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Viasat Inc. is an American communication company headquartered in Carlsbad, California. It provides its services in the US as well as in other parts of the world. Viasat mainly provides a high-speed satellite internet connection and network security services, and its customer base includes the general public as well as commercial and military markets. Viasat was founded in 1986 and started acquiring satellite internet services business in the 2000s.

In the coming years, the company bought several communications companies and established them as its subsidiaries with the aim of expanding its product and service portfolio in new directions. It also acquired international companies to expand its products and service internationally. Viasat is one of the largest internet products and service providers in the US and has gained almost 308 million+ customers in this area. Viasat is known for delivering superior value for equal or even less cost compared to its competitors, which gives it a significant edge in the industry.

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General Information

HQ: 6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, California, USA
Zip Code: 92009
Traded as: Nasdaq: VSAT
Industry: Communications
Founded: May 1986 in Carlsbad, California, United States
Products: Military communications equipment, High-speed satellite modems, MIDS and Tactical Data Links, Mobile Satcom, Antenna systems, VSAT networks and Broadband systems
Services: Secure networking and Satellite Internet access
Business data: Google Finance

What does Viasat Inc. do?

Viasat is an American communication company that provides internet and television services along with network security-related products and services.

It is one of the largest among the internet service providers in the US and is known for superior value in its products and services for reasonable rates compared to its competitors.

What are the primary services by Viasat Inc.?

Viasat is a communication services providing company and has a range of products and services. The products that the company provides include high-speed satellite internet, military communication equipment, broadband and antenna systems, and a VSAT network.

Also, the company provides its services mainly in secure networking and satellite internet connection sector. The company’s customer base includes governments (militaries),

Where is Viasat Inc. headquarters located?

viasat inc headquarters
Viasat locations of headquarters are in Carlsbad, California, and it provides its services not only in the US but all over the world. Viasat locations of offices are 27 in about 10 countries of the world.

How do I contact Viasat Inc. corporate?

There are multiple options to contact Viasat Inc. To contact customer service, you can use the phone number provided by them, i.e., 855-463-9333. Or you can have a chat with the customer service representative of the company. One can also mail the company’s customer service representative directly.

The company also allows a person to send a form to it through a page on its website in which a person can describe any type of problem that he or she is facing regarding the company’s products or services. The company’s corporate headquarters can be contacted at:

Phone: (844) 702-3199

Fax: (760) 929-3941

Or by physical address:

Viasat, Inc., 6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA 92009, USA

Furthermore, the company also provides some specific contact information given below:

For business customer care:

Phone no: 1-855-313-4111

Email: [email protected]

For aviation customer care:

Toll-Free: 1-833-VSATAIR

Global: +1-760-893-5713

Or one can directly mail through their site portal.

For maritime customer care:

Phone no: +1-415-4-VIASAT (842728)

Email: [email protected]

For Antenna systems:

Sales and tech support (antennas systems):

Phone no: +1-678-924-2678

Email: [email protected]

Sales and tech support (real-time earth):

Phone no: +1-678-924-2678

Email: [email protected]

Maintenance and upgrades (antennas systems):

Phone no: +1-678-924-2807

Email: [email protected]

For defense-related services:

One can visit their site and can find multiple contact numbers for each specific purpose in the defense sector-related services.

So, these are the contact options that Viasat provides to its customers. One can choose from them freely, and this is why the company provides so many options to choose from.

How do I contact Viasat customer service?

Viasat customer service can be contacted in a number of ways. One can call on Viasat customer service number 855-463-9333, and the customer service representative of Viasat would place your request on the list, after which a technician from the company would visit your house and will help connect all the devices to the Wi-Fi.

A second option can be to chat with Viasat customer service via the chatting option that they provide. Or one can choose to email the customer service of the company directly. So, these are three methods by which one can get their issue relating to Wi-Fi problems resolved through the customer service department of the company.

Company History

Viasat came into being in 1986 by three main entrepreneurs Mark Dankberg, Steve Hart, and Mark Miller. It received about $300,000 of venture capital financing to start its business activities. The company went public in 1996, and Viasat stock got listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

In the early 2000s, the company started expanding towards the networking business by acquiring relevant companies. It started developing new technologies for internet service, which emphasized highly efficient broadband. Further acquisitions of some companies paved the way for Viasat to establish itself as a dominant player in the internet service-providing market.

In 2004, the company started offering its internet services to the public, which became a huge success for the company’s business. IN the coming years, the company further expanded itself not only in new products and services but also in different countries to establish its market dominance in other countries.

In 2010, the company started taking an interest in military technology and started researching cybersecurity, radar technology, radio, and microwaves after establishing a research facility in Arizona, USA. The company also developed research facilities in other countries of the world, such as India.

The company also saw potential in the new developing cloud services and acquired a UK-based company that specialized in the business. The company aggressively expanded its portfolio towards networking solutions and aviation technologies in the coming years to gain market dominance in different sectors and is still continuing to do so. The pace at which the company is expanding indicates that there is potential for the company to establish itself as a large technology conglomerate in the coming years.

Company Profile

Viasat is an American communication product and service providing company. The company provides satellite broadband internet connection services as its main product but has several other products and services as well.

It is one of the largest internet services providing companies in the US considering its customer base and has a strong edge over its competitors because it delivers superior value for the same or less price for similar products or services.

Viasat Inc CEO and Key Executive Team

Name Designations
Mark Dankberg Chairman of the Board, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder
Richard Baldridge President and Chief Executive Officer and Board Director
Shawn Duffy Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Evan Dixon President, Global Fixed Broadband
Mark Miller Executive Vice President, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder

Viasat Inc. SWOT Analysis

Swot analysis is a simple to understand yet powerful tool to analyze a company on the basis of its strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities, and threats. Below we use this tool to analyze Viasat Inc. to get a better overview of its past performance and its future prospects.


Viasat locations are such that it has a strong distribution network that has allowed it to expand in most of the major locations in the US and in other countries in which it operates.

Viasat has maintained a good track record of generating a decent return on invested capital throughout its history. The company has also been very effective in its acquisitions of new companies and integrating their business models with its own quickly and swiftly.

The company has managed to establish profitable relationships with dealers who not only try to sell their products but also try to train the sales team to persuade the targeted audience about the benefits of their products and services. Viasat has a strong products and services portfolio which generates decent income and is well-diversified and managed against any risk in the business.

The company has strived to prepare an excellent through its learning and training programs. Viasat has established good relations with its supply-side partners, so it does not have to worry about the provision of raw materials for its products and services.


Viasat has a low profitability ratio compared to the industry average. Days inventory of the company is a bit higher than other similar companies in the industry. This can be harmful to the company.

The company has not invested as much as its competitors have in emerging technologies which will soon be the main profit-generating products and services for similar businesses. The company needs to better the marketing, especially the positioning and the unique selling point of their brand. If they are not clearly defined, then a competitor can easily attack the customer base and gain them for their own brand.


The company has shown the ability to manage its finances well and has been able to generate a stable positive cash inflow. This extra capital can be invested in any technologies that the company wants to include in its portfolio.

The promotion of new technologies by the government is a big opportunity for the company to seize and take advantage of. Governments’ green dive plans also provide some major opportunities for the company.

Changing consumer behavior trends can be a good opportunity for the company so it can change its products and services according to their changing tastes to keep having a loyal customer base.
The lower interest rates due to the Covid-19 pandemic are also a great opportunity for the company to buy capital at a very less rate and invest it in emerging technologies to improve its product and service portfolio.


Low-quality products and services in smaller and low-income markets can prove detrimental to the company’s brand image. The different liability laws in different countries can be a potential threat to a company considering that it wants to expand internationally.

Raw material prices are rising due to supply shock caused by Covid-19, which is why they can prove to be expensive and thus reduce the profit-making ability of the company. The demand for the products from where the company derives the maximum of its revenue tends to fluctuate on the basis of macro factors, which is why any adversity can cause the revenue and thus the profits of the company to deteriorate.

The company does not have innovative products compared to its competitors. Innovation is necessary for this age, considering that it is excellent marketing in itself apart from being necessary for delivering superior value in products and services.

The company faces quite intense competition from other brands in its sector, and if it does not differentiate its brand from others, this can be quite ruinous to the marketing strategy of the company.

Top 5 biggest Viasat Inc. competitors or Alternative

viasat top competitors or alternatives

1. AT&T

AT&T is an American conglomerate company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its primary focus is on communication products and services. It is one of the largest internet service providers in the US market, although it has a slightly smaller customer base than Viasat.

Unlike Viasat, the company is very diversified in different subsectors of the communication services business and has much higher revenue, net income, and total assets than Viasat. It is known for superior service quality at a lower rate, so it can prove a dangerous competitor to Viasat Inc.

2. Lumen Technologies

Lumen Technologies is an American communication service providing company headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana. Like AT&T, the company has expanded itself in various products and services. It is one of the largest companies in the telecommunications sector and is a member of the S&P 500 index.

It provides its internet services under the name Century Link, which is one of the largest internet service providers in the US by customer base, albeit much smaller than Viasat.

3. Dish Network

Dish Network is an American communications company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. It provides television, internet-related services, and wireless network to its customers. The company only provides its products and services in the Americas.

Although the company is larger in terms of its financials compared to Viasat, Viasat has a strong dominance in the internet service provision industry which gives it an edge over Dish Network.

4. Verizon

Verizon Communications is an American telecommunications conglomerate company and is one of the largest not only in this sector but in the overall list of public companies. It provides a wide range of services, including television, landline, mobile phone, and internet services, in addition to others.

Its internet products and services are available in about 11 states and have a user base comparable to that of Viasat.

5. Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications is an American telecommunications company headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. It mainly provides digital television and internet-related services to its customers, who are about 30 million in the US.

The company provides superior internet services, but due to its small customer base compared to Viasat, it is not a dangerous competitor to it.

Is Viasat Inc. stock a good buy when considering long-term investments?

Viasat stock can be a good long-term investment strategy because the company can prove to be superior to its competitors in the quality of its products and services.

In recent years, the company has proved to be in a sound financial and growth position. Accompanying this is the ever-increasing demand for high-speed internet services that the company specializes in. The company provides much superior value (high-speed internet) at much lower prices compared to most of its competitors, which is why it is not likely to go anywhere.

Considering that Viasat has a competitive edge over most of its rivals in its products and service portfolio, is financially strong, and enjoys high customer loyalty, it can easily be considered a safe and lucrative long-term investment for people.


When did Viasat Inc. go public?

Viasat went public in December 1996 and got listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the ticker symbol VSAT. The company collected about 20 million USD from its initial public offering with a single share valued at about 4.58 USD.

Does Viasat Inc. pay dividends?

No, Viasat Inc. does not pay dividends to its investors, which shows that the company still considers itself in the growing phase and is trying to place more emphasis on the growth of the company and its stock (stock appreciation) than on paying back to its investors.

Who is the auditor of Viasat Inc.?

Pricewaterhousecoopers LLC, one of the largest professional services networks in the world, is the independent auditor of Viasat Inc.

Is Lumen a Fortune 500 company?

Although Viasat is not a Fortune 500 company, its competitor company Lumen Technologies is a member of the Fortune 500 list.

Who bought RigNet?

Viasat Inc. bought RigNet, software solutions, and communication service providing company to further expand its portfolio in new directions. The deal was announced to the public in the December of 2020, and the company was valued at about $222 million. The closing of the deal was announced in the April of 2021.

Is Viasat a good company to work for?

Viasat is considered a good company to work for because it gives you an excellent work-life balance and good compensation for the work you do. The company has an excellent working environment and culture that allows its employers to gain the necessary skills and experience in a productive environment.

Executive Summary

Viasat is an American communication and networking technology company that mainly used to provide high-speed internet services to its customers but has now started expanding its product and service portfolio towards other technology sectors that can prove to be profitable in the near future.

The company has established itself as one of the largest internet service providers in the US and is known for providing superior products and services for less cost than most of its competitors. Although it faces a lot of competition, it has managed to be in the top spot for some time in the previous years.

The company has the potential to grow in the near future. So, investing in the company’s shares at this time for a long-term investment can be a good idea, but it should be noticed that the company does not provide any dividends on its stock because its main focus seems to expand its business in the coming years.



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