Stripe Inc. is a financial services and payment processing company founded by Patrick Collison and John Collison in 2009. Patrick Collison is the current CEO of the company. Two famous billionaires, Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, also financially supported the startup in its early days. The headquarters of Stripe is located in Dublin, Ireland, and San Francisco, United States.

Stripe Inc. is still privately owned by the Collison brothers, and the founders are not yet interested in public offerings. Some of the notable services of this valuable company include payments, billing, fraud prevention, and revenue management.

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General Information

HQ: San Francisco, California, US and Dublin, Ireland
Founders: Patrick and John Collison
Type: Financial services and Payment processor
Founded: 2009
Services: Payments, Billing, Connect, Sigma, Atlas, Radar (fraud prevention), Issuing and Terminal

What is Stripe Inc., and How does it work?

Stripe Inc. is a company that mainly provides a financial system for online transactions to encourage eCommerce. According to NerdWallet, Stripe is the world’s second-largest payment processing company. Stripe basically operates the user’s bank account and sends the required amount to the merchant. In this way, users can go shopping. Stripe charges users for this platform in the form of transaction fees, and the major revenue of Stripe Inc. comes from this fee.

Where is Stripe Inc. headquarters located?

Stripe Inc. has two official headquarters. One is in Dublin, Ireland and the other is in San Francisco, United States.

Ireland: 1 Grand Canal Street, the One Building, Dublin
United States: 185 Berry St #550, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA

How do I contact Stripe Inc. corporate office?

You can contact Stripe Inc. corporate office by following this link. You can get in contact with different departments of the company by following this link.

How do I contact Stripe sales?

You can contact Stripe’s sales department by visiting this link. You will have to provide a number of details in order to contact the sales department.

What is Stripe’s email address?

Stripe’s email address is given below. However, you can only get answers to general queries by using this email. Email Address: [email protected]

Stripe Inc. History

In 2009, the Collison brothers founded a company after they faced a lot of problems running an online business. They created a company to solve those problems for others. With this motive, Stripe was founded in Palo Alto, California. By 2011, the Collison brothers collected around $2 million, majorly from Elon Musk, Liam Casey, and Peter Thiel.

stripe inc headquarters
Stripe Inc. enhanced by

Because of its unique approach towards the market, the company instantly started making revenue, and it was an immediate success for the Collison brothers. In 2012, Stripe moved its location to San Francisco. By 2013, the company started acquiring other companies. Its first acquisition was Kickoff. A project management application was founded by John Gardner.

In 2015, Stripe acquired Paystack to expand its services in Africa. Paystack is a payment processing company based in Nigeria. In 2020, the company expanded to several countries of Europe. In 2021, Stripe got around $600 million as funding, and its market valuation was $95 billion. In January 2022, Stripe partnered with Spotify and Ford Motors. In the future, people may use Stripe to pay for Spotify accounts and for purchasing Ford cars.

Stripe Inc. Company Profile

Stripe is a financial services company that integrates technology for the betterment of online financial transactions. The company states that its ultimate goal is to boost the GDP of the internet. Stripe wants to create an economic infrastructure of the internet.

The company was created to solve the problems of online businesses as the founders were also facing problems running their online businesses. That is why the company understands the actual problems and works with a unique approach in the market. Stripe provides a digital payment platform to every kind of online business to ensure rapid, secure, and cheap transactions.

Stripe Inc. CEO and Key Executive Team

Name Designation
Patrick Collison Co-Founder and CEO
John Collison President and Co-Founder
Dhivya Suryadevara Chief Financial Officer
William Alvarado Chief Business Officer
David Singleton Chief Technology Officer

Why Stripe Became the Most Valuable Startup

  1. Serving People: Stripe was founded to serve people. That is why Stripe has always been great at customer service, and its customer base also increased because of it.
  1. Motivated Staff: Stripe is very serious about hiring people. The company is full of motivated staff. Everyone wants to make positive changes to the world. This also contributes to the success of Stripe.
  1. Ease of use: Stripe collaborated with companies like WordPress, Shopify, and Wix to provide a payment platform to people who do not know much coding. The default integration of Stripe in these platforms elevated its popularity.
  1. No competitors: Before Stripe, there were few transaction processing companies, but they were not compatible with the business. Those companies did not provide reliable and easy-to-use platforms. So, Stripe filled the market gap, which made it successful.
  1. Simplicity: Stripe provides a payment platform that anyone can use without any ambiguity. This is the area where Stripe’s competitors lack. Stripe kept on simplifying everything regarding transactions. This made it a great option for businesses.

Interesting Facts About Stripe Support That You Need to Know

  1. Stripe is not just a payment processor: Perhaps payment processing is the major service provided by Stripe, but it is not the only service. Stripe is trying to provide services in every sector of internet finance.
  1. Stripe’s incredible expansion: Stripe collaborates with a lot of other companies like WordPress, Squarespace, and Lyft. Stripe is the default payment option for a huge list of companies. That is why it may become impossible not to use Stripe.
  1. Peter Thiel invested in Stripe: Co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, invested in Stripe Inc. in its early days.
  1. British Government uses Stripe: Although Stripe is famous for providing services to small businesses, it is also true that the British Government uses Stripe’s services. There may be some other governments using Stripe.
  1. How Stripe is unique: Stripe’s approach towards the market is very different than PayPal and other similar companies. That is why Stripe is outperforming these companies. Stripe is just not concerned about the buyer and seller, but they also want to contribute to the middlemen.

Top 5 biggest Stripe Inc. competitors or Alternative

stripe inc top competitors or alternatives

Top Competitors or Alternative Established
Paysafe 1996
PayPal 1998
Payoneer 2005
Block Inc. 2009
Wise (formerly TransferWise) 2011


  1. Why Should You Use WooCommerce & Stripe? WooCommerce has a dedicated plugin named “WooCommerce Stripe Plugin.” This plugin allows users to receive payments from credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, and Alipay. It also charges fewer fees and provides a secure environment. That is why businesses should use this plugin.
  1. Can Stripe be used with Wix? Yes, Stripe can be used with Wix if it is available in your country of residence.
  1. Can you use Stripe on Shopify? Yes, Stripe can also be integrated with Shopify to receive payments with convenience.
  1. Does Stripe have a plugin for WordPress? Yes, a plugin named “Full Stripe” can be used to receive payments using Stripe on WordPress sites.
  1. Does Stripe integrate with Zapier? Zapier allows Stripe integration with a huge number of apps.
  1. Why do developers seem to love Stripe? Developers seem to love Stripe Inc. because of its easy-to-use API and an easily understandable payment structure.
  1. Who uses Stripe? From the world’s largest companies to small eCommerce stores, there is a huge customer base of Stripe. Some of the famous ones are Shopify and Amazon.
  1. Is it safe to use Stripe? Stripe is totally safe. Even the company itself cannot easily see its users’ passwords.

Overall, Stripe Inc. is a company with unique services, a great business model, and a vision to improve the financial systems. It is considered the world’s most valuable startup because of its massive contribution to eCommerce, and the company is motivated to make it more convenient for transactions. In the future, only success could be estimated for Stripe Inc.

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