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The Kroger Company, aka Kroger is after Walmart, the largest general retail company in the United States. However, in terms of revenue, it is the largest retail company. Their revenue in 2019 was $121.2 billion which made it a part of the Fortune 500 list.

Kroger is ranked in 23rd position in Fortune 500 list. The Kroger Company was founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger also has the title of being seventh largest private employer company in the United States. As of January 2021, there are almost 2,742 Kroger stores in 35 states of the USA and this figure is rising rapidly.

As Kroger was founded in Cincinnati so, its headquarters are also based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The primary Kroger location is on Vine Street, Cincinnati. There are also other Kroger locations in the country. The company is very progressive.

In October 2017, Kroger’s stock price was around $21 and as of now, October 2021, Kroger stock price is $40. In four years, its stock has doubled. It means the company is growing swiftly and is conquering every goal in the retail industry.

General Information

HQ: 1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio United States
Zip Code: 45202
Traded as: NYSE: KR
Industry: Retail
ISIN: US5010441013
Founded: 1883; Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Founders: Bernard Kroger
Area served: Worldwide
Products: Supercenter/superstore, Other specialty, supermarket
Divisions: Inter-American Products various chains
Website: www.thekrogerco.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What is Kroger?

Kroger is a supermarket retail store chain and their business model directs them to work in franchise fashion. People can buy their franchises with a single payment or by signing a lease. The franchise model helps them to expand rapidly in the country.

The products are manufactured and sold in their supermarkets. Usually, the profits of Kroger are very limited. They typically make a few pennies in profits on the sale of one dollar. But as they focus on a large target audience, the total sum of profits becomes a lot.

Kroger’s business model is very different as compared to other supermarket chains in the United States. Normally, every retail store chain focuses on one sector of audience and they limit their target audience but in the case of Kroger, everything is different.

Kroger produces products in tier style. They manufacture products in three tiers varying in prices. In this way, they target people from every financial background. Due to this type of unique and successful business model, Kroger has grown a lot.

Where is Kroger’s headquarters located?

the kroger company headquarters
The Kroger Company Enhanced by headquartersoffice.com

The Kroger Company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, and like most companies, their headquarters are also based in Cincinnati. The exact address is 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100.

How do I contact Kroger Corporate?

You can contact Kroger Corporate by sending a mail, email, or by making a call. However, the most convenient way to contact Kroger is to call on their customer support phone number.

Their phone number is 1-800-576-4377 and 513 762 4000. You can easily contact them via this phone number from Monday to Friday (9 am-9 pm).

Kroger History

In 1883, Bernard Kroger who at that time was 23 years old, started a small grocery store business in downtown, Cincinnati, USA by investing all of his savings ($372). He believed in the motto “Be particular and never sell anything you would not want yourself.” He gained instant success and opened another store in 1884. After 18 years, in 1902, The Kroger Company was registered under the title “Grocery and Baking company”.

In 1928, Kroger became a publicly traded company and is incorporated into the New York stock exchange. Its stock price at that time was under $1 and currently, its stock price is around $40. Estimations say that it may touch $200 by 2030.

At that time, Kroger has around 40 grocery stores and their annual sale was around $1.75 million. It was a huge success for the company but it was just the start. After 1955, The Kroger Company started acquiring other supermarket chains.

In 1963, they acquired a 56-store chain Market Basket and started their expansion in other states of America. Till now, Kroger is acquiring several well-known chain companies. Wikipedia says that Kroger is now the second-largest retail store company in the United States.

Kroger profile

The Kroger Company is undoubtedly one of the largest retail companies in the United States in the matter of revenue. The revenue of Kroger in 2019 was around $121 billion with which it secured the second position in the largest retail companies behind Walmart.

Kroger uses digital technology to compete with its rivals and that is the reason behind its success. In the future, the company’s key goals are to increase sales with the help of digitization and to increase its profitability. Keeping in view the past growth of the company, it can be said that the future of Kroger will also be bright.

Bank of America CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Roles
W. Rodney McMullen Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Timothy A. Massa Senior Vice President, Human Resources, and Labor Relations
Gary Millerchip Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Stuart W. Aitken Senior Vice President
Robert W. Clark Senior Vice President of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Sourcing

What makes Kroger successful?

The company’s unique approach towards the consumer market makes it successful. Kroger views the consumer market from a very different perspective. For example, Kroger focuses on selling more and more products and making a small percentage of profits on sales rather than selling fewer products and taking a large percentage of profits.

Also, the technological advancements in the company have allowed it to become successful. Kroger is competing with a lot of large and well-known retail brands but do you know how it is still very successful? The reason is technology.

By using data science and by innovating digitally, Kroger outperforms its competitors.

No doubt that the most significant factor which helped Kroger become successful is the loyalty of their customers. The trade between Kroger and its customers is simple. Kroger provides quality products at reasonable prices and their customers remain loyal to them.

All of these things make Kroger second largest one of the most successful retail store companies in the United States.

Top 5 biggest The Kroger Company competitors or Alternative

kroger top competitors or alternatives

1. Walmart

Walmart is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and largest retail companies in the United States in terms of revenue. The company was founded in 1962 by an American businessman Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, United States.

The revenue of Walmart in 2021 is $559 billion. Walmart and Kroger are the two largest retail companies and huge competition exists between them.

2. Costco

Costco was established in 1983 about 38 years ago in Seattle, Washington, United States. According to Wikipedia, it is the 3rd largest big-box corporation in America. Kroger works with a traditional retail store model while Costco has introduced some advancements due to which its rapid growth became possible.

Both companies are not working in the same industry so, their comparison is a little bit difficult but right now, Costco is far behind Kroger.

3. Target

Target is another huge name in retail company’s list. It was founded in 1902 in Minnesota, United States. Their revenue in 2021 is $93.56 billion which makes it one of the largest retail companies in the United States.

Their stock price is $229 as of October 2021. Target stock is not very much profitable but if long-term investments are to be made, then one may extract profits out of it.

4. Amazon

Who does not know Amazon? It is the largest eCommerce website in the world. It was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online book store but today, it sells everything you can imagine. Amazon is a strong competitor of every online or offline business.

Because of the techy advancements of the company, it has grown a lot in past and will grow in the future. Amazon may outperform every other retail company.

5. Dollar General

Dollar General is a variety store company founded in 1939. It is not that big of a competitor of Kroger. Their annual revenue of 2019 was around $27 billion which compared to other retail companies on this list, is very little.

According to Wikipedia, Dollar General is the 37th largest retail company in the world.

Is Kroger stock a good buy when considering a long-term investment?

A brief answer would be yes. Almost every stock is a good buy when considering a long-term investment. The same case is with Kroger stock. Kroger was founded in 1883, it is a well-established and developed company. So, it can be confidently said that Kroger stock price will increase in the future.

To get an idea of the company’s future, it is suggested to analyze their customers. After all, if their customers are happy and loyal, there will be no obstacle to the company’s growth. In the case of Kroger, there is no doubt that their customers are satisfied with their products and are very loyal to the company so, there is no reason for the company to lack in growth.

Predictions about Kroger stock say that its price at the beginning of 2025 will reach on average $157 with a minimum possibility of $133 and a maximum possibility of $181. In the mid of 2026, the stock price will touch the mark of $200.

These predictions are done by considering every hardship so, there is no possibility of it being wrong. Although, in our opinion, the stock price will be much more than $157 in 2025.

As of October 2021, the Kroger stock price is noticed to be declining for over 50 days which is often considered a dangerous area. So, if someone is planning to invest in the company, this is not the right moment. Although you will make profits eventually even if you invest at this stage, your profit percentage may shrink. A wise decision should be to not invest in Kroger right now.


When did Kroger go public?

In 1977, after 94 years of the formation of The Kroger Company, it became public. The initial public offering was around $0.75. At that time, one could purchase around 1,333 Kroger shares with $1000. Kroger’s stock symbol is NYSE: KR.

Does Kroger pay dividends?

Yes, Kroger does pay dividends but their dividend amount is very less as compared to other companies. They pay around $0.75 dividend per share. The average dividend of the grocery store industry in the United States is 4.26%.

It is also lower than the market average of the United States. The dividend yield of Kroger is 1.81%.

Who is the auditor of Kroger?

Vale Croxton is the director of the internal audit of The Kroger Company since October 2018.

What is Kroger’s competitive advantage?

There are a lot of competitive advantages of Kroger but their label brands are worth mentioning. The private label products of Kroger allow it to outperform other retail stores.

Kroger makes products of three tiers for people belonging to any financial background. One can find inexpensive and expensive products at Kroger. In this fashion, they crush their competitors.

Why is Kroger so dominant in the grocery store industry in the US and the world?

Customer loyalty is certainly the reason behind the dominancy of The Kroger Company. Another reason is that Kroger does not cluster its target audience rather they focus to cater all the people.

What is the best job to have at Kroger?

In terms of salary, the best job at Kroger is Director, Sales. Their average salary per annum ranges from $200k-$250k. For this job, a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree and experience of 5-7 years are enough to apply.


Kroger is one of the largest and reliable retail store brands in the United States. Since its formation, the company is very serious about the quality of its products. Rather than focusing on profits, they focus on customer experience.

They make products for everyone without categorizing people into groups. Because of these qualities, Kroger achieved those levels of success that very few other companies have achieved.

Kroger has also focused on the business part. Their business model and strategies are made by keeping in view the modern world and the needs of this world. The revenue model of Kroger allows it to make money without sacrificing the quality of its products.

In conclusion, it will be justifiable to say that Kroger is a very prosperous company, it has attained a lot of success, and will continue to grow in the future if the company will work as it did in past.

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  1. To whom it may concern: I am writing you after seeing what a snow plow driver has done with Kroger shopping carts. Upon dropping my wife off, who is a Kroger employee, I noticed no less than 25 carts, that had been plowed up into piles throughout the complex. My wife is also an investor in Kroger stock, and has been for several years. This is appalling to see this type of behavior from a contractor. The store is located at 30935 W. Five Mile Road, Livonia, Mi. This should never be tolerated, from a contractor. Best wishes to all the hard working staff at Kroger for 2022, and beyond

  2. I have my grandson that will only eat your all sweet and tangey barbqe our local store dont have it the manager tried to help on it but it wasnt in stock can you please help on where i can get it for him thank you so much

  3. I am hoping to get this message to W. Rodney McMullen and whomever is over advertising. I HATE the Gay Pride Crap on the website!!!!! I am a Christian and I am tired of seeing this mess. I feel like that is simply not right! If you can’t do a promotion for everyone, why do it for 1 group? I don’t believe in Gay Pride, and I am tired of it being pushed down our (the ones of us who don’t believe in it or go along with it) throat! If you don’t think there are several that will stand up, look at Budweiser. I would like to know when the banner or heading or whatever you call it that is the feature is going to be all about Christian’s? I hope this is forwarded to the correct people who make changes and hear the voice of their shoppers. I have SERVERAL places that I do not do business with because of their stand on GAYS and I hope Kroger isn’t one of them! I do ALL of my grocery shopping here, even though I could save by going to other places. Thank you for listening & I hope you change this, Tammy Dozer
    Greenville, Kentucky


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