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TriZetto is basically a Cognizant company that helps doctors, hospitals, and health care networks to make their business processes easy and get accurate payments quickly.

TriZetto products and services act as the heartbeat of their clients’ practices, and their company-wide initiative to have a Heart for Service will serve as the underlying force that will help them to allow their clients’ businesses to thrive through dedicated customer service. You will get the full details of TriZetto’s provider solution.

trizetto group inc headquarters

What is TriZetto?

TriZetto is a Cognizant organization and workstation inside Cognizant’s healthcare system. It produces top-notch IT (Information Technology) results worldwide for better health maintenance. They will always assist you in improving your revenue and cash flow.

TriZetto was founded by Jeffrey H. Margolis (Chairman and chief executive officer) in 1997. TriZetto provides system care administration, residents health management, profit cycle administration, systematic answers for clients, supplier interaction, affirmation, contract administration, and customer support. TriZetto got the attention of millions in 1999 however, initially the company did the business of $3 million in its first year and it is estimated that its services impact 100 million people in the US.
ion in this article.

TriZetto is located in Englewood, CO, and there are a total of 17 offices located across 2 countries.

Address details are as following:

  • TriZetto Provider Solutions
    Division Headquarters
    3300 Rider Trail South Earth City, MO 63045
  • TriZetto Cognizant Company
    Corporate Headquarters
    9655 Maroon CircleEnglewood, CO 80112
  • World Headquarters
    500 Frank W. Burr Blvd. Teaneck, NJ 07666 USA
  • European Headquarters
    Location of European Headquarters is 1 Kingdom Street near Paddington Central London W2 6BD England
  • Indian Headquarters
    Indian Headquarter is located in Old Mahabalipuram Road near Okkiyam Pettai close to Thoraipakkam Chennai, 600 096 India

Contact Details

If you want to get more information about how TriZetto (Cognizant Organization) Health maintenance Products can assist you to intensify revenue growth, power management efficiency, and enhance cost and standard of care, call 1-800-569-1222 or visit www.cognizant.com/trizetto.
Contact detail of different Headquarters:

  • World Headquarters
    Phone: +1 201 801 0233
    Fax: +1 201 801 0243
    Toll Free: +1 888 937 3277
  • European Headquarters
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 7297 7600
    Fax: +44 (0) 20 7121 0102
  • Indian Headquarters
    Phone: +91 (0) 44 4209 6000
    Fax: +91 (0) 44 4209 6060


TriZetto logo
In 1982 Jeffrey H. Margolis was diagnosed with the disease of Crohn’s (a disease that causes the inflammation of the digestive tract, which can cause abdominal pain, fatigue, acute diarrhea, and malnutrition) when he was just 19 years old and was studying in the University of Illinois. Because of this strange disease, Margolis would become all too familiar with the health maintenance industry. Margolis concentrated on the health care discipline after his graduation.

Margolis kept himself battling with the disease and encountered the damaging inefficiencies within the health care system. Margolis experienced a couple of operations and was mistakenly given the drug to which he was allergic.

In 1997 Margolis Health Enterprises was launched because of systematic problems in the health care industry. Margolis work on his own to provide technology advising to healthcare organizations. Initially, Margolis worked with an assistant in his den by setting up a shop in his home, later on, he leased a 300 square foot office in his neighborhood. Margolis’s vast experience in the health field enabled him to land more clients and made the place worthy by adding new furniture.

He cooperated with many of his colleagues for adding new technology and for getting new clients. In 1997 Margolis amplified the company by partnering with Croghan & Associates, Inc., and did business as system-one. In 1998 M.C. Health Holdings, Inc. acquired both system one and Margolis Health Enterprises. In March 1998 M.C Health took the name TriZetto Group Inc.

When did cognizant acquire TriZetto?

Cognizant is an American global corporation that is led by Brian Humphries (CEO), Karen McLoughlin (CFO), and Malcolm Frank that gives IT services made its huge deal in September 2014 acquiring healthcare IT services providers TriZetto organization for $2.7 billion. Cognizant allotment rose to nearly 3 percent in pre-market trading.

What are TriZetto facets?

Facets are TriZetto’s assert processing network which gives various functionalities that are carried by the administration group or you can call modules. It assists the company to manage its regular functional work by utilizing any or all of the application groups.

Facets are the registered brand of TriZetto. Facet is a server-based network that is developed in JAVA technology and all the work rules are administrating behind the display as core functionality. It allows the company users to be compliant with all the latest instructions and charter as long as the latest version of the solution is appeared by the Facets users.

What is TriZetto used for?

TriZetto helps in linking information from accounting and clinical networks to give awareness and real-time data. Prophetic analytics are used by TriZetto to give patients more efficient medical attention and treatment. Greater health maintenance results and patient management is always noticed while enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs.

TriZetto is also used for targeting health plans, benefiting administrators, and other health care payers, the company gives software and IT (Information Technology) services planned to clarify provider system, transaction, and business operation administration. TriZetto also offers greater solutions, billing management services, and staffing to help clients control costs.

Company profile

TriZetto is Pushing Integrated Healthcare through its latest technology. TriZetto’s technology solutions are impressing more than half of the United States population nowadays, TriZetto is distinctively placed to drive the convergence of core benefits administration, care management, and constituent engagement.

TriZetto helps in making healthcare data information technology results and assistance for health maintenance plans, good administrators, health networks, and healthcare providers. The Company’s solutions allow payers and other people in the health maintenance supply course to enhance the corporation of benefits and care for healthcare users.

Top Trizetto Competitor and Alternative


Benefitfocus, EpiBone, Nonnatech, and Essence Group Holdings are TriZetto’s top competitors. There are other Principle competitors like AMISYS LLC; Electronic Data Systems Corporation; Quality Care Solutions, Inc.


The list of top TriZetto’s Alternatives:

  1. PointClickCare Home Health Care Platform
  2. NextGen Office
  3. athenaCollector
  4. Waystar
  5. NextGen Enterprise
  6. Availity
  7. Kareo
  8. DrChrono


TriZetto’s top-notch machinery products and other business services have extensively improved technology ventures assisting the health care system.

TriZetto provides system care administration, residents health management, profit cycle administration, systematic answers for clients, supplier interaction, affirmation, contract administration, and customer support.

It also gives guiding services in developing proper IT (Information technology) network and helps the customer in maximizing their strength.

Full List of Trizetto group Inc the subsidiaries

Following is the list of TriZetto’s subsidiaries:

  1. Gateway EDI, Inc.
  2. Quality Care Solutions Inc.
  3. Winthrop Realty Partners, L.P.
  4. CareKey Inc.
  5. Infotrust Co
  6. Options Services Group, Inc
  7. Margolis Health Enterprises, Inc
  8. Erisco Inc
  9. Novalis Corporation
  10. Healthcare Media Enterprises, Inc
  11. InAlysys, Inc.
  12. Winthrop Financial Group Inc
  13. TriZetto Application Services, Inc
  14. QCSI Puerto Rico Inc
  15. Diogenes, Inc
  16. Finserv Health Care Systems Inc
  17. Kocsis Consulting Group, Inc.
  18. Creative Business Solutions, Inc
  19. Plan Data Management Inc
  20. HealthWeb Inc

What is the latest version of TriZetto facets?

A facet is a business-broad core solution that regulates claims processing, care administration, billing, and system management workflow.

The latest version of TriZetto’s Facets is Facet 4.8 TriZetto declared the public availability of Facets 4.8, the latest version of its enterprise core management policy planed in assisting to increase administrative efficiency for health plans.

What is the collaboration compass submitter id for TriZetto?

Submitter ID = the assigned site number of Trizetto is 4 digits.
Submitting claims:
You can submit your claims by using several steps which are as follows:

  1. Select the TriZetto Connection library entry by using the dropdown.
  2. Select TriZetto Submitter/Receiver entry by using the dropdown
  3. Select claims to be exported.
  4. Tap on the ‘Check for Errors’ option.
  5. If there are errors stated by the analyzed group report then return to the claim and correct errors. Return to ‘Electronic Claims’ and continue once errors have been corrected.
  6. If the report says there are no errors left then click OK.
  7. Tap on the ‘Create and Send Batch’ option.

How to find billing codes in TriZetto

For billing you can follow the following steps:

  1. Write the Display Name of Provider, Agency, or Business Name.
  2. Select ‘Billing’ as Classification. The last name on your program will appear based on classification determined
  3. Check ‘Signature on File’.
  4. If the Agency or Business name comes then select ‘Type’ as ‘Person’ or Non-Person’.
  5. Write the first Name and Last Name or Organization name.
  6. Enter Address information (must be the physical address), required: 9-digit zip code. Note: Do not enter ‘Pay to Address’ unless using a Post Office box number for the billing address.
  7. Enter Individual or Organizational NPI numbers
  8. Write Billing Tax ID or SS number.
  9. Select ‘Tax ID Type’ and enter a number by using the dropdown arrow Additional ID Numbers. Don’t enter unless required by your payer. • OB-State registration number • 1G-UPIN Number 8.

How do I add a provider on the TriZetto website?

Following are the steps for the process:

  1. The client signs a contract with TriZetto. Within a day the client will be receiving an email from the TriZetto organization.
  2. The client will be contacted by for his or her initial “Kick off Call” by the dedicated Trizetto Provider Enrollment representative. Client questions are often answered at this point. An ‘Implementation Checklist’ and ‘Transfer Authorization Form’ and ‘Data Collection Workbook’ are going to be provided after the decision.
  3. The client is going to be liable for completing the info Collection Workbook which includes provider-specific information like NPI’s, Tax ID’s, etc. and returning it to their TriZetto representative on time.
  4. Once the info Collection Workbook is returned to TriZetto the EDI Enrollments are prepared
  5. TriZetto will generate the Payer EDI enrollment paperwork which is given to the client to sign as long as the Transfer Authorization Form (TAF) wasn’t signed by the client. Your TriZetto Rep will complete forms if the TAF was signed by the client. Payer turn-around times and outstanding issues are going to be provided by your TriZetto Rep.
  6. TriZetto will contact the client via email when payer approvals are received and when the provider can submit claims to requested payers.
  7. A dedicated representative from the TriZetto Implementation Team will reach bent schedule a meeting for the installation (testing). EZClaim will be notified by the TriZetto of the installation day and time.
  8. EZClaim will contact the client before installation (testing) appointment to help with the EZClaim program found out. Plan 20-30 minutes for this call.
  9. The Client will be contacted by TriZetto on the phone on the required day and time to help with the upload of the primary claim file. TriZetto will use this claim file to check.
  10. To make sure that all-payer IDs, NPI numbers, and everyone other claims data is accurate the client file is tested by TriZetto and once testing is complete the location is moved into production. Any questions are often directed to TriZetto Customer Service Department at 1-800-556-2231.
  11. The Client is going to be contacted by TriZetto website training once in production and sending claims.

How to sign up with TriZetto?

You can join with payers by one application to take the foremost up-to-date information on patient coverage, co-pays, deductibles, and more. Choose between three robust tools and obtain the eligibility verification solutions that are good for you:

  • Batch verification. Verify one or many. The selection is yours, as is that the time you’ll be saving.
  • Real-time verification. With an immediate connection to payers, you’ll get the eligibility responses you would like; at the instant you would like them.
  • Automated verification. A robot can’t replace you, but a robot can certainly assist you. Let the “Robot” perform your eligibility checks.

With straight communication with many management networks, you’ll have many options that include proactive confirmation of upcoming patient appointments and elimination of manual work like entering patient and/or group ID numbers.

How to verify an insurance check on TriZetto?

You can start discovering coverage with Insurance Eligibility Discovery from TriZetto Provider Solutions. Clients can give their sustainability request using small data and identify a patient’s insurance carrier during a matter of seconds.
Insurance Eligibility Discovery allows user to:

  1. Submit one real-time eligibility inquiry to multiple payers directly
  2. Group your hottest payers to quickly send requests
  3. Receive an entire eligibility response from the payer.

Key takeaways

TriZetto Provider Solutions is looking ahead to the future and working positively like the way they do business. As they move forward, they believe their associates, initiatives and industry-leading products and services will allow them to provide the best service to their clients.

TriZetto is distinctly focused on accelerating payers’ ability to steer the healthcare industry’s transformation by providing premier information technology solutions to reinforce our customers’ revenue growth, drive their administrative efficiency and improve the value and quality of look after their members.
Main Dates

  • In 1997:
    The company is founded.
  • In 1998:
    TriZetto’s name is adopted.
  • In 1999:
    The initial offering of stock to the public is completed.
  • 2000:
    Merger with IMS Health, Inc. is scuttled.
  • 2004:
    The first full-year profit was recorded by the corporate.
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