Microsoft Corporation, an 1892 billion dollars’ worth software producer worldwide, is currently in the news for its chic office space. Everyone dislikes corporate office hours. Trust me, Microsoft around the world does know this! Wondering what they did? Buckle yourself to be amazed by the reinvented ideas of the conventional workplace by Microsoft.

10 Best Offices of Microsoft Corporation from around the World – Top Offices of Microsoft

Here are the 10 Best Microsoft Corporate offices around the World with mind-blowing architecture. Get in for a ride!

10. Microsoft Office in Minsk

Designer: KL Studio
Location: Minsk, Belarus
Surface: 2368 sq ft
Year: 2018
Microsoft Offices Minsk Belarus
Credit: officesnapshots

Microsoft must’ve really admired KL Studio in 2017 for building Skopje Microsoft Corporate Office. In 2018, the tech behemoth approached KL Studio to design, not one but three Microsoft offices around the world. Being the former architect, KL Studio understood the assignment. We will feel like we don’t belong there. That’s the exact reason Microsoft insisted on creating a visitor-friendly workplace ditching the traditional office atmosphere.

Microsoft Office in Minsk was created in a way that correctly incorporated the local context while also avoiding the obvious blending of culture and modern needs. KL Studios infused the pride of location through various color palettes creating an authentic yet vibrating mood.

A friendly atmosphere is established in the hallway and reception. Office areas have been made brighter and cleaner to give them a feeling of being tailored to each employee. The hallway is divided by a glass wall, which subtly convinces the customers with a sense of transparency and reliability. Workspaces with an open concept, a drop ceiling, and mounted cove lighting are created for maximum productivity in a serene environment. To add that distinct cultural touch, architects carefully selected locally hand-made pieces of furniture.

9. Microsoft Office in Lisbon

Designer: 3g Office
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Surface: 54700 sq ft
Year: 2012
Microsoft Offices Lisbon Portugal
Credit: officesnapshots

Recently, Microsoft moved into a brand-new, four-floor office in Lisbon. These offices were renovated by Vector Mais in 2019 for Microsoft in association with Open Book Architecture. The predominant focus at the time was human connectivity. The new Microsoft corporate office in Lisbon gave attention to the impact of technology on productivity rather than cultural characteristics and interpersonal interactions.

Microsoft office in Lisbon is home to almost 475 employees, yet ditched the idea of partitioned territories for each one. An open workplace is designed which is close to the building front to ensure more natural lighting. The overall landscape is incredible with diverse concepts including workstations, collaborative rooms, and a ton of meeting rooms of different sizes.

Meeting rooms in the Microsoft office in Lisbon used ‘Smart Glass’ which lets the user choose the level of transparency which highlights the actual concept of Microsoft: “Life without walls.” The Lisbon office clearly invested more in client-facing spaces which provides a space to experience new Microsoft technologies. The ‘Burel Fabric’ on the walls created an aesthetic atmosphere and the flooring is done with cork. Portuguese-designed lamps are well displayed in large meeting rooms.

8. Microsoft Office in Melbourne

Designer: IA Design
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Surface: 32292 sq ft
Year: 2018
Microsoft Offices Melbourne Australia
Credit: officesnapshots

In a vision of modern technology, the Microsoft office in Melbourne is more focused on client engagement. The primary problem IA design had to focus on for tech giant Microsoft was creating a space that was ideal for both visitors and office personnel. Additionally, it needed to stand out from other Microsoft offices around the world.

A futuristic representation of what Microsoft Corporate offices will look like in the near future is the Microsoft office in Melbourne. The office is located in the Freshwater tower and has three levels with more than 30000 square feet, including a core customer experience center.

Curved walls and accent lights in a neutral color scheme encourage imagination and creativity. Microsoft technology is showcased in the demonstration area and the interactive learning spaces. The landscaping and layered timbers in the open ceiling create a warm atmosphere.

7. Microsoft Office in Bucharest

Designer: Corvin Cristian Studio
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Surface: 247570 sq ft
Year: 2021
Microsoft Offices Bucharest Romania
Credit: officesnapshots

Microsoft Bucharest is home to the rich heritage of Microsoft portraying its history and symbolism. The task of creating a workplace that uniquely promotes well-being and sociability from other digital businesses was given to Corvin Cristian studio.

The infrastructure reminds you of the old schools and hometowns of the 90s. The design teams matched the office’s colors to those found locally in Romania, blending it in with its surroundings. Simple geometrical lines and industrial legacy features were combined in architecture to create a fusion of the old and the new like curved glass walls.

Microsoft office in Bucharest is long and narrow eliminating abrupt edges and creating more sinuous, rounder designs. A sculptural stair is included by cutting slabs that unite the levels vertically. The punched hole pattern in design depicts the ‘Age of the Machine.’ Unique features in Microsoft office in Bucharest include wood fiber ceiling, cork acoustic walls, and neutral materials and pastel hues.

6. Microsoft Office in Skopje

Designer: KL Studio
Location: Skopje, North Macedonia
Surface: 2475 sq ft
Year: 2017
Microsoft Offices Skopje North Macedonia
Credit: officesnapshots

Instead of focusing primarily on branding emblems and symbols, Microsoft’s Skopje office was more concerned with the comfort of its employees and clients. KL Studio recognized how workplace interior design may affect employees’ productivity and well-being. The designers took great care to display the technological experiences with a nod to the regional culture.

The reception area’s display of vintage Macedonian patterns was well-liked. The design team’s decision to gently use cultural indicators rather than exact copies is one thing I really enjoyed. A crucial component is the contemporary home kitchen with a brunch vibe. The individual workspace’s relaxed furnishings give it a work-from-home feel.

The local craftsmanship used in the Skopje Microsoft office is an absolute wow factor. 3D-Grid- Like plant shelves with metal lockers became a trendsetter. You should enjoy the faded wallpapers of the modernist concrete buildings in Skopje that were devastated by the earthquake in 1963. It is a collective memory that encourages solidarity and cooperation for a better future.

5. Microsoft Office in Istanbul

Designer: Swanke Hayden Connell Mimarlik
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Surface: 75000 sq ft
Year: 2008
Microsoft Offices Istanbul Turkey
Credit: officesnapshots

Microsoft proved its good taste in fashion when launching and contracting interior design for designing their office in Istanbul because the design was originally created for a shopping mall. A hexagonal floor plan with a central atrium offers a panorama of the entire structure. In other words, you can see cutting-edge technology even if your clients are visiting locations far from them.

Microsoft office in Istanbul has no private offices. The workplace is open and dynamic. The task-related areas give space for both formal and informal collaborations. Other amenities include a product launch and demonstration suite, a staff café, and an informal rooftop area aiming for outdoor social space.

The color palette of the design is more vibrant in nature which aims to ooze the confidence and energy around the workplace.

5. Microsoft Office in Alpharetta

Designer: ai3
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
Surface: 38065 sq ft
Year: 2017
Microsoft Offices Alpharetta Georgia United States
Credit: officesnapshots

Everyone enjoys being the center of attention. Additionally, it’s more likely to be spotted if you’re in the middle of a metropolis. Microsoft moved to the area of Alpharetta closest to stores, nightclubs, and restaurants. You can’t walk down the street without spotting the Microsoft Corporate office building, thanks to the work of the ai3 design team because it closely resembles your neighborhood.

The overall vibe in the office is residential and aesthetic. When you enter the Microsoft office in Alpharetta, you will feel like you are home. The warm atmosphere will promote calmness for both employees and clients, which makes me think of the warm southern hospitality of Atlanta. The entire infrastructure draws maximum daylight. Absolute aesthetics that are complementary to the uniqueness are provided by the fireplace, the outside areas, and the bar islands.

When compared to other Microsoft offices around the world, Alpharetta offers top-notch technologies, including full connectivity conference rooms, a skype-ready focus room, a technology-driven training room, and a multi-purpose room that can include up to 150 people. Flooring is in earth tones and walls are playful with dark undertones with a white palette. In a large view, the design is inspired by the outdoor activities of Atlanta.

3. Microsoft Office in Herzliya

Designer: Studio BA
Location: Herzliya, Israel
Surface: 19350 sq ft
Year: 2016
Microsoft Offices Herzliya Israel
Credit: officesnapshots

The goal of Studio BA’s design work for the technological titan Microsoft was to link private offices with communal areas. It was similar to creating internal connections between individual workspaces, transforming the office into a central community space in a bigger picture. A personal workstation is a four-person team’s little open workspace with its internal gathering area.

Microsoft office in Herzliya is all about human connectivity. The designers built a common large space at the center of the floor that can easily entertain everyone with an eating zone, kitchen, play zone, coffee area, and digital display screen. The amenities make this place vibrant and it is directly connected to the entrance. When you enter the office, you can see the lively nature in the central area where everyone passes through all the time.

2. Microsoft Office in Sydney

Designer: GroupGSA
Location: Sydney, Australia
Surface: 107639 sq ft
Year: 2021
Microsoft Offices Sydney Australia
Credit: officesnapshots

Group GSA had this project going for Microsoft when the whole world was suspicious of going to offices due to the pandemic and it should board almost 1400 employees in one place. The designers set a benchmark for hybrid offices in Australia. The seven-level workplace is nothing like the conventional office spaces.

Microsoft office in Sydney literally said distance isn’t a barrier when you have a thriving company culture. The majority of Australia’s landscapes, including Cradle Mountain and Figure Eight Pools, were meticulously recreated in each design. No visible branding is advertised anywhere, but it is clear as you arrive as a client in the office. The infrastructure is a perfect blend of technology and nature with intelligent lighting and robotics.

It was incredibly considerate of Microsoft to provide a level including a gaming area, yoga space, leisure hub, and nap suites with a prayer hall. From Timber floor linings, and feature ceiling to the interactive wall near the elevator subtly ties its link to the Australian landscape. The no-touch automatic doors, hand sanitizing stations, and 1.5-meter distance between workstations will always tell the pandemic’s survival story.

1. Microsoft Office in Cambridge

Designer: SkB Architects
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Surface: 85000 sq ft
Year: 2013
Microsoft Offices Cambridge Massachusetts United States
Credit: officelovin

Microsoft assigned SkB architects to rebuild the entrance area. The team created a new entrance from the streets to the 2nd floor connecting the conference center which again welcomes the large Microsoft technology center.

The rebuilding was all about introducing new elements to the existing structure like an interactive center called ‘The exploratorium,’ a cafe corner, a small event area, and an outdoor place. In the bigger picture, the design team featured four basic workplaces- An open workstation, a Cafe corner, a long dining area, and random tables and chairs. The Microsoft office in Cambridge has an overall white color palette in wall painting which soothes the environment.

Executive Summary

Microsoft allocated various interior design teams and artists, giving each of its offices worldwide a distinct personality. Amazingly, the same concept and branding are expressed in completely different ways.

Microsoft’s cozy and welcoming environment gave a “welcome home” feeling in a world where corporate offices are typically dull. It created an innovative workspace with a residential touch. Microsoft office in Sydney is an example of the adaptive nature of the company when it is designed amidst a pandemic.

Microsoft corporate offices reinvented the idea of a conventional workplace and transformed it into something more open and energizing. I’m not proposing that anyone return to the days of the office, but dare I say it, some people might prefer a quiet office to a bustling work-from-home environment.

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