Health insurance is one of the most important coverage one can get. This gives customers access to health, medical, and wellbeing services. The key to getting a fulfilling package is to get insurance from a reliable insurance provider. Humana is one of the most popular private health insurance companies in the United States.

Where is Humana Inc. Headquarters on Map?

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General Information

Headquarters: 500 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
Zip code: 40202
Traded as: NYSE: HUM
Industry: Managed health care
Founded: August 18, 1961
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What is Unique About Humana?

Humana may be a widely used health coverage in the United States, but it is much more than that. What makes this company stand out from those in its industry is the fact is its commitment to helping all kinds of individuals. The insurance provider has been in the business for 60 years, giving it ample experience in taking care of millions of people, including seniors with the help of its 46,000 associates. It has given excellent service that it was able to secure the 56th spot in the Fortune 500 list back in 2019.

Given these achievements, the thing that truly makes the company unique is its core values. It seeks to uphold good health, provide solutions for distinct needs, and foster growth among its stakeholders. Plus, it provides innovation in the sector, while still making processes accessible and simple.

Where is Humana Headquarters Located?

Humana headquarters can be found at 502 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40202. This general office building covers a lot size of 0.78 acres with a property size of 525,000 square feet.

The insurance company covers a lot of land, aside from this sprawling headquarters on West Main Street. It is known to own land covering 2.8 million square feet in Louisville.

The locations include towers and Humana corporate offices accounting for 2.3 million square feet in the downtown, while 500,000 square feet are in a suburban area.

The corporate headquarters is only the second biggest location, with the Waterside Building being the biggest. It is located at 101 E. Main Street, covering 605,000 square feet.

Individuals who want to get in touch with the headquarters by dialing +1 (502) 580-1000.

How Do I Talk to a Real Person at Humana?

There are different ways to reach out to the company. Customers can use the chat feature to talk with a live customer service representative. However, those who want to talk with a live agent can do so by calling one of the numbers given below.

  • Medicare – 1-800-457-4708
  • Florida Medicaid – 1-800-477-6931
  • Kentucky Medicaid – 1-800-444-9137
  • Humana Gold Plus Integrated (MMAI) – 1-800-787-3311
  • Insurance through employers – 1-800-448-6262
  • Dental and vision – 1-877-877-1051

Company History

The company has been around since 1961. It has gone through a lot of experiences, while also providing coverage for all of its customers. Here is a brief history of its corporate affairs, sponsorships, and services.

Corporate Affairs

Humana has been partnering up with different companies to help bring its services closer to its target market. In the past, it signed a merger with Aetna, Walgreens, and various other organizations.

One of its recent and most significant partnerships is with Walmart, which allowed the superstore corporate to offer a co-branded medicine plan through Medicare. This helped patients save up to 20% on prescription drugs.

Lately, the insurer also signed separate agreements with Heal and League, both of which aim to innovate patients’ experiences. With Heal, Humana seeks to make primary healthcare into the homes of its patients, while the League partnership aims to provide new digital health platforms for members.


The company is active in giving back to its community through different sponsorships and initiatives. It works with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help determine and address social circumstances that impact the health of American youths.
Its involvement with Derby Equity & Community Initiative also helps pave the way toward creating a community for children and other young individuals in Kentucky with the help of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

Other sponsorships by Humana include Silver Sneakers, National Senior Games, and JuiceFest for Jefferson County Public Schools.

Humana Military Healthcare Services

To help military veterans access healthcare and medical services, Humana offers TRICARE. This service brings beneficiaries closer to tools that can help them lead happy and healthy lives including consultations, prescriptions, vaccinations, clinic visits, and many more.

Veterans are also given access to vitamins and formulas for eligible individuals, especially those with infants and parents of kids with special medical needs.

Other benefits for veterans include disability assistance, warrior navigation, and a transitional assistance management program (TAMP).

Humana Inc CEO and Key Executive Team

Name Position
Bruce D. Broussard President and Chief Executive Officer
Vishal Agrawal, M.D. Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer
Dr. Andrew C. Agwunobi Segment President, Home Solutions
Heather Cox Chief Digital Health and Analytics Officer
Sam Deshpande Chief Information Officer


Is Humana owned by Walmart?

No, Walmart does not own Humana. The insurance company is owned by Aetna. However, the superstore chain has been planning to purchase Humana for several years now.

When did Humana go public?

Humana went public in 1968 under the name Extendicare Inc. Its initial public offering price was $8 per unit. The company was renamed Humana in 1974. Currently, its stock symbol is HUM.

Executive Summary

Humana has lots of experience in the healthcare and medical insurance industry, making it an excellent choice of provider. With its unique qualities, competitive set of management, worthwhile offers, and outstanding partnerships and sponsorships, there is no doubt why this Louisville-based company was able to grow immensely throughout the years.

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  1. My name is Tyshondra Barnes I am a Humana customer I being receiving calls from Humana claiming to work with you in addition, Calling Me. The number they being calling me from is Kentucky. I being several compliants concerning my Dental plan under Humana and they tell me they have the compliant yet the next minute they tell me they don’t. I being Humana for along time and made several compliants with Humana about my Dental care plan in any event, I had addressed my concerns with Dentaquest . I am unhappy with this Dental plan and nothing is being resolved and I am starting to lose my patience not getting the proper help and service.


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