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Sales industry is pretty much everywhere and always will be active round the clock. As it progresses, sales management software is being inculcated and quite particularly it helped in the smooth flow of operations. Specifically, one of the CRM companies out there who play vital roles in the pharmaceutical and life sciences software industry is the Veeva Systems.

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General Information

HQ: Pleasanton, California, United States
Zipcode: 94588
Traded as: NYSE: VEEV
Industry: Software
Founded: 2017
Founders: Peter Gassner, Matt Wallach
Website: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

Veeva Systems is a public company, mainly based on Pleasanton, California in the United States of America. The company specializes in the software industry mainly in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector. The Veeva CRM and its entirety were founded by Peter Gassner and Matt Wallach.

The company’s CEO is Peter Gassner, which resided by the current President, Matt Wallach. Tim Cabral is the current CFO while Henry Levy is the Chief Strategy Officer. The Executive Vice President of Global Sales is Alan Mateo, Nitsa Zuppas as the Chief Marketing Officer and Dan Goldsmith as the Executive Vice President of Global Accounts.


Phone: +1 925 452 6500
Fax: +1 925 452 6504

Key People/Executives for Veeva Systems

Peter Gassner Chief Executive Officer
Matt Wallach Co-founder and President
Tim Cabral CFO
Henry Levy Chief Strategy Officer
Alan Mateo Executive Vice President of Global Sales
Nitsa Zuppas Chief Marketing Officer
Dan Goldsmith Executive Vice President of Global Accounts

Company Profile

The company traces back in its first roots in incepting the Veeva founders’ skills in several companies before it.  Peter Gassner is responsible for the entire management of the company. In the year of 2010, he was recognized in PharmaVOICE 100, an integrated recognition for the most influential people in the life sciences industry. This is made possible because of his expertise in the field in 20 years.

Before founding the company, he was the senior vice president for Salesforce, for which he had the opportunity to build the framework of the company thereof. The company even had one of the most successful IPOs during his time.
For Matt Wallach, he has established a very reputable image together with his skill sets in the field. He made the company capable of having several partners since its foundation in 2007. Just as synergistic with the co-founder Peter, he is pretty much an expert in the life sciences field in 20 years.

Prior to starting the company, he spearheaded management functions and marketing strategies as well as the empowerment of Veeva employees. During the inception of his career, he was the general manager of the pharmaceuticals & biotechnology division at Siebel Systems in which he done well and even became the market leader in the Pharma CRM.

In terms of stock price and revenue growth, Veeva is steadily doing well in the field. As of 11 of May in the year of 2017, they reached in $56.01 in stock price. According to the fiscal review in the year of 2016, total revenues reached into $409.2 million, a significant 31% increase. In terms of customer count, it’s been confirmed that Veeva had more than 500 customers from the largest pharmaceutical companies across the globe.


According to an interview, Matt Wallach classified their products into two packages. First is the Veeva Commercial Cloud which is used by lots of pharma companies and biotech companies around the world. The purpose of this first package is to help companies sell and market their products more effectively and efficiently in the international markets. Before this, it was first named as the Veeva CRM, and this has become an effective intermediary between life-sciences companies and their customers.

Different media of communications are supported such as phone call, chat, and through email. Some competitors out there as well as the introduction of the Tigerpaw software are doing well in terms of sales data management and the Veeva Commercial Cloud’s targeting for similar milestones. Data integration is also prioritized and developed as companies and clients expect a really intact, straightforward database for the smooth flow of services.

The second package of Veeva Systems, which Matt also emphasized, is called Vault. This is considered as one of, if not, the most successful package of the company. It is basically made for the efficient and effective content management and data management highly optimized for all kinds of life sciences companies.

Its capabilities and extensions are so far up even from a simple prescription of the local physician to calling a call center for certain purposes. Simply put, the product set is broad, which makes it a cutting-edge tool for unique partnerships to the life-sciences industry as the company attempt to build out the software cloud.



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