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NCR Corporation is one of the world’s biggest points of sales hardware and software providers, among other things. Its push toward the digitalization of the cash register made it a remarkable company in various industries. Today, investors can funnel their funds directly through its agent, so they can purchase stocks. For more information, contact NCR’s representatives through the details above.

What does NCR Corporation do?

Formerly known as National Cash Register, NCR Corporation is a leading producer of cash registers and processing systems. It offers software to clients, which helps in the front-end and back-end operations of different types of businesses such as restaurants, banking, and stores.

The company seeks to help its customers connect with consumers with the help of technology. It is known as a world-class provider of enterprise technology, particularly its point-of-sale software for industries like hospitality and retail.

Where is NCR Corporation Headquarters Located?

For those who are interested, the NCR Corporation headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It has two towers in Midtown covering around 750,000 square feet of land, which can hold up to 5,000 employees. You can reach the headquarters by dialing +1-800-CALL-NCR.

where is ncr corporation headquarters
NCR Corporation Enhaned by headquartersoffice.com

While the head offices are located in Georgia, it has 153 offices in 54 countries including Canada, as well as parts of Europe, the Africas, South America, Asia, and the Pacific.

NCR Global Headquarters – North Tower 864 Spring St NW Atlanta, GA 30308, United States
NCR Global Headquarters – South Tower 858 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308, United States

How do I contact NCR Corporation?

Those who want to get in touch with NCR Corporation will be glad to know that there are a few ways to contact the company.

One of the primary ways to communicate with NCR is through phone. For inquiries, those in the United States give them a call at 1-800-CALL-NCR (1-800-224-5627). Individuals in need of service assistance can also reach out through this number. Meanwhile, those outside the United States can dial 1-937-445-1936.

Another way to get in touch with the company is by accomplishing the contact form, which requires first and last name, company, industry, title, business function, and contact details along with your message.

Company History

Founded by John Henry Patterson in 1884, NCR Corporation has been around for more than 135 years., manufacturing registers and information processing software. Interestingly, the cash register was invented in 1879, but Patterson’s hard work helped launch it to fame.

According to Britannica, Patterson went into the cash register business when he purchase a controlling stock in the cash register producer National Manufacturing Company. At the time, the business has been going down. It was Patterson who innovated the cash register to be easy to use, assembled a team of technicians for after-sales service, and the business into what it is.
Today, every marketplace in the world uses some kind of equipment and software that work like a cash register.

Products and Services

Aside from cash registers, the company went on to create other products and services that bank on technology. Check out the hardware and services it offers, including ones that became obsolete.

  • Hardware
    • Item Processing systems such as 7780 and iTran 8000
    • PCs like System 3000
    • Point of Sale systems including POS displays, printers, touch screens, terminals, self-checkout, and scanners
    • Self-service equipment, automated teller machines, and kiosks
    • Servers such as S1600, S2600, and System 5000
    • Petroleum POS Optic 12 and Optic 5
  • Services
    • Banking Services such as ATM as a Service, digital banking, and self-directed banking
    • E-business
    • Education
    • Retail
    • Professional services
    • Self-service
    • IT infrastructure servicing
  • Obsolete
    • Class 1000 register
    • Class 2000 bank posting machine
    • NCR 2170 POS
    • NCR Voyager computer platform
    • RealPrice electronic shelf labels
    • EasyPoint Mini

NCR Corporation CEO and Key Executive Team



Michael Hayford Chief executive officer
Owen Sullivan Chief operating officer, president
Frank R. Martire Executive chairman
Tim Oliver Senior executive vice president (EVP) and chief financial officer
Ismael Amla EVP for professional services


When did NCR Corporation go public?

The company released its initial public offering in 1925, issuing $55 million in stakes. It was considered the largest IPO in the history of the United States. Today, stocks are worth $32.38 per unit. Its stock symbol is NCR.

Can you buy stock directly from NCR Corporation?

NCR Corporation offers a stock purchase and sale program which allows investors to directly buy stocks from the company. It can be done online with the help of Wells Fargo Shareowner Services, NCR’s Stock Transfer Agent. Interested investors can visit the website or call 1-800-627-2303 to enroll.

Does ATT own NCR?

The company was acquired by AT&T Corporation in 1991 and was given the name Global Information Solutions. However, it started using the original name in 1996.

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