PFE (NYSE): Pfizer Inc. | Headquarters, Contact Number


Pharmaceutical companies are dedicated in giving the utmost possible highest product and service quality to its people. World pharma and labs are integrated in order to deliver the demands. One of the main players in the pharmaceutical industry is the Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer Inc. (also regarded as the Pfizer Drug Company) is a US-based pharmaceutical corporation with the corporate headquarters in New York City (US Headquarters), with its R&D HQ in Groton, Connecticut together with several office locations around the world. It is regarded as one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies ever to exist in a long span of time. It is listed on the NYSE its shares have been a component of the DJIA since the year of 2004.

Pfizer Inc. Headquarters Address

Traded as NYSE: PFE
Industry focused Pharmaceutical
Founded in 1849
Founder Charles Pfizer and Charles F. Erhart
Headquarters/Based in New York, United States
Products Medical and pharmaceutical products


Address: Pfizer HQ NYC: 235 East, 42nd Street, New York, New York 10017, USA
Contact number: 212-733-2323

Key People/Executives for Pfizer Inc.

Mr. Ian C. Read Chairman and CEO
Mr. Frank A. D’Amelio CFO and Executive Vice President of Business Operations
Dr. Mikael Dolsten M.D., Ph.D. President of Worldwide R&D and Executive Vice President
Mr. John D. Young Group President of Pfizer Essential Health
Mr. Albert Bourla DVM, Ph.D. Group President of Pfizer Innovative Health

Pfizer Inc. Profile/Overview

Charles Pfizer and Charles F.Erhart are the initial founders of Pfizer Chemicals in New York in the year 1849 nearly two centuries ago, as the manufacturers of fine chemicals and more. The alliance grew, with their major turning points being the creation of the anti-parasitic drug named Santonin and Citric Acid.

As the twentieth century passes, Pfizer was doing significantly well. It was only during the WWII when Pfizer produced massive supplies of Penicillin for the victims of the war and transported it to Europe. It gave a good impression, gaining lot of popularity worldwide. By the mid-20th century, it expanded through the world into nearly ten other countries including the UK, Iran, Belgium, Brazil and Canada.

The company was responsible of breakthrough drugs that it discovered and marketed. Naming some are Zoloft (the anti-depressant drug), Lipitor (the cholesterol lowering drug), Viagra (to treat sexual dysfunction), Aricept (anti-Alzheimer’s drug) and Zithromax (an antibiotic).

The entrance to Pfizer World Headquarters in Manhattan, New York, New York. (Image: Wikipedia)

Pfizer also made several aquisitions. Warner-Lambart, Wyeth and Pharmacia are some of the major pharmaceutical companies that they acquired. Off late, Pfizer discontinued most of its research units and has been focusing on developing its spin-off named Zoetis that will be involved in agricultural and animal health field.

Issues in the world health caught Pfizer’s concern, either giving away drugs at little to no cost in the developing countries. The company donates Fluconazole to the countries where AIDS is highly prevalent at no cost. The company, together with Gates Foundation, also gives away contraceptive drugs at significantly low rates to the women of the developing countries.

For more than a century with more than 60 types of drugs that Pfizer presently in use today, the brand plays a major role in the pharmaceutical world and will persist for the future to come.

Pfizer Inc. Products/Capabilities

Pfizer Inc. is dedicated to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and selling healthcare products internationally. It operates through two main segments. These are:

  1. Pfizer Innovative Health (IH)
  2. Pfizer Essential Health (EH)

The IH segment develops and commercializes Pfizer products of medicines and vaccines, and consumer healthcare products in various therapeutic areas such as:

  1. Internal medicine
  2. Vaccines
  3. Oncology
  4. Inflammation and immunology
  5. Rare diseases
  6. Consumer healthcare, such as dietary supplements, pain management, gastrointestinal
  7. Respiratory and personal care

These segment brands of the IH are as follows:

  1. Prevnar 13
  2. Xeljanz
  3. Eliquis
  4. Lyrica
  5. Enbrel
  6. Viagra
  7. Ibrance
  8. Xtandi
  9. Advil
  10. Centrum

The EH segment offers the following products dedicated in delivering essential health:

  1. Branded generic products
  2. Sterile injectable products
  3. Biosimilars
  4. Infusion systems

Brands of the EH segment are as follows:

  1. Lipitor
  2. Premarin family
  3. Norvasc
  4. Lyrica
  5. Celebrex
  6. Pristiq

Corporate and business services/agreements of Pfizer are as follows:

  1. Contract manufacturing business. The company has licensing agreements with Cellectis SA and AstraZeneca plc
  2. Collaborative agreements with Eli Lilly & Company and Merck KGaA
  3. Research collaboration and license agreement with HitGen Ltd. to build and screen DNA-encoded libraries in order to discover small molecule leads to be used in drug development
  4. Agreement with InSphero AG to develop a predictive toxicology assay using InSphero 3D InSight human liver microtissues for predicting drug induced liver injury

(NASDAQ: STX) Seagate Technology PLC | Headquarters | Phone number


Computer storage devices established standards for secure, reliable, and high-quality data storage functionality. A vast number of companies are dedicated to producing, selling, and improving computer storage devices to the point that software, IT devices, and even the most reliable hard drives are being produced in a large amount of supplies to meet demands. One highly-regarded data storage company is the Seagate Technology PLC.

Seagate Technology PLC (popularly regarded as simply Seagate) is a data storage company based in the USA. It was incorporated in 1978 under the corporate name of Shugart Technology. Since the year of 2010, the legal Seagate HQ address is in Dublin, Ireland with operational headquarters in Cupertino, California, United States together with several office locations internationally.

Seagate Technology Headquarters Address

Traded as NASDAQ: STX
Industry focused Computer storage industry
Founded in 1979
Founder Alan Shugart, Tom Mitchell, Doug Mahon, Finis Conner and Syed Iftikar
Headquarters/Based in Cupertino, California, United States (operations division) and Dublin, Ireland (legal domicile)
Products Hard disk drives, solid state drives, and hybrid drives


Legal HQ: Thirty-eight/Thirty-nine, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2, Ireland
Operations HQ: Cupertino, California, USA
Contact number: 353 1 234 3136

Key People/Executives for Seagate Technology

Mr. Stephen J. Luczo Chairman and CEO
Dr. William David Mosley President and COO
Mr. David H. Morton Jr. Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Finance
Mr. Patrick J. O’Malley III Senior Vice President
Mr. Philip Gordon Brace President of Cloud Systems & Silicon Group

Seagate Technology Profile/Overview

Seagate is the global leader in data storage solutions, developing amazing products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share and preserve their most critical memories and business data.

Over the years the amount of information stored has grown from megabytes all the way to geopbytes, confirming the need to successfully store and access huge amounts of data. As demand for storage technology grows the need for greater efficiency and more advanced capabilities continues to evolve.

Today data storage is more than just archiving; it’s about providing ways to analyse information, understand patterns and behaviour, to re-live experiences and memories. It’s about harnessing stored information for growth and innovation. Seagate is building on its heritage of storage leadership to solve the challenge of getting more out of the living information that’s produced everyday. What began with one storage innovation has morphed into many systems and solutions becoming faster, more reliable and expansive. No longer is it just about storing information; it is about accessing and interpreting information quickly, accurately and securely.

Seagate Technology Products/Capabilities

Seagate Technology PLC is dedicated in designing, producing, and distributing electronic data storage technology and solutions worldwide. The company offers the following products:

  1. Hard drives, solid state hybrid drives, SSD, pcie cards, and serial advanced technology architecture controllers for mission critical and nearline applications in enterprise servers and storage systems
  2. Client computing applications, including mobile/desktop computing
  3. Client non-computing applications, such as digital video recorders, personal data backup and portable external storage systems, and digital media and surveillance systems
  4. Several storage subsystems and high performance computing solutions
  5. External backup storage solutions under the Backup Plus and Expansion product lines, as well as under the Maxtor and lacie brands.

Johnson & Johnson Headquarters Office


Pharmaceutical and medical products are one of the most helpful products that humanity had ever been invented and innovated throughout time. Brand establishing is a main thing in big companies in the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry. One of the main players in the current world is the Johnson and Johnson (or J&J).

Johnson & Johnson is US-based medical equipment and Product Company that is founded in 1886. in New Brunswick, New Jersey while the division in several locations of the CV is being located in Skillman, New Jersey.  The corporation of J&J includes some 250 subsidiary companies with operations in almost a hundred countries and products sold to nearly 200 countries. In the year of 2015, Johnson & Johnson had worldwide sales of a large $70.1 billion.

Johnson & Johnson Headquarters Address

Traded as NYSE: JNJ
Industry focused Medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry
Founded in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Founder Robert Wood Johnson I, James Wood Johnson nad Edward Mead Johnson
Headquarters/Based in One Johnson & Johnson Plaza, New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Products Pharmaceutical products and various medical equipment


Johnson & Johnson 1 Johnson And Johnson Plz, NEW BRUNSWICK 08933-0001, United States USA
PHONE: +1 (732) 524-2455
FAX: +1 (732) 214-0332

Key People/Executives for Johnson & Johnson

Mr. Alex Gorsky Chairman and Chief Exec. Officer
Mr. Dominic J. Caruso Chief Financial Officer and Exec. Vice President
Dr. Paulus A. Stoffels Ph.D., M.D. Chief Scientific Officer and Exec. Vice President
Mr. Joaquin Duato Executive VP & Worldwide Chairman of Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Sandra E. Peterson Exec. Vice President and Group Worldwide Chairman

Johnson and Johnson Profile/Overview

Johnson & Johnson, together with its subsidiaries, researches and develops, manufactures, and sells various products in the health care field worldwide. It operates through three segments: Consumer, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Devices. The Consumer segment offers baby care products under the JOHNSON’S brand; oral care products under the LISTERINE brand; beauty products under the AVEENO, CLEAN & CLEAR, DABAO, JOHNSON’S Adult, LE PETITE MARSEILLAIS, NEUTROGENA, RoC, and OGX brands; over-the-counter medicines, including acetaminophen products under the TYLENOL brand; cold, flu, and allergy products under the SUDAFED brand; allergy products under the BENADRYL and ZYRTEC brands; ibuprofen products under the MOTRIN IB brand; and acid reflux products under the PEPCID brand. This segment also provides women’s health products, such as sanitary pads under the STAYFREE and CAREFREE brands, and tampons under the o.b. brand; wound care products comprising brand adhesive bandages under the BAND-AID brand and first aid products under the NEOSPORIN brand. The Pharmaceutical segment offers various products in the areas of immunology, infectious diseases and vaccines, neuroscience, oncology, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The Medical Devices segment provides orthopaedic products; general surgery, biosurgical, endomechanical, and energy products; electrophysiology products to treat cardiovascular disease; sterilization and disinfection products to reduce surgical infection; diabetes care products that include blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery products; and disposable contact lenses. The company markets its products to general public, retail outlets and distributors, wholesalers, hospitals, and health care professionals for prescription use, as well as for use in the professional fields by physicians, nurses, hospitals, eye care professionals, and clinics. Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1885 and is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Johnson and Johnson Products/Capabilities

Johnson & Johnson, develops products in the medical field intenationally. It operates through three segments which are as follows:

  1. Consumer segment
  2. Pharmaceutical segment
  3. Medical Devices segment

The Consumer segment offers the following line of products:

  1. Baby care products (Johnson’s brand); oral care products (Listerine brand)
  2. Beauty products (Aveeno), Clean & Clear, Dabao, Johnson’s Adult, Le Petite Marseillais, Neutrogena, Roc, and OGX brands
  3. Over-the-counter medicines, including acetaminophen products under the Tylenol brand
  4. Cold, flu, and allergy products under the Sudafed brand
  5. Allergy products under the Benadryl and zyrtec brands
  6. Ibuprofen products under the Motrin Ib brand
  7. Acid reflux products under the Pepcid brand.
  8. Women’s health products, such as sanitary pads under the Stayfree and Carefree brands, and tampons under the o.b. Brand
  9. Wound care products comprising brand adhesive bandages under the Band-Aid brand and first aid products under the Neosporin brand.

J&J’s another segment is the pharmaceutical segment. This offers various products in different areas of:

  1. Immunology
  2. Infectious diseases and vaccines
  3. Neurosciences
  4. Oncology
  5. Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

The medical devices segment is j&j’s third main segment. It provides the following:

  1. Orthopaedic products
  2. General surgery, endomechanical, biosurgical, and energy products
  3. Electrophysiology products for treatment of cardiovascular disease
  4. Sterilization and disinfection products for surgical infection reduction
  5. Diabetes care products that include blood glucose monitoring and insulin delivery products
  6. Disposable contact lenses to all

(NYSE: V) Visa Inc. | Headquarters address


Alternative modes of payment are the current preferred media of exchange in several transactions throughout the world. There are checks, credit cards, accounts, and more. Being able to pay a certain amount of money without even being able to hand on actual tangible money is a nice approach to the fast growing local and international markets. A good example of this is a credit card and no other company facilitates credit cards more than the Visa Inc.

Visa_logoVisa Inc.  is a US-based financial service international company, most commonly through Visa-branded credit cards and debit cards, considered to bear brand standard. Presently, there are Visa HQs in Canada other than in US. US based Visa headquarters throughout its history are in San Francisco, Miami, Austin Texas, NYC, Washington DC and other HQ Visa has to showcase. Rates are little to non-existent since their service relies upon customer-related transactions with stipulated product and service rules and helplines.

Visa Inc. Headquarters Address

Traded as NYSE: V
Industry focused Financial Services
Founded in 1958, Fresno, CA, United States
Founder Dee Hock
Headquarters/Based in Foster City, CA, United States
Products Credit cards and payment systems


Visa Inc. Headquarters (USA): San Francisco, California 94128, USA
Visa Inc. Headquarters (Canada): Visa Canada Corp., 77 King St. West, Suite 4400, Toronto, ON M5K 1J5
Contact number: +1 (650) 432-3200
FAX: +1 (302) 655-5049

Key People/Executives for Visa Inc.

Mr. Alfred F. Kelly Jr. Chief Executive Officer and Director
Mr. Ryan M. McInerney President of Visa Inc.
Mr. Vasant M. Prabhu Chief Financial Officer and Executive VP
Mr. Rajat Taneja Executive VP of Technology
Ms. Ellen Richey Vice Chairman and Chief Risk Officer

Visa Inc. Profile/Overview

Joseph Williams started its roots in the way of almost 60 thousand unsolicited credit cards and convinced senior BofA executives in 1956. This let him pursue what became the world’s first successful mass mailing of unsolicited credit cards which included actual working cards to a massive group of people.

This test in 1958 attracted competitors. By March of 1959, there is a significant decrement of cards in the cities; by June, BofA was dropping cards in the city of LA; by October, nearly 2 million cards were saturated, and BankAmericard was being transacted to and by 20,000 merchants

In 1968, a one of the NBC’s managers decided to make a license of BankAmericard in the Pacific Northwest market while in the year of 1968, a manager at the National Bank of Commerce (later Rainier Bancorp), Dee Hock took in charge of the same concept in the Pacific Northwest market.

Going into October 2007, Bank of America announced it was reinvigorating the BankAmericard brand name to “BankAmericard Rewards Visa”. Companies merged in October 11 that employed 6,000 people worldwide: Visa International Service Association (Visa) – the worldwide parent entity, Visa U.S.A. Inc., Visa Canada Association, and Visa Europe Ltd.

Merging began on October of 2006 (for the public regard V stock). On October 3, 2007, Visa completed its corporate restructuring with the formation of Visa Inc. open to all Visa central applications. Visa Europe Ltd. was a membership association and cooperative of over 3,700 European banks and other payment service providers that operated Visa branded products and services within Europe. Visa Inc. announced the plan to acquire Visa Europe on November 5, 2015, creating a single global company. On April 21, 2016 the agreement was amended in response to the feedback of European Commission. The acquisition of Visa Europe was successfully completed on June 21, 2016.

Visa Inc. Products/Capabilities

Visa Inc.  is dedicated to international payments systems all over the globe. The company renders payment systems among the following entities:

a. Consumers d. Businesses
b. Merchant e. Strategic parnets
c. Financial institurion f. Government entities

The VisaNet is a processing network that enables the following functionalities:

  1. Clearing, authorisation and settlement of payment transactions
  2. Offers fraud protection for account holders and assured payment for merchants.

The company also offers Visa corporate services and products to the general public such as:

  1. Gateway services for merchants to accept, process, and reconcile payments
  2. Manage fraud conditions
  3. Real time security, as well as processing services for participating issuers of visa debit, prepaid, and ATM payment products.
  4. Digital products, including Visa Checkout that offers consumers an expedited and secure payment experience for online transactions
  5. Visa Direct which is one of Visa’s unique services that acts as a product platform, which utilises transactions that are sent directly to the Visa account of the recipient, as well as Visa token service that replaces the card account numbers from the transaction with a token.
  6. Corporate (travel) and purchasing card tangibles, as well as V-A services.

Platforms of the Visa Inc. are under these divisions:

1. Visa, Visa Electron 3. V Pay
2. Interlink 4. Plus brands

WMT (NYSE): Walmart Stores, Inc. | Headquarters


Retail stores are the main stops of consumers when it comes to a convenient setting to buy certain goods and other services. Several companies throughout the world continue to grow and prosper to sell products to customers in a staggering rate. One of those is the world famous Walmart.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a US based superstores company that is headquartered (corporate headquarters address) in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. This multinational company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated on October 31 of 1969. By the end of January of 2017, Walmart stores and clubs amounted to 11,695 in 28 countries, under a collective 63 banners together with a dedicated airport for Walmart HQ. In Canada and US, it bears the original corporate name of Walmart. It operates as “Walmart de México y Centroamérica” in Mexico and Central America, as the Seiyu Group in Japan, as Asda in the United Kingdom, and as Best Price in India. Operations continue in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Canada. Walmart also owns and operates the Sam’s Club retail warehouses. Credit card centers are also available in Walmart and its Walmart associates locations, home office, businesses and several head offices internationally.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Headquarters Address

Traded as NYSE: WMT
Industry focused Retail industry
Founded in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas, United States
Founder Sam Walton
Headquarters/Based in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States
Products General merchandise


702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716, United States
Contact number: 479-273-4000

Key People/Executives for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Mr. C. Douglas McMillon Chief Exec. Officer, Pres & Director
Mr. Brett M. Biggs Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP
Mr. David Cheesewright BSC Executive Vice President, CEO of International Division and Pres of International Division
Mr. Gregory S. Foran Executive Vice President, Chief Exec. Officer of Walmart US and Pres of Walmart US
Mr. Marc E. Lore Executive Vice President, CEO of eCommerce US and Pres of Walmart eCommerce US

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Profile/Overview

In the year of 1945, former JC Penney employee Sam Walton, purchased a branch of the Ben Franklin stores from the Butler Brothers. The main interest is more on selling products at low prices to get higher-volume sales at a lower profit margin, which gave a crusader impression.
Developed and established, the then-small company was incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. on October 31, 1969. Meanwhile, it opened its home office and first distribution center in Bentonville, Arkansas in the year of 1970.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Products/Capabilities

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. showcases several formats of stores internationally. It operates through three segments:

  1. Walmart U.S.
  2. Walmart International
  3. Sam’s Club.

The company operates the following store categories:

  1. Discount stores
  2. Supermarkets
  3. Supercenters
  4. Hypermarkets
  5. Warehouse clubs
  6. Cash and carry stores
  7. Home improvement stores
  8. Specialty electronics stores
  9. Apparel stores
  10. Drug stores
  11. Convenience stores
  12. Membership-only warehouse clubs

Walmart also operates the other following digital services:

  1. Retail ebsites, such as and
  2. Mobile commerce application
  3. Walmart online

In the goods division, walmart offers the following types:

  1. Grocery products, including meat, produce, natural and organic, deli and bakery, dairy, frozen foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  2. Floral and dry grocery, as well as consumables, such as health and beauty aids, baby products, household chemicals, paper goods, and pet supplies
  3. Health and wellness products, which include pharmacy, optical services, clinical services, over-the-counter drugs, and other medical products.
  4. Technology devices, photo processing services, cellular phones, cellular service plan contracts and prepaid service, movies, music, video games, and books
  5. Stationery, automotive, hardware and paint, sporting goods, and outdoor living and horticulture, as well as fabrics, crafts, and seasonal merchandise
  6. Apparel for women, girls, men, boys, and infants, as well as shoes, jewelry, and accessories
  7. Home furnishings, housewares and small appliances, bedding, home decor, and toys.

In addition, it offers other industrial products such as:

  1. Fuel and financial services and related products, including money orders, prepaid cards, wire transfers, money transfers; check cashing, and bill payment.

CTSH : Cognizant Headquarters Office


Companies emerging in the technology industry in general are vastly growing. Specifically, there are some out there that focuses on business solutions, consulting and outsourcing for other businesses. One of which is the US-based Cognizant.

Cognizant is a telecom American multinational business corporation that provides digital, technology, consulting, and operations services. It is based in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. It was initially founded as an in-house technology unit of Dun & Bradstreet in 1994, and started serving outside clients in the year of 1996.

The first IPO of Cognizant was made in 1998 after a couple of corporate subsidiary creations and restructures of its predecessors. It was the first company in the software services firm that was listed on the NASDAQ. During the dot com bust, it massively grew in the industry that shocked the big players. As time goes on, it decided to have an inception into application development, complex systems integration and consulting work.

Cognizant Headquarters Address

Traded as NASDAQ: CTSH
Industry focused IT Services and Consulting
Founded in January 26, 1994 in Hawaii, US
Founder Kumar Mahadeva
Headquarters/Based in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States
Products IT services, business consulting and outsourcing


Glenpointe Centre West, 500 Frank W. Burr Boulevard, Teaneck, NJ 07666, United States
Contact number: 201-801-0233

Key People/Executives for Cognizant

Mr. Francisco D’Souza Chief Exec. Officer & Director
Mr. Rajeev Mehta President
Ms. Karen A. McLoughlin Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Ramakrishna Prasad Chintamaneni Executive VP and Pres of Global Industries & Consulting
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Sinha Executive VP and Pres of Global Client Services

Cognizant Overview

The Company operates through four segments: Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing/Retail/Logistics, and Other. The Financial Services segment includes customers providing banking/transaction processing, capital markets and insurance services. The Healthcare segment includes healthcare providers and payers, as well as life sciences customers, including pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. The Manufacturing/Retail/Logistics segment includes manufacturers, retailers, travel and other hospitality customers, as well as customers providing logistics services. The Other segment includes its information, media and entertainment services, communications and high technology operating segments. Its services include consulting and technology services and outsourcing services. Its outsourcing services include application maintenance, IT infrastructure services and business process services.

Cognizant Products/Capabilities

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation provides information technology (IT), operations and technology consulting, infrastructure, and business process services worldwide. The company operates through four segments. These are as follows:

  1. Financial Service
  2. Healthcare
  3. Manufacturing/Retail/Logistics

Its consulting and technology services include these:

  1. Strategy consulting thru Cognizant consulting
  2. Business and operations consulting
  3. Technology strategy and change management
  4. Program management consulting services
  5. Application design and development
  6. Systems integration
  7. Application testing and consulting
  8. Engineering services
  9. Enterprise information management services.

Aside from these, the company also renders the following services:

  1. Develops, licenses, implements, and supports proprietary and third-party software products for the healthcare industry, including solutions for health insurance plans, third party benefit administrators, and healthcare providers.
  2. Provides outsourcing services, such as application maintenance related solutions
  3. Information technology related field/ infrastructure services
  4. Business process services comprising clinical data management, pharmacovigilance, equity research support, commercial operations, and order management services, as well as related services, including platform-based services.

SCHW (NYSE): Charles Schwab Corporation | Headquarters Office


Financial service companies are always the first in line of action when it comes to providing solutions, products and services to customers who are willing to have checking accounts and advice from financial advisers, high yield investor potentials and financial planners for such investments in a given situation. One of the most trustworthy and high-quality insurance companies and other services as well is the Charles Schwab Corporation.

Charles Schwab Corporation (regarded also as Charles Schwab Bank is a multinational corporation in the bank and brokerage field or industry. They are based in San Francisco, California, USA and were founded in 1971 by the man himself, Charles R. Schwab. The company made it on the list of largest banks in the United States and is one of the largest brokerage firms in USA. The company provides products and services for individuals and institutions alike that are into online investing.

Charles Schwab Corporation Headquarters Address

Traded as NYSE: SCHW
S&P 500 Component
Industry focused Financial services
Founded in April 1971, USA
Founder Charles Schwab
Headquarters/Based in San Francisco, California
Products Banking and brokerage firm products and services


211 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States
Contact number: 415-667-7000

Key People/Executives for Charles Schwab Corporation

Mr. Walter W. Bettinger II Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Director
Mr. Joseph R. Martinetto Sr. Exec. VP
Mr. Bernard J. Clark Exec. VP of Advisor Services
Ms. Marie A. Chandoha Chief Executive Officer of Charles Schwab Investment Mgmt Inc and Pres of Charles Schwab Investment Mgmt Inc
Mr. Peter Crawford Chief Financial Officer

Charles Schwab Corporation Products/Capabilities

The Charles Schwab Corporation, through its subsidiaries, ensures the following core services:

  1. Wealth management
  2. Securities brokerage
  3. Banking,
  4. Asset management
  5. Custody
  6. Financial advisory services.

The company operates through two segments which are:

  • Investor Services – provides retail brokerage and banking services, retirement plan services, and other corporate brokerage services; and stock plan services, compliance solutions, and mutual fund clearing services, as well as engages in the off-platform sales business.
  • Advisor Services – provides custodial, trading, and support services; and retirement and corporate brokerage retirement services.

The company also provides the following products with certain packages:

  1. Brokerage accounts with cash management capabilities
  2. Third-party mutual funds through the mutual fund marketplace, including no-transaction fee mutual funds through the mutual fund onesource service, which includes mutual funds, plus mutual fund trading, and for broker-dealers’ clearing.
  3. Exchange-traded funds or etfs, including proprietary and third-party etfs
  4. Advice solutions, such as managed portfolios of proprietary and 3rd-party mutual funds and etfs, independent accounts, customized personal advice for tailored portfolios, and specialized planning and portfolio management
  5. Checking and savings accounts
  6. Certificates of deposit
  7. First lien residential real estate mortgage loans
  8. Home equity loans and lines of credit
  9. Pledged Asset Lines
  10. Trust services comprising trust custody services, personal trust reporting services, and administrative trustee services.

Ooredoo Headquarters Office | Contact Number


The overall activity of the telecommunications sector is always active. We have different means of communication for different purposes such as bill payment, promotion services, top-up, fiber, and more. One company out there is the Ooredoo.

Ooredoo, formerly known as Qtel, is an international telecommunications company. It is based in Doha, Qatar. Ooredoo is dedicated to provide mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services with market share in domestic and international telecommunication markets, and in business (corporations and individuals) and residential markets. Ooredoo is considered as one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies, with over 114 million customers worldwide as of September 2015.

Ooredoo Headquarters Address

Traded as DSM:ORDS
Industry focused Telecommunications
Founded in 1987 in Doha, Qatar
Founder Abdulla bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani and Sheikh Saud bin Nasser Al Thani
Headquarters/Based in Doha, Qatar
Products Mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services


Ooredoo Tower, West Bay Area, Doha, Qatar
Contact number: 00 965 6630 0121

Key People/Executives for Ooredoo

Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Faleh Al Thani Group Chief Exec. Officer
Mr. Ajay Bahri Group Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Bjorn Johan Lundstorm Group Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Andreas Goldau Head of Investor Relations
Mr. Izzeldin Hamed Mohamed Salih Hussein Group Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer

Ooredoo Profile/Overview

Qtel, which was the basis of the current Ooredoo, was founded in Doha in 1987 as a telephone exchange company. It has grown from that inception to become the largest communications operator in Qatar offering new technologies to the country including mobile, broadband, digital, and fiber services. Ooredoo has the ownership from the royal family with H.E. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al Thani as their chairman is and Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani as its CEO. Q-Tel’s Chief Operating Officer is Waleed Al-Sayed.

Ooredoo Group is the core where the Qtel Group and all its operating companies worldwide were officially unified under in February 2013 to form a synergy in having a global telecommunications company The etymology behind the name Ooredoo mean “I Want” in Arabic, chosen “to reflect the aspirations of Ooredoo customers and the main philosophy that Ooredoo can enrich people’s lives and stimulate human growth in the communities where it operates.”

The company has successfully experienced significant growth over the last six years which resulted into a transition from a single country operation to international company operation with a global customer base of more than 114 million customers worldwide (as of September 2015) and consolidated revenues of QAR 24.2 billion for the first nine months of fiscal year 2015.

In 2010 the company upgraded its 3G network in the country and launched its Mobile Money service. By 2012, its network grew with its fiber network that provided services with download speeds of up to 100 Mbit/s, HDTV, and its initial phase of its 4G LTE mobile broadband service. The company’s consumer base has grown significantly in recent times, from 1.9 million subscribers in 2008 to 2.5 million in 2012 within Qatar. Its annual revenues increased by QAR 3.5 billion from 2012 to 2013 in a single quarter.

Citing strong organic growth, prudent investments and the growth and loyalty of its customers, Ooredoo has been the fastest-growing telecommunications company in the world by revenue since 2006 and its enterprise value has more than tripled since 2005.

Ooredoo Products/Capabilities

Ooredoo Q.S.C., provides telecommunications services and related products for small companies, start-up companies, and large enterprises. The company operates through six segments which are as follows:

  1. Ooredoo Qatar
  2. Asiacell, NMTC
  3. Indosat Ooredoo
  4. Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Palestine, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar

Gandi SAS Headquarters Office | Contact Number


Gandi SAS provides domain name registration and management services in France and internationally. The company also provides hosting services. Its customers range form individuals, associations, and small companies to public institutions and large multinational corporations. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Paris, France with additional offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Vancouver, Canada.


Address: 63-65 boulevard Massena, Paris, 75013, France
Phone: 33 1 70 37 76 61
Fax: 33 1 43 73 18 51

Key People/Executives for Progressive Corporation was one of the first domain name registrars approved by ICANN for .COM, .NET,.ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME, .BE, .FR, .EU domains in France. It now offers over 600 domain extensions and continues to add to this list on a regular basis. Gandi considers itself to be an ethical domain name registrar in an industry that has some ‘grey’ practices. It values the customers rights and privacy above all else and seeks to defend these wherever possible.

GANDI SAS was founded in 1999 by three individuals who were highly regarded in the French internet world (Pierre Beyssac, Laurent Chemla, and Valentin Lacambre). In 2005, Gandi was bought by an experienced European management team within the same field, in order to create an alternative and independent line of Internet services based around domain names. Gandi has offices in Paris (France), San Francisco (United States), Bissen (Luxembourg) and Taipei (Taiwan).

Gandi is devoted to providing tools for everyone to fulfill their online needs whatever that purpose may be. Whether it is to discuss their interests (travel, family, passions, etc.), to present products or services, or to simply express themselves. In short, we enable people to lay claim to a quality online presence, both personal and professional. We position ourselves as the next port of call after Internet access providers, since the domain name is the first step in creating your own piece of the Internet.

Progressive Corporation Headquarters Office


Insurance companies, vehicle field to be specific, are always the first in line when it comes to providing services to customers who are willing to have professional insurance solutions from professionals and financial planners for such investments in certain situations as well as the provision of customer service real-time. One of the most trustworthy and high-quality vehicle insurance companies and other services as well is the Progressive Corporation

The Progressive Corporation is regarded as one of the largest key players of auto insurance in the USA. The company also insures several vehicles aside from common cars such as motorcycles, boats, RVs and commercial vehicles, and provides home insurance through select companies. Progressive is currently active in the international market, offering car insurance in Australia. The company was co-founded in 1937 by Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis, and is based in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

Progressive Corporation Headquarters Address

Type of company Public
Traded as NYSE: PGR
S&P 500 Component
Industry focused Vehicle insurance
Founded in March 10, 1937
Key people Tricia Griffith
Headquarters/Based in Mayfield, Ohio
Products Various vehicle insurances (cars, motorcycles, boats, others.)


6300 Wilson Mills Road, Mayfield Village, OH 44143, United States
Progressive Insurance Phone Number: 440-461-5000

Key People/Executives for Progressive Corporation

Mr. Glenn M. Renwick Executive Chairman
Mrs. Susan Patricia Griffith Chief Exec. Officer, Pres and Director
Mr. John Peter Sauerland Chief Financial Officer and VP
Mr. William M. Cody Chief Investment Officer
Mr. M. Jeffrey Charney Chief Marketing Officer

Progressive Corporation Profile/Overview

In the year of 1937, Progressive was born. This was made successful by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green and named it as the Progressive Insurance Company. From the first operations in 1956 the company found its speciality insuring more risky or dangerous drivers. This narrowed down their services to a more specific one. In the year of 1987, the sum of the company’s premiums on paper amounted to a humble $1 billion while in 2016, that number crossed the $20 billion goal.

The company tried to make a respectable attempt to live up to its name by being innovative in the industry. It showcases being the first auto insurance company to have an operating website for the ease of customers to purchase policies via web and later to pioneer allowing the use of mobile browsers and smartphone apps for rating and managing policies. It was also the first to real time reporting. As it has grown, Progressive has been regarded as a one-stop insurance provider for families and other groups in order to more competently compete with other top-insurers.

Progressive Corporation Products/Capabilities

The Progressive Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides the following:

  • Personal and commercial property-casualty insurance
  • Insurances in the specific specialty, property-casualty insurance services primarily in the united states)

Its Personal Lines segment writes the following product and service coverage:

  1. Personal auto insurance
  2. Line of specialty products insurances, including insurance for motorcycles, atvs, rvs, mobile homes, watercraft, and snowmobiles.

The company’s Commercial Lines segment provides:

  1. Primary liability
  2. Physical damage
  3. Other auto-related insurance for autos, vans, and different types of trucks used by small businesses
  4. Construction and/or freight vehicle insurances regional general freight and expeditor-type businesses, and non-fleet long-haul operators; dump trucks, log trucks, and garbage trucks used by dirt, sand and gravel, logging, and coal-type businesses
  5. Tow trucks and wreckers used in towing services and gas/service station businesses
  6. Non-fleet taxis, black-car services, and airport taxis.

Progressive Corporation’s Property segment provides the following:

  1. Residential property insurance for homeowners
  2. Other property owners, and renters, as well as offers personal umbrella insurance
  3. Primary and excess flood insurance
  4. Policy issuance and insurance claims adjusting services
  5. Home, condominium, renters, and other insurance
  6. General liability and business owners policies, and workers’ compensation insurance, as well as sells personal auto physical damage and auto property damage liability insurance in australia.
  7. Reinsurance services and quotes