Why should we choose Lincoln Financial Group over another financial institution and does the Lincoln Financial Group offer the customer anything different from the other players in the market place. Let us face it, ten years ago and further back the financial institutions were having a field day with unsuspecting clients, and acting recklessly in their activities.

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Company Information

HQ: 150 N Radnor Chester Rd, Radnor, PA 19087, United States
Traded as LNC (NYSE)
ISIN: US5341871094
Industry: Insurance, Asset management
Founded: June, 1905 at Ft. Wayne, Indina.
Founder: Perry Randall
CEO: Dennis R. Glass
Website: www.lfg.com

So What is the Lincoln Financial Group?

Lincoln Financial Group Headquarters

Lincoln Financial Group is a group of companies and subsidiaries such as Transamerica all operating under the umbrella of AEGON.

There are some 30 subsidiaries within the group all offering overlapping products that compliment its sister companies offerings of products.

By taking, this approach in the financial services market Lincoln Financial Group can leverage a greater market share along with the other subsidiaries by offering complete financial solutions to the financial services market.

Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE:LNC) and its affiliates.

Who owns the Lincoln Finance Group?

Lincoln Finance Group is owned by the parent company Lincoln National Group. This is a national corporation and listed as a fortune 250 companies. Lincoln National Group operates its financial services such as annuities and insurance through Lincoln Finance Group.

What products does the Lincoln Financial Group offer?

Like most financial service companies, Lincoln offers the same products as many of the others such as:

  • Retirement plans Annuities
  • Education plans
  • Life insurance
  • Protected income plans
  • Financial legacy plans
  • Fixed and variable annuity plans

These are just a few of the services offered by Lincoln Finance Group.

Who are the group executives of the Lincoln Financial Group?

Name Position
Dennis R. Glass CEO & President
Dick Mucci Executive VP
Gary C. Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines
Ellen Cooper Chief investment officer
Deirdre Connelly Director
Isaiah Tidwell Director
William H. Fuller President annuity solutions
Lyn M. Utter CEO First source

As you can see the executive, team is a of a diverse group of executives each bringing industry knowledge making the Lincoln Finance Group experts in the industry and providing its clients with the correct solution to their financial needs.

Where can I find the Lincoln Finance Group Headquarters?

  1. Lincoln Finance group has it’s headquarter located in 150 N Radnor Chester RD Radnor 19087-5252 United States USA.
  2. You can call Lincoln Finance Group phone number toll free 800-487-1485
  3. Alternatively, you can email [email protected]

What year was Lincoln Group created?

Lincoln was created in 1905 in Fort Wayne Indiana. The company name is taken from the family name of Abraham Lincoln, which was thought to represent trust and integrity.

The name was actually authorized for use by Abraham Lincoln and a letter delivered by his son Todd Lincoln and confirmed the company could use the facial image of the president as there logo.

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Lincoln Finance Group holds a patent for insurance! Yes, you read that correct they hold a patent for insurance. The patent covers variable annuities and is still in use today to calculate variable annuity end of term payments.

Is there a Lincoln Finance group representative or office near me?

Lincoln Finance Group operates throughout the country with multiple offices and hundreds of financial advisors across the US.

Where can I find a Lincoln financial advisor?

In the first instance, you can check the official website www.lfg.com where you will find many options for locating a financial advisor. This is the best option for most clients because you can choose which product you wish to purchase and discuss further and be directed to financial professional who can assist you with your inquiry.

How can I withdraw money from Lincoln Financial Group?

This should be straightforward and easy to get it started but in some cases, it is more complex than one would think. This is because when you initiate a life policy or annuity there is invariably a term to the policy.

Having a term to the policy is easy to understand. When your policy comes into force, it is normal that there will be a fixed maturity period of say 15 years.

If you decide to withdraw from the policy before the 15-year maturity when your policy has not reached its full earnings potential and the company will lose money.

This is why there are always penalties for withdrawing money early from a non-matured policy.
However, if your policy is well on its way to maturity it is possible to take a policy loan. This can be done in two stages, USD 50,000 and 50,000 and above.

For the first option, you will need to contact customer service and discuss your requirements where the customer service representatives will help you further to release money from your policy.

For the second option of 50,000 + you will need to fax or mail the customer service department stating your request with your complete details like SSN, Tax ID, policy number and date of inception.

Never ever, give usernames and passwords when using fax transmissions or when sending requests through post.
Taking a low interest loan from your annuity or insurance policy may seem like a great idea knowing you can repay the loan through salary deductions over a period.

It can be a great idea however; there are pitfalls you should understand. Removing funds from an active policy will inevitably cost you in the end. You will be paying administration fees from the very moment you start the process.

You can potentially miss bonus payments that could be significant depending on the value of your policy. I would always advise trying to find another option for funding before touching your policy.


Lincoln Finance Group can offer you sound investment plans which is backed by multi-billion dollar assets for you peace of mind and security.

Lincoln Finance is a good choice for planning your finances into the future.

As with most financial services companies Lincoln Finance Group offer great careers and are always looking to extend their talent pool. Contact Human Resource for further information through the official website should you be interested in a new career.

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  1. I’ve been calling Lincoln fo 2 days. After more than 2hours I have been hung up on twice, still haven’t spoken to a live person. Website information claims that I need to contact Lincoln to proceed with what I want to do, so I’m back on the phone again this time 30 minutes and counting.
    I’m not happy about your customer service


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