Snap Inc. is based in the US and is one of the multinational technology and social media companies. It was founded on September 16, 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy and its address is in Venice, Los Angeles, USA.

Its social media services are Snapchat and Spectacles as well as Bitmoji app. The company’ original name was Snapchat Inc. upon its initial introduction to the virtual market and later was re-branded in September 24, 2016 as Snap Inc. in order to merge the Spectacles product in just one business.

snap headquarters

Headquarters Address

Company Information

Formerly called Snapchat Inc. (2011-2016)
Traded as NYSE: SNAP
Industry Technology Social media
Founded 16 September 2011
Founders Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy
Products Snapchat, Spectacles
Owner Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy (each with 21.8% controlling equity; 70% voting power)

Key Executives for Snapchat, Inc.

Mr. Evan Spiegel Co-Founder, Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Director
Mr. Robert Murphy Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer and Director
Mr. Imran T. Khan Chief Strategy Officer
Mr. Timothy Sehn Sr. VP of Engineering
Mr. Andrew Vollero hief Financial Officer

Snapchat Profile

The company was initially founded by Evan Spiegel and Robert “Bobby” Murphy along with the initial relaunch of Picaboo as Snapchat (the original name of Snap Inc.). Also in December 2013, Emily White, who had formerly been a high-profile executive in Facebook, Instagram, and Google, was hired as COO.

By January 2014, Mark Zuckerberg had negotiated to the company to acquire its major shares and to buy Snapchat and its assets, but Spiegel refused saying that short-term trading and negotiation was not interesting. In May 2014, the company continuously expands its service by acquiring the software AddLive and reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In December of the same year, the company acquired Vergence Labs for $15 million in cash and stock, which is the developer of Epiphany Eyewear, and mobile app Scan.

In May 2015, the company had moved from its original headquarters (hq) to an office complex near Venice Beach, CA. Snapchat Inc., along with Whisper and Tinder were the first prominent social media companies that were established in this area making them recognized by The New York Times in its article saying because of its establishment with a total of 1,900 employees, Snapchat Inc. had already changed the face of Venice.

What was the IPO price for Snapchat?

The stock opened shortly before 11:20 a.m. on Thursday in New York, and started trading at $24 a share, rising 41.2 percent from its pricing at the open. The company, trading under the ticker SNAP, priced its public offering at $17 a share on Wednesday.

Snapchat Inc. Products

When it was recognized around the world and up to now, people are creative to use their social media app Snapchat on their pictures with different expressions and themes. This is the company’s aim i.e. to develop and maintain the image messaging and multimedia mobile app Snapchat, as well as developing and manufacturing the wearable camera called Spectacles in the app. Spectacles is a pair of smartglasses that connect to the user’s Snapchat account and records videos in a circular video format which is adjustable to any orientations. Last February 20, 2017, Snap Spectacles became available for purchase online to the public. Hence, Snap Inc. has been tremendously raising and capitalizing its business opportunities around the globe and was able to raise $485,000 in its seed round and an undisclosed amount of bridge funding from Lightspeed Ventures.

This signifies Snap is not only limited to its original offering of camera application that helps people communicate through exchange of pictures and videos. The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook offered to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion, but Spiegel declined the cash offer. Interested multi-million firms are closely negotiating to group theirselves with Snap. And they are also interested to buy shares in Snap. Because of this, Snap stocks standing is reaching to a ceiling.



The company develops and maintains the image messaging and multimedia mobile app Snapchat, as well as develops and manufacturers the wearable camera called Spectacles, a pair of smartglasses that connect to the user’s Snapchat account and records videos in a circular video format adjustable in any orientation. On February 20, 2017, Snap Spectacles became available for purchase online.

The company sold only 220,000 pairs of Snap Spectacles V1. The company developed and launched Spectacles V2 on April 2018 in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and France; and 13 more European countries in May 2018.

Email Address

It is important to have a valid email address associated with your Snapchat account. If you forget your password, your email address can be used to reset it!

Setting Your Email Address:

  1. On your Profile screen, tap Android_Gear_icon
  2. Tap ‘Email’
  3. Tap the field that says ‘Email Address’ and enter a valid email address

Now, it’s time to verify your email address. Verifying your email address can help you secure your account 🔐 If you have not verified your email address, your settings gear will appear red.

Verifying Your Email Address:

  1. Tap the gear icon at the top of the Profile screen
  2. Then, tap your email address in the Settings screen, which will also appear in red
  3. A verification email will be sent to the email address associated with your account
  4. Follow the instructions in the email to complete your verification


  1. i logged out of my snapchat because i needed to not get snaps for a minute i was at a graduation party. when i tried to log back in it said my account was locked. so i went onto snapchat costumer service. it said reasons why it would be locked but i have my phone number email and all that verified. i don’t spam or post innaprorate or harmful content. i’ve never heard if a third party app until i read that but i made sure i don’t have one of those either. i re entreated my email. changed my password twice. deleted the app. tried logging in on someone else’s phone. and tried to unlock it online nothing worked. it’s been like this for two days i lost all my streaks and can’t do anything about it. i’ve texted snapchat multiple times about it but haven’t gotten a single text back about my problem. when i keep trying to log in sometimes it lets me into the camera part for 4 seconds before it crashes and goes back to saying my account is locked. on the snapchat it says temporarily locked. ( even though i didn’t get an email) but on the snapchat online when i press he unlock button it says it’s locked permanently. i just don’t understand i wanna be able to use my account. i don’t do anything where my account should have been locked. please help me unlock it this will be my 3d without it.

  2. does anyone know when this “glitch” will end? As of today all that keeps popping up is “could not refresh” and i’m getting all my notifications late or none at all.


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