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Unitedhealth group is a leading health care company based in the USA. It is dedicated to confer health benefits to its customers and to advance the health care systems worldwide. It is entirely devoted to introducing advanced health approaches, services, and products in order to improve the personal health and the well-being of humans in the local societies.

For the long-term sustainability of a high-quality health system, the UnitedHealth Group’s fundamental competencies in the clinical care system and the information technology facilitates meeting the needs of evolving trends of the ever-changing nature of the health care system. It has its headquarter in Minnesota, United States. The competitor list of the UnitedHealth group encompasses Cigna, Optima Health, Globe Life, and Humana. It is the largest company in terms of its revenue and has witnessed the consistent growth in average stock price from 2009 to the present year.

General information

HQ: 9900 Bren Road East UnitedHealth Group Center Minnetonka, MN 55343, United States
Traded as: NYSE: UNH
ISIN: US91324P1021
Industry: Managed health care
Founded: 1977
Founders: Richard T. Burke
Products: Uniprise, Health Care Services, Specialized Care Services, and Ingenix
Website: www.unitedhealthgroup.com

What is the UnitedHealth Group?

UnitedHealth Group is a prominent health care company offering cutting-edge health facilities around the world. It works with its two arms i.e., UnitedHealthcare and Optum. UnitedHealthcare is an insurer that offers a full spectrum of health services to almost 27 million Americans by means of its employer and individual health based benefit plans. Along with that, it also serves its 12 million seniors by Medicare and retirement services, while millions of other individuals are benefited through its other services. Optum is committed to providing pharmacy and medical care facilities along with analytics, tech, and other solutions intended for hospitals and other health care providers.

Where is the UnitedHealth Group headquarters located?

The headquarters of the UnitedHealth group are housed in Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States. They have decent corporate headquarters with modern amenities. The corporate headquarter/head office is situated in the UnitedHealth Group, P.O. Box 1459, Minneapolis, MN 55440-1459.

Contact Details

You can contact the corporate headquarter office through a call on (800) 328-5979. For employment-related inquiries, the offices can be contacted on 1-800-561-0861 from 7 am to 7 pm. If you are looking for investment-related information, then contact at 877-536-3550 and email your queries at [email protected]. If you are from media house and looking for media line corporate communication, contact at (877) 636-9718.


UnitedHealth Group Incorporated.png

In 1977, UnitedHealthcare was established, which was later made public after seven years in 1984. In 1997, the company was successful in expanding its Evercare program that was intended to offer health care to the patients living in nursing homes on a long term basis. Moreover, it was also planned to consider the old-aged population staying in their homes and individuals with some kind of chronic diseases.

Then, it was renamed as UnitedHealth Group in the year of 1998. In the same year, the group’s reorganization was carried out into six strategically linked businesses, i.e., UnitedHealthcare, Specialized Care Services, Ovations, Ingenix, and Uniprise.

In 2002, UnitedHealth Group acquired a platform named AmeriChoice, by merging its Medicaid business in order to serve the poor population better.

In 2005, the FDA selected Ingenix to serve the objectives of drug monitoring, safety, and support. In 2009, the UnitedHealth Group launched a new diabetes health plan to encourage the people to adopt preventive measures. The company introduced an innovative payment model for cancer care in the next year to pay physicians to reduce costs associated with medical care without influencing the quality of care. In 2011, the UnitedHealth Group was awarded the 2011 outstanding corporate inventor by the PDMA (Product Development and Management Association).

Through the years, the company has focused more on individual healthcare and employer-sponsored plans. It offers user-friendly payment methods. UnitedHealth Group has always proved itself distinct from its competitors in terms of improved service quality, providing guideline tools to assist physicians and creating awareness of health benefits among its customers. It has also helped the company to expand its revenue by enticing more enrollments.

What does UnitedHealth group do?

UnitedHealth Group is blessed with a dedicated team of about 240,000 professionals who includes 18,000 physicians and nurses devoted to serving people irrespective of their location and financial status so they can live their lives in a healthy atmosphere. The services provided by UnitedHealth Group expand to all 50 states of the USA and 125 other countries as well. The company’s operation framework consists of four wings, i.e., UnitedHealthcare, OptumHealth, OptumRx, and OptumInsight. The leading business platforms through which the company conducts its operations are UnitedHealthcare and Optum. The former offer health-related benefits to a range of customers and markets. It is comprised of UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual, UnitedHealthcare Community & State, UnitedHealthcare Global businesses, and UnitedHealthcare Medicare & Retirement.

While the Optum is a health service business that serves the healthcare marketplace, including customers, employers, healthcare providers, government agencies, and healthcare companies, through its OptumHealth, OptumInsight and OptumRx business wings. OptumInsight provides services, upgraded technology, and clinical solutions to members in the healthcare industry. OptumRx services include retail network contracting, buying, and healthcare solutions.




The UnitedHealthcare domain offers the services of health insurance to around 50.1 million individuals, and its network has been expanded to 125 countries. Several plans like MM (managed Medicaid), MA (Medicare Advantage), employer-sponsored health insurance, and individual health insurance are included in the services provided by UnitedHealthcare. It is consistently expanding its healthcare benefits and linked services to around 4 million individuals, mainly Brazil, through its global division.


OptumRx offers the services of PBM (pharmacy benefit management) to above 30 million Americans. It holds the responsibility to manage around $40 billion spendings in the pharmaceutical sector each year. This domain aligns the pharmacy with medical needs in order to manage the associated drug costs on health plans. It is responsible for managing the cost associated with prescription drugs of the company’s individual prescription drug plans (PDP).


OptumHealth holds the responsibility to improve the quality of healthcare and reducing expenses associated with services offered by UnitedHealth Group. It serves to make communication better and also helps its customers in their financial needs.


OptumInsight contributes to the expertise domain of the UnitedHealth Group. It offers analytics, database management, operational, and consulting services to the care providers, health insurers, governments, and life sciences researchers.

List of UnitedHealth group Products

Unitedhealth group offers a wide range of specifically designed products and services to exactly meet the healthcare needs of large enterprises. The goal is to acquire a simple and easily accessible healthcare process to increase healthcare and reduce associated costs without compromising on the quality of care.

Medical solutions

A range of sophisticated, value-based network solutions is offered by the company in order to fulfill the demands of all employers. It includes an extensive national preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, premium tiered benefit plans, Centers of Excellence (COE) for complex and common health conditions, narrow-network products, a NexusACO product, and many more.

Customer-driven health plans

These are for employers to let them choose the best possible funding options to pay for employees and control their healthcare-associated expenses.

Health and behavioral health solutions

The clinical, wellness and behavioral programs of the Unitedhealth group are structured in a way to completely guide employees about choosing the best possible options for their excellent health and well-being. Furthermore, it provides healthcare management, situation-specific, complex medical conditions, fitness, member-driven, women’s reproductive health, body health, clinical engagement tools, and behavioral healthcare solutions.

Pharmacy benefits management

One of the biggest names in the USA for pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) is OptumRx that focusses on delivery, clinical management, cost-effectively of prescribed medications, customer health products, and work for above 30 million peoples nationwide.

Auxiliary and specialty incentives

Along with medical and wellness benefits, the group also provides a continuum of auxiliary and specialty products and services specifically intended to fulfill the needs of consumers and employees. These include the following:

  1. Critical Disease
  2. Dental insurance
  3. Vision insurance
  4. Accident Insurance

Retiree health care products and services

UnitedHealth Group provides an array of possibilities of post-65 Medicare plans for retirees offering quality coverage to retirees and lets them securely manage their benefits. The plan types include the following.

  1. Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO plans
  2. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug and Wrap plans
  3. Medicare Supplement Insurance plans
  4. Group Supplement plans

Company Profile

UnitedHealth Group, Inc was first established in January 1977 by Richard T. Burke and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. It ensures the provision of health care services, softwares, and data consultancy services. It has the following divisions through which it works: UnitedHealthcare, OptumInsight, OptumHealth, and OptumRx. The UnitedHealthcare domain takes benefit of Optum’s capabilities in order to efficiently manage patient care, increase the affordability of health care, investigate cost trends, accomplish pharmacy benefits, work with healthcare workers, and tries to simplify the consumer experience as much as possible. The OptumInsight domain functions include data analysis and management, technology, and information to serve leading players in the health care industry. The OptumHealth is responsible for providing healthcare services business in order to assist the extensive health care marketplace, which includes payers, healthcare providers, employers, government agencies, life sciences companies, and end-users. The OptumRx segment offers services associated with pharmacy care.


The mission of the UnitedHealth group is to help people live a healthy life and to bring constructive developments in the healthcare system so as to make it easy and accessible for everyone.

Top Executives

Name Joined office since Designation
Mr. Stephen J. Hemsley 1997 Chairman
David Scott Wichmann 1998 Chief Executive Officer & Director
Andrew Philip Witty 2017 Group President
John Franklin Rex 2016 Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President
Ken Ehlert 2017 Chief Scientific Officer
Richard J. Migliori 2013 Chief Medical Officer & EVP-Medical Affairs


  • Mutual fund holders        24%
  • Individual stakeholders  88%
  • Other institutional   01%


The year wise count of UnitedHealth Group’s employees shows a consistent increase in the number of employees over years.


  • Revenue/Employee 745,092.00
  • Income per Employee 42,582.00
  • Total Asset Turnover 46

Top 5 Competitors or Alternatives of UnitedHealth group

UnitedHealth Group’s top competitors or alternatives list encompasses, Cigna, Aetna, CVS Health, Anthem, and Humana. A comparison of Unitedhealth group with its competitors in terms of revenue, employee’s rating, net income, and gross profit is provided in the following table.

Company Revenue Employee’s number Net income Gross profit
UnitedHealth group $247.9B 325,000 $14.2B $57.6B
Aetna $61.2B 39,959 $1.9B $15.9B
Humana $67.7B 46,000 $2.7B $11B
Cigna $154.1B 73,700 $5.1B $25.1B
Anthem $104B 70,600 $4.8B $20.4B
CVS health $256.8b 290,000 $6.6B $45.5B

Complete List of Unitedhealth group subsidiaries

UnitedHealth Group owns more than 200 subsidiaries around the world including United Healthcare Services, Inc, Philam Care Health Systems, Inc., AIG United HealthCare LLC, H&W Indemnity, Ltd., UnitedHealthcare International, Inc., United Healthcare International Mauritius Limited, UHC International Services, Inc., UHC International Holdings, Inc. and many more. You can assess the full list of UnitedHealth care subsidiaries through the following link www.sec.gov
UnitedHealth Group’s subsidiary companies collectively serve nearly 141 million individuals and help them experience excellent health care benefits.

How UnitedHealth Group Makes Money

For an organization, making money is essential to keep its day to day operations running. The UnitedHealth Group is considered the world’s largest company in its revenue terms. There are multiple ways through which it builds its revenue up, such as payments of premiums on risk-based items, dues or charges from its different services, investments into interest generating assets, transactions on care products, and services. It is estimated that around 78% of the total UnitedHealth care revenue is made from the insurance premiums. In 2019, alone, payments of premiums made $190B or almost 78% of the total revenue for the company.

Furthermore, the products and services offered by the company also generate a significant amount of money. They are generally delivered through direct sales, advisors, and wholesale agents. In 2018, the revenue generated through the sales of products and services was around $29.6B and $17.2B, respectively. UnitedHealth Group runs its business through two segments that are named as UnitedHealthcare and Optum.

How the UnitedHealthcare Business Section generates revenue?

UnitedHealthcare provides a variety of health benefit plans and other management services meant or individuals, employers, Medicaid, and Medicare beneficiaries. It delivers its plans and services through professional-employer organizations (PEO), associations, private equity partners, and, specifically, through both multi-carrier and its exclusive private exchange marketplaces.

How the Optum Business Section generates revenue?

Optum segment provides joint care, health management services, healthcare technology, technology, Pharmacy Benefit Management, data analytics and management, health plans, consulting services to the healthcare providers, government bodies, and life sciences companies. It finds its customers and contacts them directly without any involvement of third parties. In 2019, OptumHealth generated $28.7 billion in revenue, while OptumInsight claimed approximately $10 billion and OptumRx brought in $74.3 billion.

25 Things You Need To Know About Unitedhealth Group

Following are the 25 things regarding the UnitedHealth Group that you must need to know about.

  1. The UnitedHealth Group is the leading healthcare organization that has employed around 325,000 individuals worldwide, as of Dec. 31, 2019.
  2. It is one of the world’s largest companies in terms of its revenue, which was around $247 billion in the fiscal year 2019.
  3. The current CEO of the UnitedHealth group named Stephen Hemsley joined office since Nov. 30, 2006, who previously worked as COO and president of the company.
  4. The UnitedHealth group network has been extended to all 50 states in the USA and to 125 other countries to serve medical benefits worldwide.
  5. Around 141 million people around the globe are benefiting from the quality health services offered by UnitedHealth.
  6. In the Fortune’s list of World’s Most Admired Companies, UnitedHealth Group was ranked at No. 1 position within the section of insurance and managed care in 2016.
  7. The UnitedHealth group accomplished a rating of 100 percent in four consecutive years by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI).
  8. The UnitedHealthcare was also acknowledged as one of 150 good healthcare places to work with, from Becker’s Hospital Review, in 2014.
  9. The headquarter of the Optum segment is located in the Eden Prairie, Minn., and has above 100,000 employees from the regions of North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.
  10. The Optum’s network encompasses 67,000 pharmacies, along with above 100,000 physicians and other healthcare bodies. It also offers around 300 healthcare plans.
  11. UnitedHealth Group features two platforms named UnitedHealthcare and Optum, to run its operations. The former is the company’s insurance wing, whereas the latter provides solution plans for health management and healthcare provision.
  12. UnitedHealthcare presents commercial, individual, family, dental, vision, Medicare, Medicaid, critical illness, accident, and term life insurance plans.
  13. Optum is further subdivided into three domains named as OptumHealth, OptumInsight, and OptumRx that aims to provide services for population health management, advisory, and pharmacy care.
  14. Optum claimed revenues of $113 billion in 2019, with significant growth of 11.5% from the previous year.
  15. In order to ensure top quality services, UnitedHealthcare is setting several projects to encourage quality health at as low cost as possible. In May 2014, a commercial product was launched by the collaboration of UnitedHealthcare and Arizona Care Network to provide quality health to the phoenix area residents.
  16. Recently, UnitedHealthcare has initiated two text-message-based well-being services to encourage a positive behavioral attitude among its Medicaid benefit plan’s beneficiaries.
  17. UnitedHealth was the first to generate and execute a pharmacy benefits business model that manages prescription drug claims at community pharmacies.
  18. Today, above 210 million Americans are benefitting from the services of the pharmacy benefits management (PBM) program, and UnitedHealth is still one of the leading organizations in this sector with its OptumRx business segment.
  19. The company announced revenue of $242B along with a yearly profit of $13.8B, having a growth of 7% and 15.5% from the previous year, respectively.
  20. Medicare & Retirement programs reported revenues of $83.3B with a significant rise of 10% from the previous year, mainly due to the inflow of 325,000 more enrolments in MA plans.
  21. UnitedHealthcare is now covering around 5.3 million people in its Medicare advantage plan and hopes to add more people around 700,00 in the year 2020.
  22. UnitedHealthcare has introduced a digital program named PreCheck MyScript that is a mobile app to help doctors write and renew prescriptions in a faster way.
  23. UnitedHealthcare is now adopting digital onboarding to simplify the enrollment process where clients can choose an appropriate health plan according to their needs and.
  24. UnitedHealthcare is investing every year above $3.2 billion in data, technology, and innovation to help design a personalized and efficient health system.
  25. UnitedHealthcare also presented Apple Pay for its members who have Optum Bank health savings accounts for a safe and private way to get paid for medical services.


What is the UnitedHealth Group known for?

It is a leading healthcare company known for its high-quality health and insurance services. It has its network extended up to all 50 states and 125 other countries as well.

Where is the Central location of the UnitedHealth Group?

The central location of the UnitedHealth group is in Minnetonka, Minnesota, United States.

Which Unitedhealth Group location is the best?

The headquarter located in Minnesota, USA, is considered the primary location for the company and is the centre of all activities and services offered by the UnitedHealth.

Is UnitedHealth Group a good stock to buy?

Yes! It is a good stock to invest your money due to the following reasons. The company is paying healthy dividends per share. Investors who bought the stock five years ago witnessed a 165% return without even reinvestment of dividends. Moreover, the company spent $5.5B to repurchase its share in 2019 and it is expected to do in 2020 as well

Does UnitedHealth Group pay dividends?

Yes! It is paying a quarterly dividend, and in 2019, investors got $3.93 billion in dividends or the equivalent of $4.14 per share. It is expecting to raise $4.32 per share annually in 2020.

How to get hired at the UnitedHealth group?

First, you need to search for a related job, then submit an online application completing all required essentials. It is followed by the written tests and then the interview process of the selected candidates. The whole process can take two weeks to a whole month.

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