The sector of software companies worldwide is increasing in terms of overall demand and popularity. In particular, the United States is considered as one of the software jobs and company hotspots that are actually playing a contribution in web-based software development as well as other services being offered such as online project management tools, task software, apps and project planning. Namely, one of these is the established software company Fog Creek Software.

Fog Creek Software is a software company that specializes in project management tools. The Fog Creek headquarters is based in Manhattan New York City. It was in 2000, initially as a consulting company, by Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor. Fog Creek moved to a product-based business and furthermore releasing FogBugz and CityDesk in the year of 2001.

Fog Creek Software Headquarters Address

Industry focused Software
Founded in 2000
Key people Joel Spolsky, Michael Pryor, Anil Dash
Headquarters/Based in 55 Broadway, Manhattan (FiDi), New York, NY, USA
Products Gomix, FogBugz, Fog Creek Copilot, CityDesk, Kiln, Trello


Customer service:

Phone North America: 1-866-364-2733
Phone Outside North America: +1 (212) 279-233555
Broadway 25th Floor New York City, NY 10006

Key People/Executives for Fog Creek Software

Anil Dash CEO, Fog Creek Software
Joel Spolsky CEO, Stack Exchange Network
Co-founder, Fog Creek Software and Trello
Michael Pryor Co-founder and President

Fog Creek Software Profile/Overview

Through the years of Fog Creek Software’s operation, they have developed different software platforms In 2008, Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky created Stack Overflow, a question-and-answer Web site for computer programming questions. This serves as a platform for users to ask and answer questions, and, through active presence, to vote questions and answers and ask inquiries or questions of Stack Overflow can earn reputation points and “badges” as perks. Stack Overflow recorded that as of April of 2014, it has made over 2.7 million registered users and more than 7.1 million questions.

Their second platform through the fruitful history of Fog Creek is the Stack Exchange. In September 2009, the company released a beta version of the Stack Exchange 1.0 for the purpose of community creation for programmers and coders. In May of 2010, Stack Exchange Inc. was created as a company, and raised $6 million in investments from Union Square Ventures, other investors and several internships.

In 2011, Fog Creek released Trello. This is a web-based project collaboration application based on the “freemium” business model.

In August 8, 2005, Fog Creek launched Copilot, a remote assistance service. Before known as the Project Aardvark, further developments were done and thus Copilot was launched successfully.

Fog Creek Software Products and Services

The Fog Creek Software has 5 main products: These are as follows:

  1. Glitch (2016) – This is Fog Creek Software’s community hub where anyone can build and remix the app of their dreams, even if you’re not a professional coder.
  2. Trello (2011) – The collaboration tool used by millions of users for the purpose of utilizing projects using boards, lists and cards.
  3. Stack Overflow (2007) – cofounded with Jeff Atwood, this is the largest online community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers.
  4. FogBugz (2001) – The app that pioneered bug tracking has grown into the best tools for software development teams to manage task management, document collaboration, agile development, code management and customer support.
  5. Joel on Software (2000) – The initial foundation of the Fog Creek Software. This is considered as one of the most influential and essential works about software and coders. This sets certain standards for the optimal software development and coding.


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