QuikTrip is one of the convenience store chains you might have come across in the Midwestern, Southern, and Southeastern states in the U.S. Offering some of the best grocery store goods as well as gasoline station access, QuikTrip has more to give. Get to know the company here.

Where is the QuikTrip headquarters located?

You can find the QuikTrip headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their address is 4705 South 129th East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74134.
The company’s home base in Oklahoma measures 54,100 square feet and this sits on an 80-acre site developed by Miles Architecture. The campus now has four wings and the buildings are connected by a two-story plaza.

To accommodate its convenience store needs, its headquarters is fitted with a test kitchen, a fuel-systems lab, and a control group that’s designed to provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to hundreds of stores across 11 states.

Besides this, the headquarters also comes with its conference center, trading floor, data center, and even an impressive storm shelter that has FEMA standards in mind. The offices on the campus take on an open layout to promote openness and flexibility within the workplace.

To get in touch with the QuikTrip headquarters, you have the option to give them a call at 918-615-7700. You can also send your message via mail through their address at P.O. Box 3475, Tulsa, OK 74101.

Apart from its head office in Tulsa, the company has built a presence across 11 states in the United States in total. They have built a presence in states such as Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas.

Where is the QuikTrip Corporate Office Headquarters?

The QuikTrip corporate office headquarters is at the same address mentioned above. You can see their massive location at 4705 South 129th East Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74134.

How do I contact the QuikTrip corporate office?

To contact the QuikTrip corporate office, give them a call at 918-615-7700. Alternatively, you can also send them a message through mail at P.O. Box 3475, Tulsa, OK 74101.

QuikTrip Corporation Short History

QuikTrip was first opened in 1958 right in a Tulsa strip mall. The idea for this convenience store chain, however, came to Burt Holmes as he was driving through Dallas and saw how successful 7-Eleven was. Holmes urged Chester Cadieux, a classmate, to invest in the business, alongside three other investors.

The first QuikTrip sold a number of groceries, but this selection slowly grew over the years as the convenience store chain expanded to other states and locations as well. QuikTrip sold its first branded goods in the 1970s to 1980s and continued to expand until the present.

What does QuikTrip do?

QuikTrip is a privately held corporation based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They are a chain of convenience stores that operate across 11 states, primarily in the Midwestern, Southern, and Southeastern states of the country.

Besides offering convenience store services to its consumers, QuikTrip also makes it more convenient for travelers on the road by providing them with gasoline service stations.

QuikTrip Products and Services

QuikTrip offers numerous items and services in its convenience food stores. They have an array of food items, most of which they sell under their own private label brand called Quick ‘n Tasty and HOTZI Sandwiches. They also sell fresh food made from their bakery and commissary, such as pastries, wraps, sandwiches, fruits, and even specialty drinks that are made in-store.

Other things that they sell in their convenience stores include hot dogs, grocery items, liquor, non-alcoholic drinks, fountain sodas, deli sandwiches, and candies, to name a few.

Since the company has a gasoline station business as well, they also have travel centers in some locations, numerous gasoline pumps, and a truck scale, among others, to cater to the needs of truck drivers.

QuikTrip CEO and key executive team

Name Designation
Chet Cadieux Chief Executive Officer and President
Jim Denny Vice President, Marketing
Paula Cotton Vice President, Finance, and Treasurer
Gina Hitz Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Andy Houdashelt Vice President, Sales

Does QuikTrip work internationally?

QuikTrip does not have locations internationally as they only work within the United States. Apart from the QuikTrip headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company also has other locations and division offices within the country. You can find them in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas, to name a few.

QuikTrip Customer Service Support

If you need to get in touch with QuikTrip customer service support, you can give them a call at 800-848-1966. You can also contact the QuikTrip division office near you. You can check out the list of offices over at the company website.

Besides this, you can leave a message via their contact form on their Contact Us page. This is best for when you have questions or just want to give the company feedback regarding their services.

Executive Summary

QuikTrip is just one of the two convenience store chains based in Oklahoma. With an established presence across 11 states, this convenience store chain and gasoline store chain truly offer convenience for travelers and locals alike. Reach out to the company using the lines provided to know more about their services, locations, and the like.

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