Customers all across the globe benefit from the personal insurance products offered by the RSA Insurance Group, which include home, automotive, pet, and travel insurance, among others. As well as standard commercial risks such as property, vehicle and fleet, professional liability and indemnity and travel in specialist sectors such as marine, renewable energy (including wind and solar), construction and engineering, and rail, it also provides coverage for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), complex multinational corporations and sole traders.

Currently, it serves more than 20 million customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. It is the second-largest general insurer in the United Kingdom, behind Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group, in terms of total insured assets.

Earlier this year, the business received an offer of £7.2 billion from the Danish insurer Tryg and the Canadian financial services company Intact Financial Corporation. This transaction is widely regarded as one of the largest takeover bids in Europe for the year 2020 which was completed on June 1, 2021.

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General Information

HQ Address: 20 Fenchurch St, London EC3M 3AU, United Kingdom
Parent: Intact Financial Corporation
Industry: Insurance
Founded: 1996
Subsidiaries: 123 Money

What is RSA Insurance Group?

Incorporated in the United Kingdom, RSA Insurance Group is a general insurance firm with its headquarters in London. Many of RSA’s activities are in the United Kingdom and Ireland. More than 100 nations across the world are covered by a network of local partners.

Where is RSA Insurance Group headquarters located?

rsa insurance group headquarters
RSA insurance Group Enhanced by

St Marks Court, Chart Way, Horsham RH12 1XL, United Kingdom, is home to RSA Insurance’s headquarters, and the company now maintains only 11 office throughout the whole world.

How to contact RSA Insurance Group

Contact RSA Insurance Group for help via phone at 1-877-528-7558 or +44 1403 232323 (Mon–Friday, 8:15 a.m.–4:30 p.m. PT).

You can also visit the headquarters which is located at 20 Fenchurch Street in London, United Kingdom.

RSA Employee Pensions:

Company History

In 1996, Sun Alliance and Royal Insurance merged to establish RSA Insurance, which became known as RSA. RSA appointed Stephen Hester, a former CEO of RBS Group, as its new CEO with immediate effect, according to an announcement made on February 4, 2014.

In 2014/15, Hester was in charge of a substantial reorganization of the RSA in order to strengthen its financial position. A total of £403 million was paid to the Colombian insurance business Grupo Sura by RSA in September 2015 in exchange for the sale of all of its Latin American insurance operations.

Earlier this year, the business received an offer of £7.2 billion from the Danish insurer Tryg and the Canadian financial services company Intact Financial Corporation. This transaction is widely regarded as one of the largest takeover bids in Europe for the year 2020 which was completed on June 1, 2021.


RSA Insurance Group Plc is a company that provides insurance services for both individuals and businesses. Scandinavia, Canada, the United Kingdom and International, and Central Functions make up the various sections of the company. They all work together. Charles Povey, the company’s founder, established it in London in 1706 and it remains there to this day.

RSA Insurance Group Plc CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Designation
Stephen Hester CEO/President
Alastiar Barbour Independent Non-Executive Director
Sonia Baxendale Independent Non-Executive Director
Martin Scicluna Chairman
Charlotte Heiss Group Chief Legal Officer

The products of RSA

RSA provides personal, business, and specialty insurance products and services via a diverse typical distribution agents and agents-in-training. Products are made available to clients both directly and via intermediaries such as brokers and affinity partners. The products are maritime insurance, Construction, engineering, beverage insurance and rail insurance.

The vision and strategy of RSA

UK and Ireland, Scandinavian countries, and Canada are RSA’s core markets, and the business is dedicated to concentrate on regional insurance markets where it is strongest while also maintaining revenue performance in those regions.

The main value proposition of RSA may be deduced from a range of elements that have had a role in the organization’s strategic growth success. These are some examples:

A well-balanced portfolio: RSA maintains a healthy mix of individual and commercial clients across locations, product lines, and channel distribution.

Ambition: RSA aspires to be the best-in-class organization and has developed a recruiting strategy to achieve this goal in order to assure continual progress across all markets.

Diversity and inclusion of RSA

Diversity and inclusion policies play an important role in helping colleagues to feel comfortable, encouraged, and best situated to thrive in both their professional and personal lives, and at the RSA there is a strong acknowledgment of this. RSA thinks that when workers feel appreciated for their individual contributions, they are better equipped to understand the demands of their customers and to provide better service.

To encourage more inclusive behaviors, the RSA has initiated a number of projects in this area. Hidden Stories was a campaign launched in 2018 that featured workers talking about personal issues they had experienced in order to demonstrate the necessity of building an open and communicative workplace culture.

If you are an RSA employee who would like to get more involved in building diversity and inclusion, you are encouraged to join one of the company’s employee resource groups, such as RSA Balance or RSA Building Pride. RSA is also proud of its status as one of the first UK insurers to sign the Women in Finance Charter.

Corporate responsibility at RSA

In the aftermath of the accident, Povey founded RSA, which was motivated by his feeling of social obligation as an entrepreneur. This strong sense of responsibility has remained with the firm throughout its strategic expansion.

Among the many highlights of RSA’s corporate social responsibility journey have been:

  • The establishment of a worldwide road safety centre in partnership with Brake in 2014, as well as the sponsorship of Road Safety Week, are all efforts to prevent traffic accidents.
  • In 2015, we formed a partnership with the Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust and Enabling Enterprise to assist underprivileged young people in developing employability abilities.
  • The implementation of a supplier code of conduct for the whole group in 2016.
  • Following the formation of a group-wide diversity and inclusion council in 2017, the company has pledged its support for the Women in Finance Charter.
  • In 2018, the RSA’s relationship with the School for Social Entrepreneurs recognized its 180th entrepreneur who had received help from the school.

Top 5 biggest RSA Insurance Group Plc competitors or Alternative

rsa insurance group top competitors and alternatives

1. Intact Financial Corporation

Intact Financial Corporation is an international property and casualty insurance firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Originally founded in 1809 as the Halifax Fire Insurance Association, it was subsequently bought by Nationale-Nederlanden and, from 1993 to 2009, operated as a subsidiary of the Dutch multinational ING Group under the name ING Canada, which was a subsidiary of the Dutch multinational ING Group.

2. Aviva

Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Aviva plc is an international insurance corporation with its headquarters in London, England. Customers in its primary areas of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Canada account for around 18 million of its total customer base.

Aviva is the biggest general insurer in the United Kingdom, as well as a significant supplier of life and pensions insurance. Aviva is also the second biggest general insurance in Canada, behind Sun Life Financial.

3. Legal and General

Legal & General Group plc, often known as Legal & General, is a British multinational financial services and asset management corporation based in London, England. Its goods and services include corporate finance, permanent mortgages (a sort of investment properties), pensions, annuities, and life insurance.

As of January 2020, it no longer offers standard insurance after the sale of Legal & General Insurance to Allianz.

4. Axa S.A.

Axa S.A. is a French global insurance firm that is headquartered in Paris. The company’s headquarters are located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, France. Other financial services include portfolio management and other related services.

Axa is a conglomeration of independently-run enterprises that operate in accordance with the rules and regulations of a wide range of various nations across the world. It is included in the Euro Stoxx 50 index of the European stock market.

5. Allianz SE

Allianz SE, based in Munich, Germany, is a German international financial services firm. Insurance and asset management are the company’s main operations. Allianz employs around 150,000 people in over 70 countries.

Property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, and inventory control are among the services provided by Allianz, which has more than 100 million clients worldwide. It was ranked number 25 on the worldwide Forbes 2000 list in 2013.


Is RSA Insurance publicly traded?

RSA was a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange until it was bought by Tryg, a Danish insurer, and Intact Financial Corporation, a Canadian financial services company, in May 2021 which was completed on June 1, 2021.

When did RSA Insurance Group go public?

In 1996, Sun Alliance and Royal Insurance merged to establish RSA Insurance, which became known as RSA. RSA appointed Stephen Hester, a former CEO of RBS Group, as its new CEO with immediate effect, according to an announcement made on February 4, 2014.

Does RSA Insurance Group pay dividends?

The last RSA Insurance Group Limited dividend was 8p, and it was paid 1 year after it was declared and went on ex-dividend. There are normally two dividends paid every year (excluding special dividends), and the dividend cover is roughly 1.6 times the annual dividend payment.

Who is the auditor of RSA Group?

In the last two years, Ralph Daals, global chief auditor at RSA Insurance, has been more enthusiastic about the adventure he and his colleagues have been on.

Is Johnson Insurance part of RSA?

RSA Canada owns the Johnson Group of Companies, which is a division of the Johnson Group of Companies. The Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada and the RSA Travel Insurance Group are both part of the RSA Canada group.

How do I cancel my RSA house insurance?

  1. Dial 0330 100 0593 to reach customer assistance.
  2. Request to talk with a member of the team.
  3. Provide your policy number as well as your client information.
  4. Inquire about the termination of your insurance coverage.
  5. Request an email confirmation of your request.

Executive Summary

RSA Insurance Group is the parent company of the More Than direct car, home, pet, and travel insurance brands in the United Kingdom. Known for its Lucky the Dog advertisement and its “MORE IS…” marketing campaign, the corporation is well-known in the industry.

More Than Business, a division of More Than, provides small companies with vans, business vehicles, shops and offices, as well as business insurance, via its More Than Business operation.

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