Frontier’s headquarters is located in Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. Besides headquarters, they have eight corporate offices in the United States. Frontier Communications is an American telecommunication company founded in 1935. The company’s former names were “Citizens Utilities Company” and “Citizens Communications Company.” The major services of the company include telephone service, ISP, Dish television, and fiber optic television. There are 3,069,000 users of Frontier Communications’ internet service. It operates in 29 states of America. Also, the northwest operations of the company were acquired by Ziply Fiber. Currently, its future is vague.

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General Information

HQ: 401 Merritt 7, Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
Zip code: 06851
Industry: Telecommunications
Services: Local and long-distance telephone service, Internet access, wireless Internet access, digital phone, DISH satellite TV, fiber-optic Internet, fiber-optic television
Founded: 1935
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

How do I contact Frontier Communications corporate?

By using the following phone numbers, you can contact Frontier’s relevant corporate office.

Tech Help 1-800-239-4430
Subscription or Upgrade 1-833-432-1642
Frontier Business 1-833-432-1642
Customer Service

How do I speak to someone at Frontier Communications?

You can speak to someone at Frontier Communication by using the following phone numbers.

Phone Numbers:

800-921-8101 or 844-578-1807

How to contact Frontier Communications Business?

You can contact Frontier Communications Business by using the below mentioned phone number.

Phone Number: 1-833-432-1642

What is Frontier Communications?

Frontier Communications is a publicly-traded telecommunication company founded and based in the United States. The company was founded to provide telecommunication services in rural areas, but later, they also offered services in metropolitan areas. Currently, their services are available in 25 states of America. In 2020, Frontier Communications declared its bankruptcy.

Company History

frontier communications headquarters
Frontier Communications Enhanced by

In 1935, Citizens Utilities Company was separated as an independent company from Public Utilities Consolidation Corporation, which was owned by Wilber B. Foshay. Till the 1970s, Citizens Utilities Company expanded in a lot of states of America.

Telephone line acquisitions:

In 1993, the company announced the agreement they made with GTE Corporation by which they will get access to 500,000 rural telephone lines. By 1993, 190,000 lines were acquired by Citizens Utilities Company. These telephone lines helped the company to expand its presence in over four states of America.

By 1994, 330,000 more telephone lines were acquired by them, enabling them to work in a large area. In the same year, Frontier announced that they were going to acquire 117,000 telephone lines from Alltel Corporation. In 1996, the company acquired 3,600, 20,000, and 23,000 lines in Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada, respectively. In 1999, it again acquired 187,000 telephone lines from GTE Corporation.

Name changes:

On May 15, 2008, the investors of Citizens Utilities Company were allowed to alter the name of the company. The company’s name was changed to Frontier Communication. Its stock symbol was also changed. In December 2011, Frontier Communication moved from NYSE to Nasdaq.

Purchase of Verizon lines:

In May 2009, Frontier Communication bought Verizon lines in around 13 states for $8.6 billion. Verizon at that time was evolving and wanted to focus more on wireless communication services. It is also one of the reasons for the fall of Frontier Communications. Later in 2015, Frontier Communications announced that they were buying the wireline assets of Verizon in Texas, Florida, and California. This deal was made for $10.5 billion.

Purchase of AT&T lines:

Frontier Communication in 2014 purchased AT&T lines of DSL and television in Connecticut. Two subsidiaries of AT&T were acquired by Frontier by this deal. These subsidiaries were SNET America and Southern New England Telephone.

Fiber optic and Internet services:

After realizing the success of Verizon, Frontier Communications acquired Verizon’s fiber-optic network. Because of the poor management of the company, the fiber optic service acquired from Verizon was not much of a success for Frontier.

Frontier also started offering internet services using copper wires in New York. According to a survey, the DSL internet services provided by Frontier Communications were very poor, and customers were highly dissatisfied.

Frontier Communications Profile

Frontier Communications is a well-known telecommunication company based in the United States founded in 1935. The company was started with the goal to provide the best communication services and to become a leader in the telecommunication market. The company was motivated to connect the world with its services.

The major services offered by Frontier Communications were internet services, telephone services, and digital and dish television services. Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

Frontier Communications CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Designation
Nick Jeffery President and CEO
Kenneth W. Arndt Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer
Scott Beasley Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Veronica Bloodworth Executive Vice President, Chief Network Officer
Alan Gardner Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer

Frontier Communications SWOT Analysis

Some strengths of Frontier Communication include a skillful staff, reliable suppliers, free cash flow, and a distribution network that helps it to deliver the services. Unfortunately, these strengths are not enough to sustain in the market.
The company has several weaknesses that led to its bankruptcy. These include small investment in research and development, negative net profit, less demand for services, and poor quality of services. All of these were very detrimental to the company.
Frontier can provide improved services in new markets and reestablish itself. Also, the company should move to modern technology for communication. This is the area where it lacks and can improve its performance.
Frontier Communication does not introduce new services now and then like its competitors. This will place it below its competitors. Also, the demand for their services is seasonal. It led to a substantial decrease in revenue and ultimately bankruptcy.


When did Frontier Communications go public?

Frontier Communication became a publicly-traded company for the second time in 2021. Its IPO price was $30, and the stock symbol is FYBR.

Does Frontier Communications pay dividends?

Yes, the company does pay a dividend. The company announced a dividend of $1. However, the dividend yield as of 2020 is $0.

Who is the auditor of Frontier Communications?

Gianna Custer is the Lead Senior Auditor of Frontier Communications. The external auditor of the company has not been made public.

Does Frontier have good WIFI?

Frontier provides internet starting from 6Mbps up to 1Gbps. Frontier’s internet service got 3.7 stars out of 5.

Are Frontier and AT&T the same company?

No, Frontier and AT&T are not the same companies. There are some partnerships between both companies.

How do I cancel my Frontier home phone service?

  1. Call the retention center of Frontier Communications
  2. Tell them the reason to cancel their service
  3. Return their equipment

Does Frontier have an app on Roku?

Yes, Frontier does have an app on Roku that can be used for streaming.

Does Frontier offer low-income internet?

Yes, Frontier does offer low-income internet. You can apply for a discount if you are a low-income individual.

Does Frontier charge for a router?

Yes, there is a $10 fee for the router charged by Frontier.

Can I use my own router on the Frontier?

Yes, it is possible to use your own router on Frontier. However, Frontier will still charge the router fee.

How much is the Frontier installation fee?

Frontier’s installation fee is $75. You can also get a fee waiver from Frontier.

What type of internet is Frontier FiOS?

Frontier FiOS is an internet service based on optical fiber. This service is only available in some states of America

Final Thoughts

Frontier Communication was founded with a strong base, and it was one of the most popular telecommunication companies, but poor management and conservative leadership led it to bankruptcy. While its competitors were investing in modern communication channels, Frontier was focusing on traditional communication means. Eventually, its customer base decreased, which resulted in the bankruptcy of the company. At the moment, the future of the company is not clear.

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  1. We just canceled my frontier internet service due to high prices. To my surprise, your company where we have been since 2017 is charging my husband and me a $50 cancellation fee. Now the way it was explained was for your company to restock the frontier modem and then give it to the next new customer. Tell me how that is fair!!! We have paid our bills on time. I would like for someone to email me back with a better explanation of the $50 cancellation fees.

  2. Need assistance in Tampa Florida. The dispatch area needs help. I have once again another fiber issue and I work from home. This will be the 2nd time in a month. Advised that I can have a tech in 2 days. 2 days away from work for me due to a Frontier issue? Hope that I won’t be treated like another ticket number. This has cost me $500 plus dollars for a personal hotspot. Hoping for some help.


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