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Twitter is considered an information portal-based social media site. The service and site originally had the purpose of sharing info quickly in minimum bandwidth. That means you get to communicate with others through 140 characters. With so many users on Twitter, it soon became the next-level platform for communication among people. Now, with that, Twitter comes with more than 200 million people every month, with above 500 million tweets in one day. The cellular market is beyond the horizons of Twitter, with most of the users accessing the platform on cellular devices instead of personal devices.

General Information

HQ: San Francisco, California, U.S.
Traded: NYSE: TWTR, S&P 500 Component
ISIN FR0000120404
Industry: Internet
Area served: Worldwide
Founded: March 21, 2006
Written in: Java, Ruby, Scala & JavaScript
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What Does Twitter Do?

Twitter is regarded to be a social media site, with its preliminary purpose to connect all people with one another and enable everyone to share their thoughts. What’s more, it enables us to discover different stories about current news and events. You may follow different profiles which post content of your friends, and you can also communicate with your friends.

What’s more, marketers and PR teams may use the platform to improve overall brand awareness and entertainment. In a lot of ways, Twitter comes with a lot of potential and meaning. It helps you form a link with people across the globe quickly. You may want to engage with professionals of your relevant interest and get in touch with the entertainment industry as well.

Twitter headquarters and its multi-branch offices help users create curated content that caters to the interests and desires of people. It is what makes Twitter a highly addictive platform for users across the world.

Where is Twitter Corporation headquarters located?

twitter inc headquarters
Twitter HQ Enhanced by

Twitter headquarters is present in San Francisco, the state of California, USA. With 33 office locations spanning around 19 countries, it forms a diverse network all over the world. It has a total area of 121.4 km square. Twitter headquarters reside inside the building named Art Deco, which was built in 1937.

Twitter corporate offices for Twitter are present in Atlanta, Washington, Los Angeles, New York, Sunnyvale, and others. Some international offices are present in Sao Paulo, Toronto, Amsterdam, Singapore, and other major international cities of the world. The line to contact the Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco goes with the following number: 1.415-222-9670.

If you are thinking of sending an email to Twitter to connect you, you might want to tweet instead. Go to the company page profile and tweet them directly. You may want to contact Cherryl Valenzuela if you need information as an investor. On the other hand, you are able to share your media with Giovanna Falbo using email. You are also able to communicate with the board of directors on Twitter through the board form contact as well. For more information about Twitter Headquarters and the company, go to the About page on the official website. The informational page includes related information on the saturation of social media.

On the whole, you cannot get a tour of the Twitter headquarters because of business restraints. However, you may want to get a virtual sneak peek at the company itself. The Twitter headquarter appears to be a space with double height, and it opens generously to a rooftop terrace. There are eloquent and detailed ancillary spaces and meeting rooms present in the center. It makes sure the desk areas that are open lie nearby to the windows. What’s more, the internal spaces come with translucent and transparent glass walls. The internal lanterns present in the building and other commodities create an elegant ambiance.

How Do I Contact Twitter?

There are several ways to contact Twitter. However, the most popular method remains to contact them through direct messages on the social media site itself. For doing so, you will need to check the Messages icon located on the navigation bar. Here, you will be able to check your history for direct messages. Now, click on the message icon present on the top and enter the username, name, or the address box where you want to send your message.
You may contact Twitter using other options as well, including telephone, email contacts, and posts.

Twitter Short History

Odeo is a podcasting venture which emerged to create Twitter that was discovered by Evan Williams in 2004. Apple made an announcement in 2005 that it would be adding podcasts to the digital media application with the name iTunes, and the leadership of Odeo felt that the enterprise wouldn’t be able to compete with iTunes. Then, an engineer came up with the idea of a short message service on which the user is able to send share simple and little updates with friends and colleagues.

Twitter CEO and Key Executive Team

  • CEO – Parag Agrawal
  • CFO – Ned Segal
  • CCO – Sarah Personette
  • CMO – Leslie Bernard

What’s more, Vijaya Gadde is the Head of legal, trust, and policy, Peiter Zatko is the Head of Security, and Jack Dorsey is the founder of Twitter. The Twitter headquarters is located in San Francisco, the state of California. All of these changes have happened as a result of Parag Agrawal’s allocation as the CEO of the company. It is not unusual for enterprises to go with different executive reshuffling when the CEO changes. Dorsey left his position as the CEO of the company in order to save the company from getting influenced by its founder. This took place in the last week of November.

From a shareholder perspective, the Vanguard Group owns 8.8% of the company with the investment banking enterprise Morgan Stanley, which owns around 8.4% of the stake in the business. BlackRock incorporation gets a total stake share of 6.5%, and State Street Corp owns 4.5% of the company. However, it is Elon Musk who holds the most shares in this company, topping it at 9.2%, making the Vanguard Group the second in its hierarchy among the shareholders of Twitter headquarters and Twitter corporate offices.

How Did Twitter Get to Where it is Today?

Twitter comes with a tool of logistics which improves the overall capacity of spreading information wide and far might be seen in the usage of the 2011 Egyptian protests as well as its consequence forced the lockdown through the government of the nation. The social network also has an elaborated role in the political world in the present years as well. The overall culmination of the recent trend got to its peak in the presidential US elections of 2012, which provided the prediction of the Twitter headquarters CEO, Dick Costolo, to be banging on the price. What’s more, the overall presidential debate presented in 2012 resulted in a generation of 10 million tweets in a day, more than any US political history. These are some of the examples that explain how did Twitter get to where it is Today.

Top 5 Companies Owned by Twitter

top companies own by twitter
Let’s see some of the companies that Twitter owns.

1. Gnip

Twitter owned Gnip in 2014 in a stock deal worth more than 134 million USD. Gnip was an application programming interface company for aggregation. It was one of the first social media service providers with API aggregation and provided information to Twitter quite a long time ago prior to its acquisition. It has also provided important data for rival platforms for social media, including Facebook.

2. Magic Pony Tech

The company also acquired Magic Pony Tech back in 2016 for improving the overall learning for machine learning. What’s more, the enterprise improved neural networking systems for different expansions toward data. It got value at 150 million USD, but the full terms of the deal were not quite disclosed by any company. With the acquisition of the company, Twitter came up with the hope to improve the overall delivery of the media across different apps.

3. TapCommerce

Twitter acquitted TapCommerce in 2014; the purchase supported Twitter in terms of improving installation as well as engagement of different advertisements. Twitter also confirmed that acquiring this company assisted in mobile marketing by targeting based on user activity. The overall retargeting of advertisements requires a lot of data that comes coupled with the overall analysis.

4. TellApart

The largest acquisition of Twitter in terms of investment was TellApart, a company that they bought in 2015. The platform is helpful for improving the overall advertising of the revenue through ads generations resembling tweets as well as encouraging the different users to perform different actions. What’s more, TellApart comes with a specialization to target the users for monitoring usage across a series of devices, including desktop and cellular devices.

5. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is the company that helps in the provision of marketers, publishers, brands, and other sources a platform for tracking the conversations they would care about. TweetDeck is a dashboard application for social media for managing Twitter accounts, and it was acquired in 2011 for around 20.4 million USD.

What are Twitter’s Competitive Advantages?

The competitive advantage behind Twitter is that it provides real news, and it has the capacity to spread the news to a wide range of audiences with some innovative techniques that would attract a lot of users. Twitter has over 600 million users now, and it significantly impacts the overall value estimate of the platform.

What Makes Twitter Business Unique Hard to Replicate?

Without a surprise, Twitter comes with the unique opportunity to provide its users the chance to find out and explore what is going on in the world. The functional purpose gets translated to the Twitter users who operate with some other kind of mindset when they are present on another platform in comparison to the other environments present on the internet.
These are some of the facts that you need to know about Twitter and Twitter headquarters.


When did Twitter go public?

In September, Twitter got filed in order to become a public enterprise. Twitter headquarters and Twitter corporate offices made an announcement to the public as well. The IPO or Initial public offering of Twitter raised about 1.8 billion USD in the market, giving a total value of around 31 billion USD. It had its first stock trading value on November 7, 2013, with a price of 44.49 USD.

Can you buy stock directly from Twitter?

Twitter headquarters and Twitter corporate offices allow you to buy stocks online and get shares. You will first need to log in to the online brokerage and then search for the panel of Twitter shares. Then, you will need to type in the total sharing numbers that you would want to get and then click the buy option. It will be initiating the total purchase of the shares present as well.

Who is the auditor of Twitter?

CPA Nancy Gathungu is the auditor general of Twitter headquarters. She manages talks and discussions with the financial board as well on different topics, including financial prudence and oversight. The aim is to bring professional and experienced personnel together and take stock of the different steps that have been made over the years.

How competitive is the hiring process at Twitter?

The overall hiring process for Twitter would take around a month. However, it mainly depends on the urgency of the process. For example, support and marketing roles might require less time. However, the overall interview process for the product management roles might take up to more than a month. Although Twitter is regarded as a big technology enterprise, getting a job at Twitter isn’t too challenging. You will not be required to come up with a computer-related option. However, you may want to get an IT job at the platform as you show you are mastering the skills that you require to succeed.

Is Twitter HQ open to the public?

Twitter is a tech business enterprise, so public tours to Twitter headquarters and Twitter corporate offices are not allowed. However, one may visit through an NDA signed private tour with certain restrictions to different sites.


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