You from my Daniel Breedlove

  4. I have had a transaction with TicketMaster blocked several times since last Thursday by something call Visa Verify. Your fraud department called ME last Friday at about 5:15PM CST to tell me that my most recent attempt to make this transaction with TICKETMASTER HAD AGAIN CAUSED A FRAUD ALERT AND WAS BLOCKED. The gentleman told me that I could proceed with my transaction and there would be no Visa Verify to block this transaction.
    These tickets are for my boss and he is going to kill me if I cannot get this done. I came in to the office this AM and tried to make this purchase for Cardinals vs Cubs in London on 6/13/20 and sure enough I am confronted with Visa Verify. I did not proceed as I did not want my card blocked again. I have bee on hold for the Visa Verify department now for 34 minutes . I have wasted over eight (8) hours trying to complete this transaction. What can I do?? PLEASE HELP ME.

  5. I want Visa to know I have assets i can get through to. Is there a phone number to reach it’s investors? I need a credit collection promoted to a few banks. I know the money is there. Is there a way to tell my story to investors on the phone?

  6. I just hope this gets to Visa Corp. Office.
    I have been a loyal Visa customer since 1977 and can not get any help from Visa. I have a credit limit if $36, 000, I have had this card even before I was married. I currently went through a divorce and need my ex off the account, you are unable to do that so I got another Visa card but can only get a limit of $500 because of the other card. My options are to close the account and use the other card that does not have an adequate limit amount, or go to MC, Discover, Amex or elsewhere.
    You would think in the year 2021 Visa could update their policies (even a notarized letter) to take someone off of an account ( that never even had an income) or allow me to have my status and auto drafts automatically transfer to a new account of my own.
    In 44 years I have probably had 4-5 late payments.
    Very poor service !!!

  7. Just wanted to let you know that I hold 3 separate Visa cards and 1 Mastercard and I intend to start using the latter solely as you seem to have no moral compass and are willing to Sponsor the murderous CCP Regime’s Olympics which I intend to boycott completely. I have already written to Coca Cola letting them know how despicable it is that money is more important to you than lives. So, your product and related products of yours will no longer get any of my money once I pay off my cards. My next 2 letters are to INTEL and NBC Broadcasting. I am a simple but educated GOD fearing citizen and my vote will help bring down elected officials and companies such as yourself.

  8. I have stopped using my Visa card. I try not buy thing made in China and doing business with any one that is sponsoring the Olympic. The reason is China is a brutal regime. It crushes its people that go against it’s policies and it will try to crush the USA . Anyone that supports the CCP has no morals.

  9. i am trying to report a stolen Visa and can’t get through to a human being. No one at Visa cares that my money was stolen off of my prepaid-debit card.
    This will be the last one I ever purchase.

  10. I am dumping my VISA stock in protest to tracking gun purchases. VISA is an enemy of the people and their God-given rights to protect themselves from like weaponry of the enemies.


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