Omnicell, Inc. Headquarters Office

Omnicell, Inc.
590 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043 United States


Phone: 650-251-6100
Phone: (800) 850-6664 (toll-free)
Fax: (650) 251-6266


Randall A. Lipps Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer
Peter J Kuipers Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

Businesses History

Omnicell, Inc. (Omnicell) is a provider of automation and business information solutions designed to enable healthcare systems to streamline the medication administration process and manage medical supplies for increased operational efficiency and enhanced patient safety. The Company has two operating segments: Automation and Analytics, and Medication Adherence. The Automation and Analytics segment is organized around the design, manufacturing, selling and servicing of medication and supply dispensing systems, pharmacy inventory management systems, and related software. The Medication Adherence segment primarily includes the manufacturing and selling of consumable medication blister cards, packaging equipment and ancillary products and services. The Company’s products include OmniRx, SinglePointe, AnywhereRN, OptiFlex MS, OptiFlex CL, AccuFlex, Autobond, AutoGen, and SureSeal, among others.

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