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Ameritrade was established in 1975 by Joe Ricketts in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. In 2006 the owner of TD Ameritrade Ricketts acquired TD warehouse from TD Bank financial group in 1.7 billion dollars and became Ameritrade to TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade is an electronic trading platform for trade financial assets. In November 2019, it was announced that the Charles Schwab Organization plans to get TD Ameritrade in $26 billion. Its other trading centers are located in St Louis, Southlake, Missouri, and Texas.

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Company Information

HQ Corporate Address: 200 South 108th Avenue Omaha, NE 68154 United States
Industry Financial services
Services Stockbroker and Electronic trading platform
Founded 1971
Founder Joe Ricketts
Key people Tim Hockey – CEO; Joe Moglia – Chairman; Joe Ricketts – Founder; Steve Boyle – CFO

What does TD Ameritrade do?

TD Ameritrade is an electronics trading platform that works as a broker between buyer and seller for the trade of financial assets, including common stocks, exchange-traded funds, financial assets, preferred stocks, futures contracts, crypto-currency, mutual funds, and margin lending.

It also provides the services of cash management and fixed income investment.

Where is TD Ameritrade headquarters to Located?

td ameritrade headquarters
The headquarters of TD Ameritrade is located in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The principal building is located in 53,5000 square feet that supports more than 2000 employees work at a time. TD Ameritrade housed its employees in five different areas in Omaha, United States.

The building’s sustainable features include rain-water harvesting system, fitness center, game rooms, lawn area, which links the office space, dining area, rain-screen facade, solar thermal arrays, electric car charging area, a wind turbine to power lighting, occupancy sensors for lighting and much more.
Its super energy-efficient design helps to reduce the energy costs up to 50 percent and makes the building 50% less expensive to maintain.

What services does TD Ameritrade offer?

  • Investment management services.
    • Personalized portfolios.
    • Selective portfolios.
    • Essential portfolios.
  • Independent Advisor Referral.
  • Investment Philosophy.
  • Goal planning.
  • Commission-free ETFs.
  • Non-proprietary mutual funds.
  • Forex
  • bonds & CDs.
  • And many more.

Executives Board Members of TD Ameritrade

Fred Tomczyk Chief Executive Officer
Tim Hockey President
Marvin W Adams “Marv” Exec VP/COO
Ellen L S Koplow Exec VP/Secy/General Counsel
Stephen J Boyle Exec VP:Finance/CFO

Company Profile

TD Ameritrade is one of the most prominent organizations which provides the technology-based and brokerage related services throughout the internet.

The corporation provides its services to independent registered investment advisors, retail investors and traders.
The organization’s services and products are foreign exchange, exchange-traded funds, futures, options, preferred stock, secondary issue securities, cash management services, annuities, fixed income and some others.

The organization offer brokerage services to investment advisors and retail investors.

It also provides different services and products to his clients like trading over the internet, direct access to market destinations, real-time quotes, and touch-tone trading. In this topic, We have discussed these stats according to the year of 2019.

Historical Business Summary

  • In 1975 Joe Ricketts had established the Ameritrade organization, which is located in Omaha, Nebraska, United States when it was called Omaha Security.
  • In 1988 Ameritrade becomes the first organization that offers to the trade of automated, touch phone.
  • In 1995 Ameritrade get K.Aufhauser & CO.
  • In 1997 Ameritrade becomes a publicly held company. Initially, the shares price is $15.
  • In 1998 Ameritrade divide its stock into two for one. That will double the no of shares and cut the price in half.
  • In 1999 Ameritrade get the RJ Forbes Group Inc.
  • In 2001 the CEO of this company Joseph Moglia changed the name Omaha Securities to Ameritrade.
  • In 2006 the owner of TD Ameritrade Ricketts acquired TD warehouse from TD Bank financial group in $1.7 Billion and renamed itself Ameritrade to TD Ameritrade.
  • In 2008 the company planned to combine its more than 2,000 employees and its metro-area offices into a new Old Mill head office.
  • In 2009 Ameritrade’s owner emerges as a winning bidder to purchase the Chicago Cubs in $900 Million.
  • In 2011 the owner of TD Ameritrase Joe Ricketts retired from his post (board of directors).
  • In 2013 all the employees being moved into the new head office.
  • In 2016 TD Ameritrade gets rival Scottrade in $2.7 Billion.

Contact Details

If you want to contact TD Ameritrade, you can go to the official website and fill the contact form. You will add your mobile number, email, name, type your message and send it.

Is there any other way to contact them? Yes, you don’t worry if you’re not know how to fill up the form! You can make a call ‒ US: 800-669-3900 and give your message!

How does TD Ameritrade make money?

TD Ameritrade is not a government organization; it’s a private firm; that’s why they are not servants of the public. So, they try to find different ways to attract more customers and charge them for their products and services.
TD Ameritrade charge different costs for different types of accounts. These managed accounts are used to turn over the trading decisions to the broker.

It will charge a percentage-based commission fee according to the account type. The broker fee is between 0.30% to 1.25%.

In the self-directed managed accounts, the TD Ameritrade charges no fee, but the commission is charged against each trade.

TD Ameritrade earns 32% of its net profit from the commission, and other revenues earn through investment product fees, net interest revenue and bank deposit account fees.

Top 5 TD Ameritrade Alternative or competitors

The five best five TD Ameritrade alternatives are as follows:

1. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is the alternative of TD Ameritrade, which was founded in 1971. Charles Schwab is a United States broker.

It is directed by many top-tier financial authorities, like the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Securities, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and Exchange Commission (SEC).


  • Outstanding research.
  • Free ETF trading and stock.
  • Good client services.


  • Not much well-structured platform.
  • It only covers the US market.
  • High commission fee.


E*TRADE is another US-based stockbroker who was founded in 1982. But in Feb 2020 E*TRADE was obtained by Morgan Stanley.

It is directed by different top tier regulators like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Exchange Commission (SEC) and Securities.


  • Well researched tool.
  • Trading fee is low as compare to others.
  • Mobile Trading user-friendly platform.


  • Account verification takes much time.
  • No forex.
  • Only covers the US market.

3. Fidelity

Fidelity is another competitor of TD Ameritrade US stock-broker, which was founded in 1946. Fidelity is safe because it has longtime record and various top-tier authorities direct it.

It is directed by various top tier authorities such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINCA), Securities, and Exchange Commission (SEC).


  • Best Web Trading Platform.
  • The US and other international stocks.
  • Great research tool.


  • High financing rates.
  • Not provide fully digital account opening facility.
  • Mutual fund fee is high than others.

4. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is another biggest Us based trade-broker. It was founded in 1978. Various authorities directed interactive Brokers all over the world, which includes the US Securities & Exchange (SEC) and Uk’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is also considered safe due to its long track record.


  • Provide various best research tools.
  • Directed by different authorities.
  • Massive range of products.


  • Account opening process is complicated.
  • A trading platform is robust.
  • High commission fee.

5. Robinhood

Robinhood is another newcomer commission-free trading platform for stocks. It was founded in 2013.


  • Charge no commission Fee.
  • Easy to open an account.
  • Provided best-researched tools.


  • Limited customer services.
  • Limited investment options.
  • Not fully trusted (because of its new platform).

Full List of TD Ameritrade the subsidiaries

The full list of TD Ameritrade subsidiaries as follows:

Thinkorswim Tradecast Securities, Ltd.
TD AMERITRADE IP Co Inc. iCapital Markets LLC.
TD AMERITRADE Clearing Inc. TD Waterhouse Canadian Call Center, Inc.
Think Tech Inc. Futures Forex Trading LLC.
TD AMERITRADE Trust Co. TD Ameritrade Corporate Services.
TD WATERHOUSE INVESTOR SERVICES, Inc. Datek Online Management Corp.
T2 API Technologies, LLC. thinkorswim Australia Pty Ltd.
thinkorswim, INC. TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation, ESOP.
TD AMERITRADE Services Co Inc. thinkorswim Singapore Pte Ltd.
Amerivest Investment Management, LLC. TenBagger Inc.
TD AMERITRADE Online Holdings Corp. TOS Services Inc.
thinkorswim Advisors Inc. TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation, Asset Management Arm.
TOS Red, Inc. thinkorswim Holdings Inc.
TD Waterhouse Capital Markets Inc. Ameritrade International Co Inc.
Financial Passport, Inc., Inc.
Prophet Financia Systems, Inc. Nebraska Hudson Company, Inc.
TD Ameritrade Hong Kong Ltd. TD Ameritrade Singapore Pte, Ltd. Datek Online Financial Services, LLC.

How to Buy Stock on TD Ameritrade?

In below, I have explained complete steps on how you can buy stocks on TD Ameritrade:

  • Install the Ameritrade application:

Open the TD Ameritrade’s account application page. Here you give all the necessary information about yourself, like your email, and name.

Then , select the account type which you want to open. Here the application will ask you about how your purpose to use this account, weather buys and holds investing trading. Select your purpose and click on continue. You should read the privacy policies before moving to the next step.

  • Give your Personal Information:

Here you will give the more personal details about yourself like social security number, date of birth and Post address. Here you should need to give some more information about your affiliations:

  • Are you a 10% shareholder, senior officer or director of a publicly-traded organization?
  • Do you work for a member of a securities exchange or a registered broker?
  • Are you or your family member a senior political figure?
  • Check your given Information:

This section is straightforward; you just review the details for accuracy which you have provided before. After reviewing the details, everything is correct; move to the next step.

  • Accept the Term and Conditions:

This section contains the technical information that you must agree. There are some documents provided to the user. Read all the documents clearly.

You will also need to answer some more questions for the purpose of IRS confirming whether your social security is correct and your Tax Identification. Reply all these questions and move to the next step.

  • Create your Login:

In this step, you will create a username, password and some other security questions. Your account now will be created successfully.

  • Now Transfer the funds to your TD Account:

There are various methods to transfer your funds to your new or existing TD account. Below, I have mentioned all the funding options available as follows:

  • Electronic Funding: To Transfer funds in your TD account through electronic funding option, you link your brokerage account to your saving or checking account.

After linking, log in to your brokerage account and click withdraw/deposit. Now select the back setup and select deposit to TD Ameritrade.

Now the final step is to select Electronic(ACH), and your TD account will be loaded.

  • Mailing a check: The second method to transfer funds to your TD account is through conversational mail. Add your account number in the memo field and set your check to PO BOX 2760, Omaha, NE, 68172-9827.

Please ensure that you check deposit is acceptable before sending this check.

  • External Securities Transfer: You can transfer your funds to TD account through brokerage transfer. It allows you to transfer stocks, bonds and ETFs from another brokerage account to your TD account. Send your paperwork through mail to PO BOX 2760, Omaha, NE 68172-9829.
  • Wire Transfer: Wire transfer is a very secure and fast fund transfer option that transfer money into your TD account. Mostly it takes only one working day to transfer funds, from anywhere in the United States.
  • How much fees you need to pay?

TD Ameritrade account does not require a minimum cash deposit. You should need to deposit at least $2000 in your account. You will also pay $6.95 per trade, no matter how many times you trade.

  • Research stocks before to Buy:

TD Ameritrade allows you to trade with futures, stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and futures. Before buying any stocks, you need to consider some factors like valuation and price.

You also need to evaluate the company’s financial growth through its financial reports and pay some attention to its debt amount and revenue growth. Choose your favorite stocks and add them to your portfolio.

  • Start Trading with TD Ameritrade:

Now you can start your trading through TD Ameritrade.

Its mobile trader has price alerts, news, account monitors, research, and e-document tabs. It also provides investment opportunities, research tools and very easy to use platform.

Fast FAQ’s About TD Ameritrade?

Is TD Ameritrade publicly traded?

Yes, TD Ameritrade is a publicly-traded online brokerage platform that provides services to both institutions and individuals that invest online. The organization hosts almost 11 million customer accounts all over the world.
Investors use the organization’s electronic trading platform to sell and buy securities like ETFs, futures, options, stocks, foreign exchange, fixed-income investment, and mutual funds. Clients can trade these securities through their mobile phone applications or through computer.

Is TD Ameritrade a good stock to buy?

TD Ameritrade is a top online brokerage platform for investors all across the US, with excellent investor resources and a wide range of investment options.

TD Ameritrade is undoubtedly a worth considering platform if you are in a market for your bonds, stocks, and other investments.

What does TD Ameritrade charge per trade?

TD Ameritrade charges their fee according to the services. A $6.95 commission charge to online trades of over the counter stocks.

$0.65 charge per options contract fee, with no assignment or exercise fees. No commission fees apply to exchange-listed United States stock, Canadian and domestic ETF, and options trades.

What are TD Ameritrade extended hours?

TD Ameritrade overnight orders are 24/ hours consecutive orders that expire at 8 p.m., e.g., an EXTO order allocated at 2 AM in the morning would be active immediately and remains active until 8 PM in the night.

Can TD Ameritrade be used in UK and Canada?

Yes, TD Ameritrade can be used in both Canada and UK, You just sign up to your TD brokerage account you will have to access TD Ameritrade trading platform. In-fact, You have three options to start your trading, Trade Architect (Web-based platform), TD, and a desktop application thinkorswim.

Which TD Ameritrade app?

TD Ameritrade allows you to trade online through your mobile phone app, also known as “thinkorswim Mobile.” that will enable you to trade anywhere else. It’s rated #1 by Barrons and and has thousands of five-star ratings from users who have downloaded this app.

Will TD Ameritrade get fractional shares?

According to the Head of asset management strategy, Shanna Weber, Interactive Brokers, has been offering fractional shares since Nov 2019. TD Ameritrade provides fractional shares on its Robo-advisor platform. Robinhood also started rolling out fractional share trading in Dec 2019.

Are TD Ameritrade real time?

Yes, TD Ameritrade provides the real-time data for free to their non-professional clients. Subscription fees apply to nominated professionals for real-time market data. The API allows the developers to enable us to connect TD Ameritrade for data, account management, and trading.

How Many branches TD Ameritrade have?

TD Ameritrade has more than 250 branches all over the world.


Joe Ricketts had established this company in 1975 in Omaha, United States. When its name is Omaha Security but in 2001, Joseph Moglia changed the name Omaha Security to Ameritrade. In 2006 Ameritrade acquired the TD Bank financial group and renamed itself Ameritrade to TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade is a broker that offers an online platform for the trade of financial assets. According to the research of 2018, TD Ameritrade has $37.520 Billion assets.

Td Ameritrade provides the outstanding all-round experience, which makes TD Ameritrade our top overall broker in 2020.

If you are facing any issues while reading the article, let us know in the comment box below! We will reach you soon!



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