In this article, I will discuss the Transamerica Corporation and offer the readers a brief insight into the Transamerica Corporation and some of its many subsidiaries.

I will let you know what the Transamerica Corporation offers its clients and if this is the company for you and your future investments.

Who is Transamerica Corporation?

transamerica_corporation_logoIn terms of longevity and security, you can have confidence that the Transamerica Corporation is a well-established player in the financial industry and have been around a long time.

Transamerica Corporation came into existence in 1904 and its original founder was Amadeo Giannini. Amadeo Giannini had the vision to create financial services accessible to everyone.

Today the President and CEO Mark W. Mullin who has been at the helm for the past eight years and nine months, he is a stalwart of the financial industry.

The senior executives of Transamerica are listed below:

Mark William Mullin Chief Executive officer
Blake Steven Bostwick Executive VP & COO
James Martin Flewellen President Transamerica Insurance
Michael F. Cosendine Senior VP Government Affairs
David Roy MacMillan Chief Customer Experience Officer

Transamerica Corporation Headquarters

Transamerica Corporation has its headquarters in 4333 Edgewood Road NE Cedar Rapids, IA 52499 United States
Phone: 319-355-3985
Fax: 410-385-6903
Its official website is

Transamerica Corporation have two thousand five hundred employees across the globe and has some thirty subsidiaries including household names such as World Financial Group and Lincoln Financial, to mention a few.

Transamerica List of products and services

As one would expect from an established financial service provider such as Transamerica Corporation the company offers a portfolio of products to suit the inclusive financial needs for all working persons in today’s society.

Transamerica Corporation offers.

  • Retirement financial options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Annuities
  • Insurance services
  • Employee benefit packages
  • Exchange traded Funds
  • Medicare
Along with these products, there are a number of services one would expect like a taxation center, financial education knowledge place and more.

Millennial’s in the United States are particularly interested in investing for the future and retirement. The Transamerica Corporation and its subsidiaries offer the perfect platform for your 401K should your employer not offer this service to you.

Transamerica Corporation offers legitimate financial services including quotes for life insurance and even loan processing should you be considering a loan as a financial option into today’s burgeoning stock market.
Some of the best life insurance is through Transamerica and its subsidiaries, Transamerica and its subsidiaries are in office locations near to you.

The building no longer houses the headquarters of the Transamerica Corporation

Contacting Transamerica

Transamerica Corporation has made contacting the company simple; you can create an account and login at your convenience at any time.

To create an account is as simple as clicking support on the web page header. Select the product or products you are interested in and register your account.

As with all websites, you will have a unique user name and password.

If you have forgotten your password, do not worry. Just follow the simple steps provided on the login page and you will receive a password reset.

Before you get to the password reset, you will need to submit your SSN or Tax ID to verify your identity. Once done it is plain sailing.


How long has Transamerica been in Business?

Transamerica has been in business for 114 years.

When was the Transamerica founded?

Transamerica was founded back in 1904 in San Francisco. Interestingly, the iconic Transamerica logo is from their pyramid building that dominated the skyline of San Francisco for many years. However, it is no longer the corporate headquarters.

Can I cancel my life insurance policy?

Yes, you can cancel your life insurance policy. However, as with industry standards life insurance policies normally have a fixed term. The Transamerica life insurance policy has a term of fifteen years that means if you are under the fifteen year fixed term you will be penalized for surrendering the policy.

Before you take this route, ask yourself why you want to surrender the policy and is there a better option for you.
Many leading insurance companies recognize that over time some products no longer suit the needs of the customer and will offer a different policy if you are prepared to transfer.

Another option is to speak with your financial advisor about the possibility of selling your policy. There are companies in the market who will buy certain financial products and wait for the product to mature.

Invariably, there will be a fee for transferring your policy. This will be your best option. If you are certain your current policy no longer meets your needs.

If you want to withdraw completely Transamerica Corporation will oblige without hassle.

Can I pay my monthly premium online?

You have the option to pay your premiums through direct debit from your bank account. However, the simplest way is to use Western Union speed pay, which can be completed online from any location.

Contacting Transamerica.

Contacting Transamerica Corporation could not be simpler, you can contact via the official website or the telephone numbers posted online.

Here is some useful information should you need to contact Transamerica Corporation.
Policy Holders and General Information
Tel 800-797- 2643 Monday to Friday 9am-6pm ET
Need a Quote
Tel 855-288-4181 Monday-Friday 9am-5PM
Website Support
Tel 877-717-8858

Transamerica Medicare supplements claims.

Tell toll free 800-229-6565
Address 100 Light St, FL B1, MS 3239
Baltimore, MD 21202-2559
Please be aware when contacting Transamerica via email do not give website user name or passwords for your security.


I could only find positive reviews with regard to Transamerica except for a lawsuit for a patent infringement.
If you are looking to the future and have decided that now is the time to invest in your 401K, or an annuity or other policy that meets your needs, then Transamerica Corporation will be able to offer you competitive products within the market place.

With a broad range of subsidiaries you will find Transamerica Corporation have all of your needs covered.
Financial advisors and products are tightly regulated which should give you the confidence to proceed with your investments without fear or trepidation. There is no better time than now to take the opportunity to invest in your future with Transamerica Corporation.

Transamerica are always hiring talented people from diverse backgrounds, should you be interested in applying for a position contact Human Resources through the website.


Please do not confuse Transamerica with Trans American auto parts.


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