Nationwide Mutual Insurance company is a group of US-based insurance and financial services companies in Columbus, Ohio. However, regional, nationwide insurance headquarters are in several other cities of the country.

The company initially started as Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company-an an automobile insurance service for farmers in Ohio. The company later changed its name to Nationwide Mutual insurance and expanded towards property, casualty, and life insurance in the coming years.

The company is a privately-held mutual corporation and thus is not available for common investors to invest in. It is one of the biggest companies in the US and has been a part of the Fortune 500 list of companies.

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General Information

HQ Address: 1 Nationwide Plaza, Columbus, Ohio, United States
Zip code: 43215
Type: Private and Mutual
Industry: Financial services
Founded: 1926
Products: Insurance, Investments, Banking

What are Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Companies known for?

Nationwide is an insurance & financial services company based in the US and is known for its diversified insurance-related product and service portfolio. These products and services include insurance services for homes, property, life, automobile, pets, and many other kinds of assets. Nationwide is known as best in some of its sectors; e.g., it is considered the best pet insurance ever.

Apart from insurance services, the company is also known for other types of financial services such as mutual funds, annuities, and retirement plans. Nationwide is also known for being a large insurance company that is listed on the Fortune 500 list of companies.

Where is Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company headquarters located?

nationwide mutual insurance company headquarters
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company Enhanced by

Nationwide insurance headquarters are located in One Nationwide Plaza at Columbus, Ohio.

Nationwide office locations are all over the US. While the exact number of locations is unknown, the company claims that it has more than 26000 associates working for it with more than 20 offices where the number of associates working is more than 100. The company also claims that due to wide coverage of office locations, it is very likely that a potential customer can find an office nearby them.

The company offers several ways to connect to it.

For ordinary customers:

Questions regarding Nationwide can be forwarded to them by mail at this page on their official site.

Alternatively, you can also contact them by phone at (1-877-669-6877) or at (1-800-848-6331).

For a more specialized or specific form of help, one can find several ways to connect with the company on their official site.

For business customers:

Business customers can either call at (844-240-1194), schedule a call appointment, or find a business agent at the page on the company’s site.

How do I contact Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company corporate?

You have two options to contact Nationwide corporate; either you can contact the company through their physical address (by sending a mail) or at Nationwide insurance Headquarters, One Nationwide Plaza in Columbus, Ohio 43215-2220.

To contact Nationwide insurance headquarters through phone, you can dial 1-800-882-2822.

Apart from the above-mentioned contact number, there are a lot of other numbers, each suited for a different query related to the company. You can find these contact numbers at this site.

How do I complain about Nationwide Insurance?

The company has provided its phone number on its official site by which you can connect with it to discuss any kind of problem that you are facing. The number is given as: 1-877-669-6877

How do I speak to a Nationwide agent?

A standard method to connect with a Nationwide agent is to call the company at 1-877-669-6877 and wait until the automated phone system asks you to press 0 to speak with a company agent. After pressing 0, you just need to wait-typically for two minutes until the agent is ready to speak with you on the phone.

For business customers, the company provides a different number given as 888-508-8622, which they can use to contact the company.

The company also gives a vet helpline on the same page; the phone number for this service is 855-331-2833.

Company History

Nationwide Insurance Company originally started as Farm Bureau Mutual in the state of Ohio, USA, and engaged in automobile insurance services for farmers. It secured about 1000 policyholders in the region, started its business on April 14, 1926, and only used o provide services to the members of the Farm bureau.

In 1928, the company started expanding towards other states such as Virginia and Maryland, starting automobile insurance business in smaller areas in these new regions and slowly expanding towards large cities. In 1935, the company started diversifying its service portfolio to include life insurance services.

In 1936, the company shifted its headquarters to Columbus, Ohio, and in 1955, it changed its name to Nationwide Insurance by which is commonly known today. In the coming years, the company expanded to cover more than 30 states of the US. Due to the need for a larger workspace, the company started building its new headquarters, One Nationwide Plaza in Columbus, and still operates from this headquarters. The company also built its physical presence in several other regions of the city, including Dublin, Grove City, and Grandview heights.

From 1965 onwards, the company strengthened its marketing strategy and created its famous slogan, “The man from Nationwide is on your side,” which was later changed to “Nationwide is on your side” to include female agents in the slogan. This allowed the company to make its Nationwide coverage stronger than ever.

From 2000, onward the company started sponsoring various tours, festivals, sports teams and players, and hospitals to build its name as a socially responsible corporation and was successful in doing so. In 2008, the company started pet insurance services and went to provide one of the best pet insurance ever. Since its founding, the company has also been able to greatly diversify the range of products and services that it offers, including pet, property/casualty, and financial insurance, among others in its business model.

Company Profile

Nationwide is an American group of large companies primarily offering financial services, primarily insurance. Nationwide insurance headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio but also operates through several regional headquarters in other cities of the country.

The product and service portfolio of Nationwide insurance includes property/casualty, vehicles, pets, life, and financial insurance, among others. It is known for its excellent customer service management and high customer satisfaction.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance is a large company and is included in the Fortune 500 list of companies. It is not a public company; rather, it adopts a private mutual type of corporate structure. The company is wholly owned by its policyholders, and its surplus profits are ultimately distributed to them in several ways through insurance policies.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Designations
Kirt Walker CEO
Mark Berven President and COO, Nationwide Property & Casualty
John L. Carter President and COO, Nationwide Financial
Vinita Clements Chief Human Resources Officer
James Fowler Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Nationwide Sponsorships You Need to Know

The company sponsors many events ranging from sports events to tours. Nationwide earned the naming rights from tour in 2003 and kept them until 2012. It also donated about $50 million to Columbus Children Hospital in 2007, which subsequently changed its name to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Nationwide also had a major role in bringing sports to the city of Columbus, Ohio. Noticing that the city was developing at a fast pace in the 1990s, yet did not have an NHL franchise, the company decided to build an arena just adjacent to their headquarters in the city to bring the franchise. These efforts of the company eventually proved to be fruitful.

In the 2000s, NHL started playing in the Nationwide arena in the city. Currently, the company sponsors Columbus Crew, a Major League Soccer Club. Nationwide is still working on the promotion of professional sports in the city.

Nationwide has also sponsored NASCAR and players in the Sprint Cup series in car racing sports. Also, the company has sponsored a memorial tournament named PGA Tour memorial tournament. The company also announced to sponsor a TV show regarding nature and wildlife in March 2010.

Top 5 biggest Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company competitors or Alternative

nationwide mutual insurance company top competitors or alternatives

1. Progressive Corporation

Progressive Corporation is an American insurance service provider and is the third-largest company in the insurance sector. Although the company works in life, pet, and property insurance, too, it is mainly known for its vehicle insurance services. It has also managed to expand in the international insurance market.

Comparing the ratings for both companies, Progressive comes out to be slightly better than the two, although Nationwide was considered a better option for seniors.

2. State Farm

State Farm is a group of large US-based insurance companies headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. It is one of the biggest companies in the property and casualty, and automobile insurance sectors in the market and has expanded its portfolio towards financial services such as banking.

State Farm has a significantly larger market share than Nationwide insurance (about eight times larger). Also, comparing the ratings of both companies, customers slightly prefer State farm over Nationwide.

3. Allstate

Allstate is an American insurance service provider headquartered in Northfield Township, Illinois. Allstate is a very large corporation and is included in the Fortune 500 list of companies. It offers a large number of insurance services, including auto, life, home, business, and investment insurances, among others.

Allstate has a larger market share than Nationwide in the US, but Nationwide has a significantly higher quality of services compared to Allstate. It means that Nationwide can compete against Allstate in the near future.


USAA is a group of financial services companies based in San Antonio, USA. The company has a diversified portfolio of financial services, including banking, insurance, investment, financial advising, and brokerage services.

USAA has a high customer satisfaction rate and is considered to be one of the best insurance service providers in the country. It can be inferred that USAA can be a worthy competitor to Nationwide insurance.

5. The Travelers Companies

The Travelers Companies Inc is an American insurance service provider headquartered in New York City, New York. It is one of the biggest insurance service providers in the USA and has been a part of the DJIA on the stock market. The company offers home, auto, casualty and property, and special insurance services.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company SWOT Analysis:


  • Highly skilled employees
  • Well managed distribution network
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Decent return of expended capital on new projects
  • Strong dealer community
  • Decently organized supplier networks
  • Successful track record of product innovation and of launching new products
  • Successful track record of integrating mergers with its own business model


  • High attrition rate of employees increases companies’ training and hiring fees and lowers existing employee morale
  • Better positioning and placement of products and services required
  • High days inventory leading to inefficient capital management
  • Low investments in research and development compared to competitors
  • Lack of product range (variety) causes customers to turn away
  • Better technology needed


  • Decreasing the cost of transportation can be used to increase profitability or reduce customer expenditure to increase market share and customer loyalty
  • New trends in consumer behavior
  • Green drive by the government allowing the company to provide services to the government as well as its contractors
  • New taxation policy can allow the company to increase profitability
  • Increasing trend of online sales channel


  • Currency fluctuation risk due to the company expanding in foreign territories
  • Different liability laws in different countries
  • Competitors are getting technologically advanced at a rapid pace
  • New environment regulations passed under the Paris agreement
  • Local distributors getting higher compensation from competitor companies
  • Low-quality products in emerging markets can destroy the brand image
  • Consumer buying shifting to the online channel can be a threat to the existing physical supply chain of the company
  • Rising raw material prices as a threat to profitability

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company products list offers:

Nationwide’s insurance covers the following products and services in each sector:

Auto Golf Cart
Boat Camper
Snowmobile Travel Trailer
Motorcycle Motorhome
Personal watercraft Classic cars


Homeowners Flood
Condo Renters


Term Universal
Whole Variable


Personal Umbrella Special liability
Travel Identity theft
Pet Dental
Wedding Accidental medical

With this wide range of services, the company has a solution for any financial risk management problem that a person might have regarding buying a home or saving for retirement or for starting a new business, or for a multitude of other situations.


What Does Nationwide Pet Insurance Cover?

Nationwide pet insurance service is considered the best pet insurance ever as it covers:

  • Vet exam fee
  • Wellness plan for the pet
  • A 24/7 pet health care line
  • Discount on buying a pet plan

Is Nationwide good at paying claims?

Nationwide is very good at managing the claims for its insurances. According to US News, it is the second-best automobile insurance service provider in the market by its insurance claim management.

Does nationwide sell insurance in Florida?

Yes, Nationwide provides car, family, home, and financial insurance services in Florida.

What rank is Nationwide insurance?

According to Forbes, Nationwide Insurance has captured about 2.68% of the market share of the auto insurance industry as of April 21, 2021. This makes it the 10th largest auto insurance service provider in the US.

Is Nationwide insurance A mutual company?

Yes, Nationwide Insurance is a mutual company which means that it is essentially owned by its policyholders. The implication of such a corporate structure is that any profits that the company makes in its business are either retained within the company for further investment or are distributed to its policyholders.

Is Nationwide good with claims?

Nationwide is known for its great claim management and customer satisfaction rate. The company is ranked one of the best, considering its ability to manage the claims of its customers. It can be said that it is one of those companies which are best with their customer’s insurance claims.

Is Nationwide insurance a Fortune 100 company?

Yes, Nationwide insurance is usually ranked in the Fortune 500 list of companies. It was placed on number 76 out of 500 companies as of 2019.

Executive Summary

Nationwide Insurance is an American insurance service provider headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. The company offers insurance-related products and services, including property/rental, pet, life, vehicle, and financial insurance. Also, it has recently expanded in several other financial services sectors such as banking and investments.

The company follows a private mutual type of corporate structure and divides its surplus profits among its policyholders as they are the owners of the company. It also means that the company is not listed on any stock exchange and cannot be invested by retail investors.

Nationwide is known for its long history, from when it started as an automobile insurance service to gradually build its portfolio towards other insurance and financial services. It can be inferred by looking at the company’s past that it may continue to grow and expand in the future.

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