Sophos Group plc provides business-grade cybersecurity and management solutions primarily for large organizations and also home consumers. The Sophos location has its headquarters in Oxford, The U.K. This firm develops software for securing networks, email encryption, creating the mobile shield, and managing endpoints. It is powered by A.I. threat intelligence and machine learning. Tech Products vary from free to paid antivirus solutions. Other Sophos products not only defend but also provide network access control (NAC).

Sophos Group was founded in 1985 by Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer. It has opened new data centers in Asia and South America. London Stock Exchange has listed the stock of Sophos since 2020.

Where is Sophos Headquarters, office locations on Map?

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General Information

HQ: Science Park, The Pentagon, Barton Ln, Abingdon OX14 3YP, United Kingdom
Industry: Computer software
Services: Computer security
Founded: 1985
Owner: Thoma Bravo

Where is Sophos Group plc headquarters located?

Sophos Group plc has linked 150 countries with many Sophos locations offices. Corporation has expanded further with partners through globalization. Sophos has three main offices in North America, which serve all of the regions of America, which are located in Boston, Santa Clara, and Vancouver. German office serves Germany and Austria. Sophos operates in South Africa with partners. Sydney office serves technical support to Australia and New Zealand.

How do I contact Sophos Group plc corporate?

Contact for 24/7 multi-channel technical assistance with the following:

  1. North & South America: 1-866-866-2802 and 781-494-5996
  1. Austria, Europe: Germany +49-800-2782761 and Outside Germany +49-611-5858-0
  1. Middle East & Africa: Johannesburg +27-(0)-11-444-4000
  1. Australia/ New Zealand: 1300-397-495
  1. New Delhi, India: 011 61291100

Does Sophos Group plc have chat support?

Sophos offers technical assistance with their chat support provided on the official website to users. You can also get premium support from the Support Panel. You can likewise chat with @SophosSupport on Twitter. You can ask queries in discussion forums. In chat support, you tell the tech expert about the product of Sophos for which you are facing the problem. The Technical assistant will explain the possible solution for your issue. You need to choose premium support plans which are

  1. Enhanced plan
  2. Enhanced Plus
  3. TAM plan.

How do I open a support ticket with Sophos?

You can open a support ticket via a phone, web form, support portal. But it requires to have a license like Enhanced Support (SFOS) or Premium Support (UTM) license. Phone support is an easy way to record problems. Then you can create a support ticket from it. Webform opens a ticket directly on the Sophos website. While for the support portal, you need to log in using your Sophos-ID.

Company History

Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer were founders of Sophos Group PLC. Whose first idea was to make IBM PC compatible to portable. But they could not secure funds. In 1958, they founded Sophos and ended up selling antivirus and encryption products. They succeeded and headquartered Sophos location in the U.K. The primary customers for these products were large private business organizations in the U.K. Which now has expanded to homes in 150+ countries.

sophos group plc headquarters
Sophos Group plc Enhanced by

In the ’90s, Sophos focused on the international distribution of its products. After acquiring Activestate company in 2003, their labs developed advanced anti-spam software. After three years, Peter Gyenes was promoted to chairman and Steve Munford to CEO. At the same time, the founders of Sophos remain on the board of directors. Soon, Apex bought majority interests in 2010. During the same period, Nick Bray was welcomed in Sophos as CFO. After one year, Sophos subsidiary US AG was accused of data sharing to partners and sold it to the Syrian Government. This security breach was a big blow for the Sophos company. So, they apologized for it and suspended its relationship with partners.

Kris Hagerman became CEO of Sophos group in 2012. In 2014, Sophos acquired Cyberoam Technologies for engineering network security products. In 2020, Sophos accepted the offer of a US-based equity firm for selling shares. Shareholders sold it for $7.40 per share and $3.9 billion in total.

Company Profile

Sophos is a global leader in cybersecurity and protection management in the United Kingdom. There are many Sophos location subsidiaries. At first, it only sold antivirus and encryption products. But now, A.I. products secure users from malware, ransomware, phishing, etc. At the same time, Sophos central provides a reliable ecosystem that features centralized data management. It distributes products and services through resellers and service providers. It has won the trust of more than 50,000 organizations.

Sophos Group plc CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Designation
Kris Hagerman Chief Executive Officer
Peter Gyenes Chairman
Rashmi Garde Chief Legal Officer
Matt Fairbanks Chief Marketing officer
Micheal Anderson Chief Customer Support Officer

Top 5 Sophos Group Plc Competitors and Alternatives Stock?

sophos top competitors or alternatives

1. Adobe

Adobe Inc. was founded in 1982 as an American software company. It deals in software and applications for creating and publishing content. Among which includes including illustration, animation, print, etc. Today, it generates a revenue of 15.8 billion dollars. The most recent 2022 acquisition of adobe inc is Elastic Projects, Inc. The stock rate today for adobe is 480$.

2. CrowdStrike

Crowd Strike holding Inc was founded in 2011 as an AI-powered cloud-based cybersecurity software company. The company had investigated high-profile cyberattack cases. Last year, the company generated revenue of $968 million. Three major companies show positive trust and collect $120 billion in funds. Each share for Crowdstrike stock is 189$.

3. Zscaler

Zscaler is an advanced malware protection firm that uses a cloud-based security system for automatic forensic analysis. Zscalar safe channel Inc was founded in 2007 and is now working as a public company. It generated $180.2K in Revenue with $1.3B in funding. They nailed it with their high-tech security software.

4. Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is the biggest American tech company which was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. It manufactures sells licenses, P.C. Operating systems, related software/services, and electronic devices. Microsoft’s revenue has increased by 24%. The annual revenue falls between $184.9B in the tech industry.

5. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is a cloud-based firm that specializes in performance management and cyber security using A.I. Annual Revenue generated through services and products reaches up to $873.4M with fewer employees. Dynatrace operates on its A.I. called Davis to monitor and optimize the tech performance, development, and security.


What makes Sophos different?

Sophos believes in the simplicity of developed software to provide speed, convenience, and security at the same time.

How do I find my Sophos tamper password?

First, try to disable tamper protection before making changes to the local configuration. You might be able to bypass it. They will recover it for you.

What type of firewall is Sophos?

Sophos also provide Next-Gen Firewall. This feature will protect your online network against trendy threats with a business-class firewall. It uses VPN to secure your web traffic. You install it on any platform device or cloud ecosystem. It is automatic and fast as it accelerates, limits, or blocks traffic with one click.

What is the difference between Sophos UTM and X.G.?

The real difference occurs as S.G. appliances developed with a pre-installed UTM 9 firmware. At the same time, X.G. firewalls are developed with pre-installed X.G. firewall firmware.
The basic difference is that the S.G. series lacks some features of X.G. Moreover, the new X.G. series is updated more than S.G. However, S.G. is also upgradeable to X.G. firmware.

Is Sophos an antivirus?

Sophos Group plc developed a number of products for O.S. security. Yes, Sophos has an antivirus that is available in two packages Sophos Home Free and Sophos Home Premium.

What is EDR in Sophos?

EDR is an abbreviation of Endpoint Detection and Response. Sophos’s Intercept X integrated EDR hunts suspicious activity using advanced A.I. technology. By using hard-to-find analysis skills, it helps in detecting threats and implementing security protocols.

Is Sophos Home Premium good for Macs?

Sophos Home Premium is a simple antivirus that improves built-in Mac OS features for security. Especially the anti-ransomware and Crypto-guard features, both are marvelous for the mac system. It is a reliable choice whether MAC or P.C.

Will Sophos Home Premium slow down my computer?

During a full system scan, Sophos didn’t slow down my computer. It detects 90% of my sample malware with no lags in CPU performance.


Sophos Group plc is a world-leading cyber security firm transforming technology development. Utilizing globalization, Sophos has expanded its reach to 150 countries and 500,000 organizations. In the coming years, the Sophos locations expect to expand even further.

Sophos Labs has developed a simple, secure, and central platform. That monitors, detects, and removes any malicious file in the computer system, either Mac or P.C. They have enhanced value using premium support, excellent service, and cut risks. All this has contributed to the success of this firm.

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