Travelers Companies Inc. is an American insurance service provider company and is one of the largest insurance companies in the USA. The Travelers Inc. is incorporated in Minnesota, has headquarters in New York City, and its largest office is in Hartford, Connecticut. Travelers Companies locations are present in all of the states of America and many major countries of the world, including China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore.

Travelers Inc’s business model is composed of personal insurance, business insurance, and specialty insurance. The company was founded in 1853 but adopted the current name very recently in 2004. Travelers Inc. is a public company and is currently listed on the New York stock exchange and the London stock exchange.

Where is Travelers Companies Inc. Headquarters on Map?

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General Information

HQ: 485 Lexington Ave 8th fl, New York, New York, United States
Zip Code: 10017
Traded as: NYSE: TRV
Industry: Insurance and Financial services
Founded: 1853
Products: Insurance policies and Risk management
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What are The Travelers Companies known for?

The company is known for its insurance services. It has a large network of subsidiaries and independent insurance brokers through which it provides insurance services to individuals, businesses, governments, and other associations.

The company offers insurance in three main sectors. The insurance for individual sector of The Travelers Inc. offers insurance related to home, condos, automobiles, motorbikes, yachts, landlords and renters, pets, valuable items, and events.

The insurance for businesses sector of the company offers a large portfolio of options to businesses to choose from, including construction, real estate, technology, cybersecurity, and other types of insurances. Lastly, the company is also known for its bond and specialty insurance services that it offers to sophisticated customers that require such specialized insurance services.

How did The Travelers Companies Work?

Travelers Companies Inc. provides insurance services to its customers. Travelers Companies locations are in most of the US. It operates through a large network of subsidiaries and independent contractors who help sell the services of the company to its customers. Its customer base includes governments, corporations, and individuals.

The services provided by The Travelers Companies Inc. are divide into categories based on the customers who utilize them. The personal insurance sector provides home, auto, pets, events, and other insurance to individuals. The business insurance sector is a bit more sophisticated and provides property and other insurances to their customers.

Lastly, the company also provides Specialty insurance services that take the previously mentioned business insurance one step further, thus providing insurance solutions to the more sophisticated type of customers.

Where is The Travelers Companies headquarters located?

Travelers Headquarters
The Travelers Companies, Inc. Enhanced by

The Travelers company is incorporated in Minnesota but has its headquarters in New York City. The company has three main offices, which are located in New York City, New York, Hartford, Connecticut, and Saint Paul, Minnesota. The company’s contact number for any kind of issue faced by the customer is given as below.

Phone Number: 1.866.336.2077

How do I contact The Travelers Companies corporate?

The Travelers Companies Inc. has a long list of phone numbers, each for a special purpose.

The list of phone numbers of the company is given below. The company has a list of phone numbers, each for a special purpose.

All the phone numbers of the company are listed below:

For Individuals:

Get a quote 1.866.621.9031
Billing and policy service questions 1.800.842.5075
Report a claim 1.800.252.4633
Check the status of a claim 1.800.252.4633
Check status online 1.877.754.0481
Roadside assistance 1.800.252.4633
Billing questions 1.800.252.2268
Report a claim 1.800.238.6225
Check the status of a claim 1.800.238.6225
Premium audit 1.800.842.4271
Roadside assistance 1.800.238.6225
To contact the company after getting their services 1.866.336.2077
Company directory 1.800.328.2189
Retiree services 1.800.441.4378

How do I file a complaint against Travelers Insurance?

There are several ways to file a complaint against Travelers Companies Inc. Customers can call the customer service of the company to file a complaint at 1-800-842-5075. They can post about the company and its services on social media to bring peoples’ attention to the case.

They can also email the company about their services. Customers can choose to post a mail to the company’s address. The customers can contact their state’s insurance regulator to file a complaint.

Company History

The Travelers company has a long history and started about 168 years ago. Its main predecessor companies are St. Paul Companies, Inc., and The Travelers Corporation.

St. Paul companies came into being in 1853 in St. Paul, Minnesota, and helped the customers who were having trouble claiming their payments promptly. Eventually, the company spread its operations to other parts of the country.

On the other hand, The Travelers insurance company was founded in England in 1859. This company provided accidental death insurance to its customers. The Travelers insurance company helped in many innovations in the insurance industry during the 19th century. The company sold its original business to one of the executives of the company in 1994, expanding its business model towards other sectors that promised more profits.

The company went through a long series of corporate mergers and acquisitions in the 1990s. These mergers and acquisitions proved to be useless to the company’s growth and thus were unsuccessful. Finally, in 2004, The Travelers Companies Inc. merged with St. Paul companies and adopted the name St. Paul Travelers, which later reverted to The Travelers Companies in 2007.

The company had become a publicly-traded company, is listed on the New York stock exchange and London stock exchange with a very successful IPO in 2002. After 2007, the company continued acquiring smaller companies and building its network of brokers and subsidiaries by which its business model runs today.

Company Profile

The Travelers company is a holding company that provides insurance services to its clients, which include governments, businesses, and small individuals. The company has different services for each different type of its customer.

Travelers’ main emphasis is on the automobile insurance sector of the insurance industry, but regardless of that, it provides a variety of other services. It is one of the largest insurance service providers in the USA and is headquartered in New York and incorporated in Minnesota.

Travelers Companies Inc. CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Roles
Alan D. Schnitzer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
William H. Heyman Vice-Chairman And Chairman Of The Investment Policy Committee
Avrohom J. Kess Vice-Chairman And Chief Legal Officer
Dan Frey Executive Vice President And Chief Financial Officer
Peter A. Heard Executive Vice President, Enterprise Distribution

Top 5 biggest Travelers Companies Inc. competitors or Alternative

travelers top competitors or alternatives


GEICO or Government Employee’s Insurance Company is one of the largest automobile insurance companies operating in America and is headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. GEICO also sells property insurance services with the help of third-party companies.

Travelers Inc. works in the automobile insurance sector, so it is competing with GEICO in this regard. Apart from automobile insurance, the companies work in different sectors so are not in direct competition with each other.

2. Allstate

Allstate Insurance is an American insurance service-providing company headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois. Allstate Insurance is one of the largest insurance providers and one of the largest companies by revenue in the USA. Allstate insurance is widely known for its innovative and unique marketing strategies.

It provides automobile insurance, home insurance, property insurance, asset management, and retirement services, among others, and is one of the main competitors of The Travelers Companies Inc.

3. State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance is a group of insurance services providing companies, each working in a different sector of the insurance industry in the USA. The corporate headquarters of the company are located in Bloomington, Illinois.

It is the largest insurance provider in the USA in several sectors (most notably in automobile insurance and property insurance) and is giving tough competition to other insurance service providers, including The Travelers Companies Inc.

4. Progressive Corporation

A Progressive Corporation is the third-largest insurance service provider in the USA and specializes in automobile insurance, although it also works in the home, property, life, and pet insurance sector.

The company is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio, and operates mainly in the US but has started expanding in other countries such as Australia.

Due to its focus on auto insurance, the company has a somewhat similar target market to The Travelers Companies Inc. and can be considered a direct competitor to it.

5. MetLife, Inc.

MetLife Inc. is a holding company that holds Metropolitan Life Insurance Company which is a global insurance service provider and works in more than 60 countries of the world. The company’s headquarters are located in Midtown, Manhattan.

MetLife is a very large financial services company that is pronounced to be too big to fail. Its products come in a wide range from insurance, annuities, and others.

Compared to The Travelers Companies Inc., it is a large and established company and can give tough competition to it.

Companies that own Travelers Insurance

Travalers Companies Inc. is a public company and is owned by its shareholders. A large number of its shares are held by institutional investors. Among these, the largest holders are listed below:

  • Vanguard
  • Blackrock
  • State street corporation

These companies hold about 25% of the total outstanding shares of The Travelers Companies Inc. as of 2020.

Are The Travelers Companies stock a good buy when considering long-term investments?

The Travelers Companies stock has performed tremendously on the market in recent years, growing continuously. The fundamental analysis of the company’s stock shows that the company has a strong financial position and a significant competitive advantage over other players in the same sector and thus is expected to undergo huge growth shortly.

In addition to that, analysts indicate that the company may be undervalued, which means that the Travelers Companies stock is being traded at less than what it is worth. This means that investors can buy an above-average stock at an average or below-average price.

Although the financial sector has not performed very well in the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is estimated to make a quick recovery in a little time. Additionally, the insurance industry is growing because people are becoming more financially aware and conscious. All these factors prove that The Travelers Companies stock will be performing well on the stock market in the coming years.


1. When did The Travelers Companies go public?

The Travelers company went public on the Ney York stock exchange on March 22nd of the year 2002, and its stock opened at $19. The IPO raised an amount of $4 billion.

The Travelers Companies Inc. is listed on the New York stock exchange and the London stock exchange with ticker prices TRV and 0R03, respectively.

2. Do The Travelers Companies pay dividends?

Like most other financial companies, Travelers Inc. also pays dividends to its investors. It paid a dividend of $.88 for one quarter in the year 2021.

3. How many people are insured by The Travelers Companies?

The Travers Companies Inc. has a market share of about 2.76% in the automobile insurance industry and is currently the 8th largest automobile insurer in the world.

4. How long have Travelers been in business?

The Travelers Companies Inc. has been in business for a long time. St. Paul Fire & Marine company came into being in 1853 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Travelers Companies Inc., on the other hand, was founded in 1859 in England. This company merged with a lot of other companies, including Citigroup. Finally, the company merged with St. Paul Fire & Marine company. So, in totality, the company has been in business for more than 168 years as of 2021.

5. Is Travelers insurance a good company to work for?

The reviews of the people who have worked for the company are mostly positive, suggesting that the company has a positive and productive working environment and pays handsome compensation.

Employees consider it a good company for people who want to maintain their work-life balance. Employees have also stated that the company provides a supportive and growth-oriented environment where a person can learn from their peers and develop their skills and personality.

While there are some bad reviews about the company but the overwhelming number of reviews are positive, suggesting that the company, overall, is a good one to work for.

6. What stocks does MarketBeat like better than The Travelers Companies?

Marketbeat prefers several of the competitors’ stocks to Travelers Companies stock. Some of these include Allstate corporation, Fidelity national financial, and First American financial. Out of these, it seems that the biggest competitor to Marketbeat is Allstate corporation.


Travelers Companies is a holding company that provides insurance services to its customers, which include individuals to governments, and businesses. The company has a deep and wide network of subsidiaries and brokers that help its business model to work efficiently.

Travelers Inc. has a good standing in its industry compared to its competitors due to excellent services and above-average marketing of its products and services.

Due to the company’s good reputation among its customers and its investors, its stock is expected to bring huge profits soon and can be a good investment for long-term investors.


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