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To the riders, UBER is fundamentally sort of a taxi administration while to drivers it’s an application that utilizes the two-party’s telephone GPS framework permitting both to understand each other’s whereabouts while reducing the inquiry about the term of drivers landing to the pickup point and additionally an estimation of cost and time of touching base to the destination.

General information

Uber operates across five fragments: Eats, Advanced Technology Group, Freight, Rides, and other technology programs

HQ: 1455 Market St #400, San Francisco, CA, United States
Zip Code: 94103
ISIN: US90353T1007
Industry: Transportation
Founded: March 2009
Founders: Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick
Products: Mobile app, website
Services: Vehicle for hire, Food delivery (Uber Eats), Package delivery, Courier and Freight transport
Website: www.uber.com

What is Uber?

Uber is a ridesharing company with a mobile app that offers the customers to book a ride and drivers to charge fares. It also provides the services of food delivery, couriers, vehicles for tours, freight transportation, and package delivery. The company was established by Garrett Camp & Travis Kalanick in 2009 in San Francisco.

It covers more than 900 metropolitan areas and has +110 Million monthly active users worldwide. Uber is one of the biggest providers in the gig economy. In the US, Uber has almost 23% of market share in food delivery and 68% of market share in ride-booking.

What does Uber do?

Uber is a platform where those who deliver and drive can connect with hotels, riders, and eaters. In areas where Uber is serviceable, you can use the Uber mobile phone app to book a ride.

When a nearby driver/caption accepts your request, the app automatically calculated the arrival time of the driver to your pickup location and displayed it on an app.

Where is Uber Headquarters located?

uber headquarters
Uber Technologies, Inc. Enhanced by headquartersoffice.com

The headquarters of Uber company is located in San Francisco, California, USA. The principal building is located in 423,000 square foot includes a six-story tower at 1515 Third Street and an eleven-story at 1455 Third Street with interconnected structures and a grand entrance.

The building’s sustainable features include a green roof, leather of the meeting room walls, interactive screens, and the steel separation panels that capture the company’s essence. The building glass walls as a representative of its moralities and its glass facade design that highlights its integrity and honesty.

It covers more than 900 metropolitan areas and has +110 Million monthly active users across the world. Its platform can be accessed through its mobile app and its website.

Contact Number:

If you want to contact Uber, you can go to the official Website or help.uber.com and fill the contact form. You will add your first name, mobile number, email, write your message and send it.

Is there any other way to contact them? Yes, no need to worry if you’re not know how to fill up the contact form! You can make a call ‒ +27800172956 and give your message!

How do I contact Uber Corporate?

Whether you want to report an incident or you have any queries about your account. You can contact 24/7 directly with an agent on a call, go to Help in your Uber driver app > tab Call support.

History of Uber:

  • In 2009, Garrett, a computer programmer, and Travis Kalanick, who sold his Red Swoosh company in 19 million dollars in 2007, established the Uber in San Francisco.
  • In 2008, Garrett Camp, Travis Kalanick, and his friends hired a private driver in $800 to find a way to reduce the cost of direct transportation. They realized that sharing the cost with different peoples could make it more affordable. The first model was created by Garrett and his friends (Conrad Whelan and Oscar Salazar), with Travis as a mega advisor.
  • In May 2010, the beta version of Uber launched, but the mobile app and uber services are officially launched in 2011 in San Francisco. Firstly the application only allowed the customers to hail only a luxury car, which price is 1.5 times more than a regular taxi.
  • In Feb 2010, Rayan Graves became the first employee of Uber. Graves joined as a general manager, but he became CEO after the launch of Uber.
  • In 2011, the organization changed the name from UberCab to Uber after the complaints from taxicab operators.
  • In April 2012, the company launched the services in Chicago, where users can hire a taxi through its mobile phone app.
  • In 2012, Uber introduced UberX, basically a cheaper option that allows Uber drivers to use their personal and non-luxury vehicles. But you need to fulfill the requirements like car registration, background check, and standards.
  • In early 2013, the Uber services were operating in 35 cities.
  • In Dec 2013, Uber won the award of the tech company of the year.
  • In Aug 2014, Uber launched a shared transport service UberPOOL in San Francisco Bay Area. The UberPOOL services launched soon in other cities of the world, including London, Paris, Boston, New York City, Toronto, Delaware, China, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Sydney, Mumbai, Singapore, Melbourne, and Nashville.
  • In Aug 2014, Uber launched a food delivery service Uber Eats.
  • In Aug 2014, Uber sold its operations in China to Didi due to the facing of very tough competition in China.
  • In Aug 2017, the former of Expedia Group, Dara Khosrowshahi, became the CEO of Uber company.
  • In 2017, Electronic Frontier Foundation gave the 5-star privacy rating, but after criticized in Sep for tracking customer’s location after the trip ended, forcing the organization to reverse its privacy policy.
  • In Feb 2018, the company combined its operations in Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia with those of Yandex taxi and invested $255 Million.
  • In 2018, Uber combined its services in South Asia with Grab in exchange for almost 27% ownership stake.
  • In Nov 2018, Uber became a Gold member of Linux organization.
  • In 2019, Uber became a public firm.
  • In the first quarter of 2019, Uber posted a $1 billion loss, and in the second quarter of 2019, Uber posted a $5.2 billion loss.
  • In July 2019, after the continued losses, the marketing department was reduced, 400 employees.
  • In the early days of Sep 2019, Uber laid off almost 430 workers, with 170 employees from the product team and 265 from the engineering team.
  • In Oct 2019, Uber started a helicopter taxi service between John F. Kennedy and Manhattan International Airport in partnership with Heliflight.
  • In Jan 2020, Uber gets the Careem company in $3.1 Billion.
  • In May 2020, During the pandemic of COVID-19, Uber announced plans to get out 3,700 workers (almost 14 percent of its workforce). In May 2020, 45 office closures were announced and 3,000 job cuts.
  • In July 2020, Uber agreed to get Postmates in $2.65 Billion.
  • In June 2020, the company announced that it would manage a public bus agency (Marin Transit) in Marin, California.

Who created Uber?

In 2009, Garrett Camp, a computer programmer, and Travis Kalanick established the Uber in San Francisco.

It started as a simple idea. They just wanted to push a button on their mobile phone, and their ride will be booked.
They transformed their concept into a real form, and now Uber becomes one of the most valuable companies in the world. It covers more than 900 metropolitan areas and has more than 110 Million monthly active users worldwide.

When and Where Uber started?

Uber was started in March 2009 in San Francisco, California, United States developed by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick.

Garrett Camp had previously launched Stumbleupon, after selling his first startup to eBay, he decided to create a new startup to solve San Francisco’s severe taxi problem.

They developed the Uber app to connect the local drivers and riders. They initially offered their services in San Francisco and gradually expanded to all over New York. With time, Uber has expanded into different smaller communities and has become famous all over the world.

Now It covers more than 900 metropolitan areas and has +110 Million monthly active customers worldwide.
It also provides the services of couriers, food delivery, vehicles for tours, freight transportation, and package delivery.

Company Profile

Uber Technologies, Inc is a ride-sharing company. It provides the facility to their clients to arrange scheduled transportation or logistics services with third-party providers. Uber connects riders with local drivers at a variety of price points in cities all over the world.

Uber operates across five fragments: Eats, Advanced Technology Group, Freight, Rides, and other technology programs.

Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick founded the company in 2009, and its headquarter is located in San Francisco, California.

Uber provides its services in 63 countries or 700+ cities around the world. The company has more than 110 Million monthly active platform users and 3.9 million drivers.

Uber completed 14 million trips each day, and almost 10 billion trips have been achieved till now worldwide. There are over 22,000 workers at Uber. According to the report, Uber earns almost $14.15 Billion USA revenue in 2019.

The Subsidiaries of Uber are Postmates, Otto, Careem, Uber Eats, deCara, and more. The auditor of Uber is PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Uber’s business strategy

The Uber business strategy consists of the following three bridges are as follows:

1. Great User convenience

Uber provides a great user experience at multiple places. No need to wait in a telephone line. Customers request through their mobile phone app from anywhere.

The drivers arrive within 4-5 minutes or less, even in the dense urban locations.

When the customer reaches their destination, just say thank you to their driver. The payment is automatically charged through the customer’s Uber account, and the receipt notification is received via email.

So, the customer no need to reach for a credit card or cash. Moreover, each receipt includes a GPS track and map, the client can complain if their driver took a longer route, and Uber will refund your money.

2. Saving cost through innovation

Operating at low prices through innovation is placed at the core of Uber’s business strategy. Furthermore, the first-mover advantage is one of the most advantageous spot of Uber’s competitive advantage.

3. Increased the no of services to fulfill the needs of a large number of Clients

Offering a high number of services is considered a Uber competitive advantage. Customers can choose the ride according to their budget.

Users can choose among Uber Pool, UberX, UberGO, Uber MOTO, Uber XI, Uber Rush, Uber Access, Uber Auto, and Uber Rush.

Uber Ambition:

Uber has plans to take over the transportation system, fly across the cities, reducing congestion in cities, and even eliminate car ownership.

Say goodbye to being stuck in traffic? The company says this dream will become a reality within a few years, and it’s investing millions of dollars in these projects.

List of products, and offerings:

List of Offering Services by Uber is as follows:

  • Couriers
  • Package delivery
  • Electric bicycles
  • Vehicles for hire
  • Freight transportation
  • Partnership with Lime
  • Food delivery/Uber Eats
  • Motorized scooter rental

Uber’s most popular ride options are as follows:

  • Uber WAV
  • UberX: Budget rides
  • Uber Black: Luxury cars premium rides
  • Uber Comfort: Comfort cars with extra legroom
  • Uber Pool: Shared rides, a short walk, or with door to door
  • Scooters: Electric bikes to help you to get around in a city

Uber subsidiaries:

List of Uber Technologies, Inc subsidiaries are as follows:

Uber Eats orderTalk, Inc.
Postmates Xcharge Leasing, LLC
Careem Post Intelligence Inc.
Otto MLU B.V.
deCarta Social Bicycles Inc.
Uber International C.V. Complex Polygon, Inc.
RouteMatch Softtware, Inc. Uber Germany GmbH
Rasier LLC Uber Works, Inc.
Mighty A.I., Inc. Apparate USA LLC
Uber Advanced Technologies Group Uber India Technology
Uber India Systems Private Limited 2g Transit Solutions, Inc.
Portier LLC Uber Sao Paulo
Geometric Intelligence, Inc. Zomato

Top 5 biggest Uber competitors

Here’s the list of the biggest competitors of Uber:

 uber top competitors alternatives

1. Lyft

Lyft is a transportation company launched in 2012 in San Francisco. Lyft is available in almost 220 cities around the world.
It works similarly as a Uber. Its mobile phone app users can see the maps and pin their locations, estimate how far your nearest caption is, and an animated car showing on it. Lyft offers many services like plain Lyft, Lyft Line, and Lyft Plus. You can choose the ride according to your trip or budget.

2. Curb

Curb is a ridesharing company launched in 2014 in Nashville. Curb is available in more than 60 US cities.

Curb is also an app-based company. User can see the map on it and mark their locations. It shows the nearby drivers. It also provides the facility to book rides instantly or set a schedule up to 24 hours in advance. You can pay fares through app balance or with cash.

3. Didi Chuxing

Didi Chuxing is another ride-booking service company launched in 2015 in China. It’s formed by two biggest taxi-hailing companies: Kuaidi Dache and Didi Kuaidi.

Didi is available in more than 400 cities around the region. According to the report of 2015, Didi booked almost 1.43 billion rides and completed nearly 200 million trips in last December. Didi is also a partnership with Lyft.
Didi is a well-funded organization and backed by Tencent, Alibaba, Apple, and Holdings TECHY.

4. Grab

Grab is a ride-hailing company launched in 2011 in Singapore. This company offers various services, including on-demand delivery, transport, financial, and customer services. Grab operates in South Asia countries, including Indonesia, Phillippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

Like Uber, Grab works through a mobile app. According to the last Dec, Grab joined in an alliance with Ola, Lyft, and Didi as India’s leading ridesharing company.

5. Ola

Ola is an online ride-hailing company launched in 2010 in Mumbai. Ola is an app-based transportation firm. Ola currently works across 22 cities and has more than 40,000 cars in its network.

Like Grab and Lyft, Ola has a partnership with Didi Chuxing in what is rolling out to be quite the international efforts against Uber.


What is Uber known for?

Uber is a ride-hailing transportation company, well known for its ride-sharing taxi app. Uber has since become similar to disruptive Technology, with this ride-hailing app changed the world, giving a different business model and transform transportation in a way, to the whole world.

What are Uber goals?

Uber has plans to take over the transportation system, fly across the cities, reducing congestion in cities, and even eliminate car ownership.

Say goodbye to being stuck in traffic? The company says this dream will become a reality within a few years, and it’s investing millions of dollars per year in these carpooling products.

What is the central location of Uber?

The central location of Uber is in San Francisco, California, United States.

How Uber Eats works?

Uber Eats allows the drivers to use their vehicle (car or scooter) to pick up food from the participating hotels and deliver it to clients. Clients can use the app (Uber Eats) to find the favorite food they want. It also provide the facility to track the delivery status from the food preparation work at the hotel on through to the delivery.

How many offices does Uber have?

Uber head office is located in San Francisco, California and has 74 offices across the 34 countries.

Why is Uber successful?

Uber is successful because it found some very particular needs that were not met by traditional car or taxi services. These three specific needs are: hassle-free payment, ride with convience and style, and request from anywhere.

What type of stocks is Uber?

Uber was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2019. It closed its first trading day at almost 41.57 dollars per share, giving the company a valuation of 69.7 billion dollars. In the case of the taxi app, Uber is the market leader.

Is Uber stock a good long term investment up to 2030?

Uber is a quintessential high-reward and high-risk tech stock. However, the long-run upside is essential to make the investment profitable.


Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick had established Uber company in 2009 in San Francisco, CA, United States. Uber is basically a ride-hailing company and provides its services in 63 countries or 700+ cities around the world. In 2011, the organization changed the name of the company from UberCab to Uber.

Uber head office is located in San Francisco, California, and has 74 offices across the 34 countries. There are more than 22,000 employees working. It covers more than 900 metropolitan areas and has +110 Million monthly active users worldwide.

This company has almost covered 23% of the market share in food delivery and 68% of the market share in ride-booking. According to the report of 2019, Uber earns almost $14.15 Billion USA revenue in 2019.

Uber also provides the services of food delivery, couriers, vehicles for tours, freight transportation, and package delivery. The famous subsidiaries of Uber are Postmates, Careem, Otto, deCare, and more.

Uber provides an outstanding all-round experience, which makes Uber our top overall transportation company in 2020.

If you find any issues during reading the article, let us know in the comment box below! We will reach you soon!

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  1. I have a problem with my invoices.
    I have just received a mail from uber Mexico, where they explained to my that thay cannot refound me because they could not make the bank transaction.

    I attach the mail secuence (in spanish):
    Buenas tardes,
    Acabo de recibir un mail en donde me explican que intentaron depositarme en mi cuenta en 3 ocasiones, y al no lograrlo (situación que se me hace extraordinaria), en vez de depositarme en efectivo, me van a dar credito por los viajes.
    Les comento que con este servicio, no creo volver a usar su servicio, por lo que los creditos en próximos viajes no me sirve.
    Acabo de mandar mi queja a las oficinas centrales en Estados Unidos.
    Con esta respuesta, voy a volver a mandar esta situación a las oficinas centrales, esperando que ellos si sepan realizar un pago o una transferencia.

    Anexo la información que me acaban de mandar, así como la secuancia de las mismas, en donde me indican que se me va a depositar a mi cuenta y no en creditos.
    Es un placer explicarte, Fabian.

    Intentamos reembolsar el cargo a tu cuenta, pero el reembolso falló en 3 ocasiones diferentes.

    Cuando esto sucede, nuestro reglamento indica emitir el reembolso en créditos Uber, que pueden utilizarse en futuros viajes.

    También puedes optar por activar o desactivar el crédito. Consulta el saldo de tu crédito Uber en cualquier momento iniciando sesión en tu aplicación y seleccionando “Pago”.

    Fabian, agradecemos tu comprensión en este proceso.

    Enviado por Irais el lunes, 30 de agosto de 2021 at 9:33:12 p. m.
    Continúa esta conversación al responder a este correo electrónico o consulta Ayuda en tu app de Uber.

    Esta conversación la incluiré en mi queja en las oficinas centrales.


    Me gustaría saber, porque tengo algunos viajes en cero.
    Estos me dijeron que me los van a depositar en mi cuenta y todavía no me depositan nada.
    ANexo el texto en el cual ustedes me dicen que me lo van a depositar.
    Hola Fabian, gracias por comunicarte.
    Sabemos la importancia que tienen las facturas para la comprobación de tus gastos. Debido a recientes actualizaciones con el sistema de facturación, la generación de facturas ha tomado más tiempo de lo usual. Es por esto que procedemos con el reembolso de tus viajes por el valor de MXN 99.91, 35.67, 469.96, 49.98 y 60.61.

    El reembolso lo verás reflejado en tu estado de cuenta bancario en los siguientes días y el tiempo lo definirá tu institución bancaria como tal.
    Agradecemos tu comprensión.
    Enviado por Andres el viernes, 20 de agosto de 2021 at 9:44:07 a. m.

    Thank you
    King regards
    Fabián Meza

  2. I am very disappointed in uber because they won’t let me drive my pick up truck. I meet all requirements and want to drive for uber. Because my vehicle is “not on the list” they won’t let me. They told me there is nothing they can do to get me on the road, which is crazy to me because they are turning down business and telling me I can’t drive. I currently drive for lyft and would like to drive for uber more. I have stopped all uber transactions u til this gets recognized. Uber is a car company and see no reason why they would deny people with certain cars because it’s ” not on the list”. I think this should be a case by cas3 basis because I meet all requirements and than some, probably more than half the vehicles they allow to drive.

  3. Your app has bugs. I tried to schedule a advanced pick up for next week as I will be traveling and planned on using uber for pickup. I waster 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back, The app kept either 1) reverting back to pickup today rather than keeping future date of 12/11 2) although I entered pickup address of airport and destination – again reverted back to my current location in Texas rather than the scheduled location of the airport in a different state..

    Finally looked like it was accepting Gulfport-Biloxi airport for pickup, app had issues showing airport for both pick up and destination, had to enter type of ride, it then kicked out pickup and charged me $5.95 as driver was waiting at airport, so I was immediately changed. I DID NOT Approve the final pickup as driver was on their way, however my credit card was charged – pissed off this customer…I’m still in Texas.

    You’ve changed something in the app – specially related to scheduling future pickup with in 30 days – it’s broken and I’m not out $5.95 due to your APP issues. While your website indicates you have people available, I tried the # and learned you only offer support for the drivers. Terrific way to lose a customer. As my designation Beau Rivage Casino has a agreement with Uber, I certainly will be speaking to someone at the hotel relating my disaster experience with the app. I’ve used your app in the past prior to COVID in Las Vegas without issue, but obviously there have been changes in the software that need to be worked out.

  4. Hey I have an idea for an Uber service. Im a seamstress and I’ve started my own wee business teaching sewing at the weekends and doing a mobile seamstress service and was thinking that if this service was in areas in city’s how big it could be as I’ve have had a very positive response to my service as it saves people time and parking nuisance to go to an alteration shop. If you could pass this idea on to whom it may concern

  5. Hi I’m John Hubbard

    I have an uber account and now live in Hearst Ontario. I’m 10 hours North of Toronto 3 hrs past Tmmins. I’m interested in starting an uber delivery and driving job.

    Please advise



  6. Why is uber so full of shit you constantly ask customers to say how can we improve ?
    Here’s a suggestion that’s really common sense stop treating people like idiots.
    Of my last 10 complaints 10 were delivery times how about you tell the client you don’t have drivers than putting it on the restaurant because each time I call the restaurant they say food is just sitting there waiting to be collected and when I do call uber or speak to customer care you will lie every time saying we waiting on the restaurant knowing full well you don’t have drivers to do the delivery 10 times this has happened when will you stop bullshitting people this is a international problem your quick to say how successful you are but really not paying attention to your short comings and this will inspire Moe new company’s to come forward and soon as there is a genuine company to replace you I know where I will spend my money the ceo of uber is a straight donkey and instead of fixing the problem you will hate on the customer how you idiots ever get a company I will never know

  7. Uber is the worst to get someone on the phone. I have a UberEats charge and I don’t have UberEats! I’m trying to get to someone but I’m unable unless I download the app. I don’t want UberEats I want my money back and put the person in jail who used my card.

  8. Good morning
    I would like to invest and start UBER taxi in Cyprus South / European side
    Would you advise how can we make it happened

  9. Hello i am a uber taxi driver qater, my driver account permanent block from 3rd may 2022, rider complaint .i can not finis trip. Car tyre puncture. Please help me reopen my account please.


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