The stock and trading markets can be an intimidating place. This is why a lot of people tend to shy away from this form of investment. However, if you are interested in trading and securities, you might want to learn more about OTC Markets Group. Here’s what you need to know.

What is OTC Market?

OTC Markets Group started in the United States but is now recognized worldwide as a leading financial market service provider. Its main goal is to offer more information about such securities, hence, its name.

In fact, it is often described as a company that operates the trading of security markets. It seals with the regulation and connection of dealers and brokers through a comprehensive network of various entities.

To make it easier to understand, the organization is considered a marketplace for trading unlisted securities.

You might be wondering what kind of information it deals with. The easy answer is that it offers details such as liquidity and value for OTC securities. If you are not familiar with OTC Markets Group, you might be more acquainted with its former name, which is Pink Sheets.

Aside from providing essential information about trading securities, the company also liquidizes and executes such trades by enhancing the quality of info provided to investors.

The company makes it easier for investors to know more about potential assets by categorizing them into three different markets namely OTCQX, OTXQB, and Pink.

Where is OTC Markets Group Headquarters Located?

The company was established in New York, so it makes sense that the OTC Markets Group Headquarters is in the Big Apple. You can give the company a visit at OTC Markets Group 300 Vesey Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10282. Interested in contacting the firm? You can dial +1-212-896-4400.

Just see to it that you reach out during office hours to minimize delays or issues. Your best bet is to initiate contact or visit during standard business hours in New York.

Where is the OTC Markets Group Corporate Office Headquarters?

The company has three major locations including the main headquarters in OTC Markets Group 300 Vesey Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10282.

The other two offices are located in Washington, DC at 100 M Street SE, Washington, District of Columbia. You can contact the office by dialing +1-212-896-4420.

OTC Markets Group also has a location in London, which you can visit by dropping by 30 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LQ. You can talk to a representative by dialing +44-(0)-20-4526-4581.

How Do I Contact OTC Markets Group Corporate Office?

Whether you are interested in learning more about the company and its role in trading and securities, or you are interested in being a broker-dealer or investor, the best way to go is to contact the OTC Markets Group corporate office.

Let me tell you that calling is one of the most accessible and convenient options. So, you can reach the New York office by dialing +1-212-896-4400, the London office at +44-(0)-20-4526-4581, and the Washington, DC office at +1-212-896-4420.

OTC Markets Group Short History

OTC Markets Group was originally built in 1913 with the name National Quotation Bureau (NQB). As NQB, the company has already been offering valuable information about bonds and stocks, which it used to publicize through Pink Sheets and Yellow Sheets, two publications used by NQB as tools to disseminate stocks and bonds details.

After decades of operating, the company debuted the Electronic Quotation Service, which was a huge deal in 1999 because of the ease it offers when estimating the values of stocks and bonds.
In 2000, the company underwent a rebranding, leading with its rename from NQB to Pink Sheets LLC. Then, it underwent another rename in 2008 to Pink OTC Markets and another one in 2010 when it changed its name to OTC Markets Group.

The primary objective of the company is to contribute to the education and efficiency of financial markets through high-quality information.

The company’s three core spaces include corporate services, trading services, and market data. It utilizes developments such as the OTC Link Alternative Trading System, multiplatform-accessible data on 12,000 securities, and smart qualification of market tiers.

A lot of American depositary receipts (ADRs) are quoted on the marketplace Some of the securities in OTC Markets are small companies and foreign firms.

Many American securities are covered by the Securities and Exchange Commission or are submitting audits to the OTC Markets Group.

Currently, it is the biggest platform for on-the-counter securities in 2022, handling more than 11,500 securities. It also has $219 million going through its system, with a share of $1.4 billion. It also has around 119,113 employees.

It went public on September 25, 2009 with the stock symbol of OTCQX:OTCM. The latest data shows that its current value per stock is $55, which shows a positive change from previous valuations.

OTC Markets Group Products and Services

The company deals in three categories: market data, corporate services, and trading services. With this, customers will be able to get high-quality analytics and data that can help investors make the right decision.

Some of the information it provides include current market, closing summary, broker-dealer data, compliance statistics, corporate actions, OTCM indices, news, short interest data, reg SHO data, and stock screener.

All of these offer a view of the market activity, which is ultimately used by the broker-dealers and investors to their advantage.

Aside from market activity details, OTC Markets Group also offers corporate services. These help in establishing relationships between investors and dealer-brokers.

Some of these corporate offerings include OTC discloser and new service, real-time level 2 quotes, online capital raising solutions, virtual investor conferences, collaboration with issuer directly, blue sky solutions,, and client relationship manager.

One thing to remember is that you can get information about OTC securities in a more organized manner. OTC securities are categorized in three levels namely OTXQX, OTCQB, and the Pink Open Market.

OTCQX securities have strict requirements, which can be challenging to fulfill for some. OTXQB refers to those in the venture scene, while Pink Open Market covers different types of companies, even those on the edge of financial ruin. The last one is the biggest category in this list.

Not sure how to differentiate them easily? You can simply go with OTCQX being the best market, OCTCQB being the venture market, and the Pink tier being the open market.

Despite these descriptions, you should always remember that the securities in OTC Market are considered microcap or penny stocks, which could open it up for microcap and penny stock scams and frauds.

The good news is that the SEC has requirements that brokers and dealers need to fulfill before they can facilitate the showing of OTC security quotes.

OTC Markets Group CEO and Key Executive Team

Name Designation
Cromwell Coulson President, Chief Executive Officer and Director
Matthew Fuchs EVP Market Data
Antonia Georgieva Chief Financial Officer
Kristie Harkins Chief Marketing Officer
Lisabeth Heese EVP Issuer and Information Services

What are Companies Owned by OTC Markets Group

The company is a huge name in the securities trading and investments industry. Because of this, you can expect that it has acquired a few companies to take under its wing. True enough, OTC Markets Group is listed to have bought several organizations.

The first one it acquired is in 2017, then proceeded to get Virtual Investor Conferences in 2019. Then, it acquired Qaravan a month later. Its latest acquisition is Blue Sky Data, which was announced in March 2022.

Executive Summary

OTC Markets Group is one of the best platforms there is for investors willing to take on new challenges. With its tiering system and multiple useful features such as high-quality information, you can start investing in OTC securities that could increase in value over time and prove to be a wise investment.

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