As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” it is only necessary to rely on healthcare facilities that are able to accurately diagnose any occurring or surfacing illness(es) and provide appropriate medicine(s) and/or therapy. Quest Diagnostics, for decades, established a well-known brand and trust among its clients – from individuals to large organizations, through its diagnostic services and other Science and data-driven services. Know more about Quest Diagnostics from the Quest Diagnostics locations such as their corporate headquarters, wide range of services the company offers, and how it has evolved to one of the globally trusted company in the industry of healthcare.

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Company Information

HQ 500 Plaza Dr, Secaucus, NJ 07094, United States.
Traded as NYSE: DGX
Industry Health care
Founded New York City, United States (1967)
Founders Paul Brown
Services Medical testing Molecular diagnostics Clinical chemistry


Quest Diagnostics Headquarters

Quest Diagnostics  Call 866-MYQUEST (866-697-8378)
Email us: Billing
Locations / Appointments
Patient Service Centers
Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions 1(800) 877-7484
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
Nichols Institute, San Juan Capistrano: 1(800) 553-5445
Nichols Institute, Chantilly: 1(800) 336-3718
Nichols Institute, Valencia: 1(800) 421-4449
Quest Diagnostics Genomic Services 1 (866) GENE-INFO or email
AmeriPath 1(800) 890-6220
Dermpath Diagnostics 1(800) 890-6220
Cleveland HeartLab 1(866) 358 9828 option 1
Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma (DLO) 1 (800) 891-2917
ExamOne 1 (800) 677-6726

What is Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics logo
Founded in New York City, United States of America around 1967, the institution that made it on Fortune’s 500 – Quest Diagnostic operates in several locations (8,000 locations) from various countries. It also has multiple partnerships with hospitals and clinics all over the globe.

The company is known to its diagnostic testing services such as but not limited to cancer, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, neurological disorders, as well as drug testing for employment and court purposes.

It also provides non-routine testing, advanced clinical testing, anatomic pathology and performs testing services under the following institutions; AmeriPath, DermPath Diagnostics, Athena Diagnostics, ExamOne, and Quanum.

Moreover, Quest Diagnostics offers risk assessment services for the industry of life insurance and information technology solutions for healthcare organizations and clinicians.


The company lives to its mission of developing and selling a range of diagnostic information services and products, with a view to assisting individuals and healthcare providers in effectively and accurately diagnosing a range of conditions.

Business Segments

The Quest Diagnostics works around two areas:

  1. Diagnostic Information Services – In this business area, the company provides diagnostic testing information and services such as but not limited to routine testing, gene-based and esoteric testing, anatomic pathology, and other related services.
  1. Diagnostic Solutions – In this are, Quest Diagnostics deliver various solutions to insurance companies and healthcare providers such as but not limited to risk assessment services, health information technology solutions, and diagnostic products for healthcare organizations and clinicians.

As it provides various diagnostic information services and products and targets to guide both individuals and healthcare providers with quality and efficient diagnosing of wide range conditions, the Quest Diagnostics has a wide business model:

  • Individuals who may suffer from range of conditions and diseases such as but not limited to cardiovascular, metabolic, general health, and infectious diseases;
  • Healthcare firms and professionals that may include clinicians, health plans, care organizations, delivery networks, practice associations, hospital and other healthcare facilities; and
  • Commercial entities that may comprise of medium to large firms and employers from various sectors.

History of Quest Diagnostics

The six (6) decades of expertise and experience of Quest Diagnostics started from a humble beginning through the man named Paul A. Brown.


In 1967, Dr. Paul A. Brown founded Metropolitan Pathology Laboratory, Inc. which eventually evolved to MetPath, Inc. by 1969 and resided in Teaneck, New Jersey. MetPath, Inc. was then changed into Corning Clinical Laboratories after it was acquired by Corning Glass Works in 1982.


Under Kenneth Freeman’s term, the Quest Diagnostics became an independent company and in 1997 the Quest Diagnostics took over a division of the laboratory from the Diagnostic Medical Laboratory, Inc. (DML). And in the coming years, the company was also able to acquire Smith Kline Beecham Clinical Laboratories as one of their subsidiaries that includes a joint venture ownership with CompuNet Clinical Laboratory.


After Freeman’s term, Surya Mohapatra served as the President and CEO of Quest Diagnostics from 2004 to 2012. During his term, Quest successfully acquired diagnostic testing equipment from AmeriPath.

When Surya Mohapatra resigned from the position, Stephen Rusckowski, former CEO of Philips Healthcare, took over the position. Under his term, the Quest Diagnostics partnered with New England’s largest health care system – UMass Memorial Health Care.


By 2016, Quest formed partnership with Safeway in order to provide testing services to 12 stores of the latter in California, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, and Colorado.

In 2017, Quest closed a deal with Walmart that aims to provide laboratory testing in 15 branches of the latter located in Texas and Florida.

Quest became an in-network laboratory provider to United Healthcare by 2019. The company also moved its headquarters to Secaucus, New Jersey from Madison.

Alongside Rusckowski, Quest Diagnostics is also run by Mark J. Guinan as the Exec. VP and CFO, Catherine T. Doherty as Sr. VP and Group Exec. Of Clinical Franchise Solutions and Marketing, James E. Davis as Exec. VP of Gen. Diagnostics, and Carrie Eglington Manner as Sr. VP of Advanced Diagnostics.

Quest Diagnostics Products and Services

The Quest Diagnostics is passionate in discovering and delivering innovative diagnostic insights that can aide in improving the current healthcare system. The company provides multiple products and services that are all claimed to be beneficial to patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical medical device companies as well as life insurance companies and employers. Their services are as follows:

  1. Diagnostic Testing Services

Leading provider of diagnostic testing, information and services to provide better healthcare decisions, Quest Diagnostics offers routine blood tests to identifying total cholesterol; to pap testing and white blood cell count – to simple, complex, gene-based and molecular testing.

Medical tests of the company can provide diagnosis or detection of disease(s), measure the progress or recovery from a disease and confirmation if the patient is progressing or recovering from any diseases especially those relevant to cancer, cardiovascular, infectious diseases and neurology.

  1. Clinical Trials Testing

For almost five (5) years, the clinical trials testing that the company released have hugely helped bio pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostic customers improve healthcare through making Science and data turned into innovative medical insights.

As one of the pioneers of a driven and responsive medical insights, the Quest Diagnostics follows deep scientific and medical data analysis that are able to strengthen their services and expertise. This service is a venture between Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics (hence called Q2 services) combining the    expertise and years of experience in clinical trials services of both companies.

  1. Healthcare Information and Technology (IT)

With over 200,000 physicians using the service, it offers technology and analytics solutions to order laboratory tests, receive timely results, prescription of drugs and share of clinical information in a secured and fastest manner.

The Quest Diagnostics processes over a million transactions every day, making this service of the company an important part of national healthcare information structure. This goes to show that combination of both medicine and IT plays a huge factor in delivering better care to patients.

  1. Wellness and Risk Management

It aims to aid employers and insurers of improving the health of workers and at the same time reduce the use of illegal substance in the workplace. The Ques Diagnostics has become the leading provider of programs that aim to promote wellness and prevention of any diseases over time.

Through conducting lab testing-based health assessment such as but not limited to diabetes and heart disease, the company is able to manage health of employees that is a huge factor in the productivity of a workforce. An undetected sick employee can create a huge risk towards a company, and that what Quest Diagnostics comes in – through early assessment and offering risk assessment services to the life insurance companies.

How many Quest Diagnostics are there?

There are about 8,000 Quest Diagnostic locations all over the globe due to the demand of their diagnostics and other services. The corporate headquarters of Quest Diagnostic is located in 500 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, New Jersey.

It also operates in India, Ireland, and Mexico and its products and services are utilized by over 130 countries through collaboration with international diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and clinics.

  • In United States, the company provides clinical testing services through its laboratories situated in major metropolitan areas.
  • In India, specifically in Gurgaon, the Quest Diagnostics are able to provide products and services to physicians, hospitals, life insurance companies, and other pharmaceutical or bio-tech companies.
  • In Ireland, through its national health administration, it aides in reducing the backlog of Pap-based cervical cancer screen tests. It has helped in improving the delivery of results for patients and even expanded the services in can offer.
  • In Mexico, the company has two (2) laboratories that has been accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and 35 patient locations. The company serve both domestic and international testing services including clinical trials, drug screening, life insurance assessments and other complex testing.

You may schedule an appointment with any of their 2,000 location in the USA through their online booking system.

Fast Facts

Facts about Urine Tests

  • The laboratory technicians of Quest Diagnostics undergo regular and thorough training and testing to guarantee that they meet the Six Sigma quality standards.
  • The urine testing performed by the company can be utilized for random testing, pre-employment purposes, post-accident, return-to-duty, and follow-up testing.
  • The urine testing done by the company can detect the following: barbiturates, amphetamines, cocaine, benzodiazepines, ecstasy, marijuana, opiates, prescription drugs and steroids.
  • The Quest Diagnostics has urine collection protocols that includes instructional videos, mock collections, and written testing.

Facts about Synthetic Drug Testing

  • The synthetic drug are mimic of actual drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. The Quest Diagnostic can detect synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic stimulants or bath salts. The company utilizes both accurate technology and professional in detecting these synthetic drugs and found to be most utilized by private companies in terms of assessing health of their employees.

Facts about Oral Fluid Testing

  • This is another method of detecting drugs in a person’s system. It can detect methamphetamine, amphetamine, opiates, marijuana, and cocaine. This service is also utilized by companies in determining the health of their employees, thus guide in the risk assessment of the workforce.

Facts about Hair Drug Testing

  • This form of drug testing can provide history of drugs for 90 days compared to other methods.
  • It can detect the following drugs: methamphetamine, amphetamine, MDA, MDMA, morphine, codeine, 6-monoacetylmorphine, semi-synthetic opiates, marijuana, PCP, and cocaine.
  • Just a snipped lock of hair should suffice if a person’s system had been on drug influence.

Key Takeaways

Definitely, Quest Diagnostics superb testing services led for the popularity and credibility of the company. The company made a name in providing quality results in the following tests: drug screening, disease monitoring, wellness, and even in the area of toxicology.

The company has manage to change the world of healthcare through combining both Science and technology in providing efficient healthcare system all over the globe. While the healthcare system has a long way to go in terms of creating a unified and reliable data, the initiatives and credible services Quest Diagnostics goes to show that sooner or later the industry of healthcare will see continuous growth and improvement.
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  1. Your clinic location at 6620 Coyle Ave., #10, Carmichael, Ca is the worse clinic ever. My clients make appointments and we always have over an hour wait and the receptionist working today, July 14, 2021 at 11:30am is so very rude to everyone! She also just told a man, “I’m not suppose to tell you this but if you have them write stat on your paperwork we’ll be able to draw your blood today without an appointment.”

  2. I have tried several times to use the online scheduling tool to make appointments and it is AWFUL. Each time after I enter all the information for the appointment and hit “Submit,” I get an error message saying “The time slot selected is no longer available…” When I go back and select another time (even when the time rejected still shows as available), it returns the same error message. That same error message keeps showing even if I select 10 different times that are Clearly Available on the screen.

    PLEASE, whoever reads this message, could you please pass this message to someone with AUTHORITY in the Information Technology (IT) Department and tell them that their Online Scheduling Tool is TERRIBLE and needs to be fixed?
    There should be a phone number or e-mail on the scheduling screen to report any technological problem with the scheduling site; just plain common sense.
    Also, the Quest Diagnostics scheduling screen should have a phone number to make/change/cancel appointments in case the scheduling tool is not working.

  3. I live in Statesboro, GA. Our Quest diagnostics is the best lab I have ever been to.
    Waneisha, is one of the lab technicians and she is wonderful. Waneisha, is the kindest, most caring person ever. I have been their twice and I do not dread going there. She is an asset to Quest Diagnostics. Everyone there has been wonderful.
    I pray you will let Wanesha of Statesboro, GA Quest know how valuable she is.
    Thank you,

  4. You have closed your laboratory on 25th Street, in Ft Pierce, FL to my dismay. This lab serviced the entire central and north St Lucie County Area. This was a good lab that cared about the people in the community. Now we are forced to go to the lab on US#1. I have had blood work drawn at this lab and it left a lot to be desired–(though I admit this was about 5 or 6 years ago). The staff there was very slow and disorganized. That was my one and only time going there.
    Why on earth would you close the 25th Street lab?


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