Eli Lilly and Company is an American pharmaceutical company which focuses on innovative and new products. It was founded in 1876 by Eli Lilly. He was an American businessman, soldier, and pharmacist. The headquarters of Eli Lilly is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

The company is growing and expanding very rapidly. Currently, the products of Eli Lilly are sold in over 120 countries making it one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

It was ranked 123rd on Fortune 500 in 2019 and 221st on the Forbes Global 2000. Eli Lilly is also ranked in the list of Forbes America’s Best Employers. Its revenue in 2019 was $22.3 billion out of which its net profit was $8.3 billion. David A. Ricks is the current CEO of the company. Currently, Eli Lilly and Company locations are in 18 countries.

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Where are Eli Lilly and Company headquarters located?

Eli Lilly and Company was founded in Indianapolis and their corporate headquarters are also located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Address: 893 S Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, USA

General information

HQ: 893 Delaware St, Indianapolis, IN, U.S.
ZIP codes: 46225
Traded as: NYSE: LLY
ISIN: US5324571083
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Founded: 1876
Founders: Eli Lilly
Products: Pharmaceutical drugs
Website: lilly.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

How do I contact Eli Lilly and Company corporate?

You can contact Eli Lilly and Company by using their phone number and you can also write them an email to start the conversation. Their phone number and email address are given below.

Phone Number: +1 317-276-2000
Email Address: [email protected]

How to Report a Product Concern?

If you have concerns or questions regarding Eli Lilly products, you can report them by making a phone call at (800) 545-5979.


The history of the corporation is divided into subsections. So, you can read the part you are interested in.

Formation of Eli Lilly:

Eli Lilly and Co was founded by Colonel Eli Lilly in 1876. Eli Lilly was an army veteran of the American Civil War and a pharmacologist. Before his death in 1898, he served as the president of Eli Lilly and Company. Before 1869, Eli Lilly worked for a drugstore in Indiana but then, he started working as a partner of James W. Binford is an Illinois-based drugstore. After 4 years, in 1873, he gave up the partnership.

Eli Lilly and Company Headquarters
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He again partnered with John F. Johnston in 1874 in a drug manufacturing operation. They named it Johnston and Lilly. After 2 years, in 1876, he left the partnership with him also. But this time, he got his share of equity from Johnston and Lilly. In 1876, Lilly opened his own pharmaceutical company in Indianapolis, Indiana. He named it “Eli Lilly and Company”.

Premature period of Eli Lilly and Company:

After the official formation of the company, Lilly opened his first medical laboratory to different manufacture medical drugs in Indianapolis on 10th May 1876. Eli Lilly hired only three people as manufacturing helpers at his laboratory. One of these three was Josiah K. Lilly Sr. He was the son of Eli Lilly. Josiah was a businessman and pharmaceutical industrialist.

The sales Eli Lilly made in the first years of his company were $4,470 and in the next 4 years, their annual sales were multiplied by 10. This was a huge success for the company. At that time, Lilly started focusing on marketing and advertising. So, he hired a marketing team to market his drugs nationally. Lilly then made the headquarters for his company in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 1881, Lilly restructured the company and made different departments in the company. The Board of directors was also elected at that time. Eli Lilly and Company kept on making new drugs for various diseases and kept on growing. Lilly, in 1890, gave the management of the company in the hand of Josiah. In 1898, Eli Lilly passed away. Josiah became the president of the company after the death of his father. Josiah strived a lot for the prosperity of the company. Eli Lilly and Company made sales of over $1 million in 1905.

Recent past and Present:

Since 1900, Eli Lilly made a lot of medical drugs for different viral infections and diseases. The company was vital in the success and popularity of the company. In 1952, it became a publicly-traded company. Eli Lilly and Company became a part of the S&P 500 in 1971 and after that, its success knew no bounds.

It then started acquiring other small pharmaceutical companies to expand its business throughout the United States. Eli Lilly made sales of around $10 billion in 2000. After 2000, it again started to acquire other companies to fuel its expansion. Till 2020, they acquired around 10-20 companies. Currently, Eli Lilly is considering acquiring Promoter Technologies for over $1 billion.

What is Eli Lilly famous for?

The only reason why Eli Lilly and Company is famous in a positive way and is successful is the quality of the products they delivery. From the start of the company, they have never compromised the quality. The motive of the company was to provide high-quality drugs at affordable prices to help American society.

Even, the mission statement of Eli Lilly says that quality products and innovation should always stay with Eli Lilly and Company. The highly professional research and development department of the company and exceptional products made Eli Lilly this famous.

Top-selling drugs of Eli Lilly:

Names Purpose
Prozac Antidepressant
Iletin Diabetes Treatment
Humulin Diabetes Treatment
Zyprexa Schizophrenia
Polio Vaccine To Vaccinate Against Polio
Vancocin Antibiotic
Treflan Herbicide
Keflex Antibiotic
Darvon Painkiller
Oncovin For Treatment of Leukemia and Lymphoma


Eli Lilly and Co is an American drug manufacturer company founded by Eli Lilly. The company mainly focuses on the research and development of drugs for newly born infectious and viral diseases. Lilly founded the company to produce and provide high-quality and exceptional drugs to the people of America.

Their mission statement is “We Pursue Pharmaceutical Innovation, Provide High-Quality Products, and Strive to Deliver Superior Business Results”.

With this mission statement, the company started in 1876. Because of the supreme quality of their medicines, well-defined goals, and business strategy, Eli Lilly is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

Eli Lilly and Company CEO and key executive team:

Names Roles
David A. Ricks Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Stapleton Barnes Senior Vice President, Enterprise Risk
Stephen F. Fry Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity
John L. Norton Senior Vice President, Global Quality
Myles O’Neill Senior Vice President and President, Manufacturing Operations

Top 5 biggest Eli Lilly Competitors or Alternatives

eli lilly top competitors or alternatives

1. Novartis

Novartis International AG better known as Novartis is a Swiss pharmaceutical company and is based in Basel, Switzerland. It was founded in 1996 by Johann Rudolf Geigy-Gemuseus. It is included in the list of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

In the year 2020, they gained a total revenue of $49.8 billion and their net income was around $8 billion.

2. Pfizer

Pfizer is a well-known multinational pharmaceutical company based and founded in the United States. It was founded in 1849 in Brooklyn, New York. According to Wikipedia, Pfizer is the world’s 4th largest pharmaceutical company concerning revenue.

Last year, their revenue was $41.9 billion and their net profit was $9.6 billion. It is also ranked 64th on Fortune 500.

3. GSK

GSK is an abbreviation of Glaxo Smith Kline. It is an England-based multinational pharmaceutical company founded in 2000. GSK is comparatively a newly founded company but it is the 6th largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

It was ranked at 296th on Fortune 500 in 2019. Its revenue in 2020 was $46.2 billion and net income was $7.7 billion.

4. Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson, shortly known as BD, is an American medical technological device manufacturer. BD was established in 1897 in New Jersey by Maxwell Becton and Fairleigh S. Dickinson. Due to the economic recession, it is currently at a loss.

It made $17.1 billion as revenue in 2020 and $0.8 billion as profits. Becton Dickinson is not a pharmaceutical manufacturer and hence, it is not a direct competitor of Eli Lilly and Company.

5. AstraZeneca

AstraZeneca is a British and Swedish multinational pharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, England. The company came into being in 1999 by the merger of Swedish and British companies. These companies were Astra AB from Sweden and Zeneca Group from England.

Wikipedia says that AstraZeneca is the world’s 17th largest pharmaceutical company with a revenue of $25.8 billion and a net income of $3.1 billion.

Are Eli Lilly and Company stock a good buy when considering long-term investments?

A detailed Eli Lilly and Company’s stock analysis is done here. No doubt, Eli Lilly is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Their continuously improving business strategy, acquisitions of small companies, and successful mergers have made them a very strong and established company.

In 2021, a hockey stick-shaped growth has been noticed in their sales which is an indicator that it is going in the right direction. Despite the chaos created by the pandemic, Eli Lilly and Company did not stop growing rather, a positive trend was noticed.

The past 3 years were very profitable for the company. In the first quarter of 2018, its stock price was around $85 and in 2021, it crossed the mark of $200. The market capitalization of Eli Lilly as of October 2021 is $226 billion which is a lot more than the median market capitalization of pharmaceutical companies in the United States. This is also a constructive aspect of the company.

In 2021, Eli Lilly and Company’s stock rose by 39.8% which makes it one of the most profitable stocks among pharmaceutical companies. Their stock price as of 11th October 2021, is around $236 and the stock prediction by Govt Capital Blog shows that their stock is much likely to touch $750 at the beginning of 2025, and in 2026, it may touch $1100. The current growth of the company guarantees the authenticity of this prediction. It is likely that you will find its stock profitable.

The best site for Eli Lilly Job Application:

If you are interested in landing a job at Eli Lilly, then following websites may help you get one.


1. What year did Eli Lilly and Company go public?

Eli Lilly and Company became a publicly-traded company in 1952. At that time, its success was on peak. The stock symbol of the company is NYSE: LLY.

2. How much does Eli Lilly and Company spend on R&D?

Eli Lilly and Company is known for its professional research and development department. This is because the company spends tons of its revenue in this department. In 2020, they spent $6.1 billion on R&D.

3. Who owns Eli Lilly and Company?

Eli Lilly and Company is a publicly-traded company. However, around 11.6% of the company is owned by Lilly Endowment. Lilly Endowment was cofounded by Eli Lilly’s son.

4. How many locations does Eli Lilly and Company have?

Eli Lilly and Company has its corporate offices in more than 33 countries. Their total number of offices is 43.

5. Does Eli Lilly make insulin?

Yes, Eli Lilly does make insulin Humalog. In 2001, they announced that they are going to produce insulin and they started its mass manufacturing in 2005 in Puerto Rico.

6. Where are Eli Lilly drugs manufactured?

Eli Lilly has a lot of manufacturing laboratories. Their first lab was built in Indianapolis by Eli Lilly.


In this article, we thoroughly discussed Eli Lilly and Company. After passing through all of the topics, you may have got a vivid idea about the prosperity and success of the company.

Because its history goes back into the 19th century, the company is very professional in its work and it is well-developed. People widely trust its products and this trust has helped it to grow a lot.

Eli Lilly has its foot established in the pharmaceutical market. It is currently considered one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of the United States and the future of Eli Lilly looks much more bright.

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