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Contact Details

Phone: 1-800-ETRADE-1 (1-800-387-2331)
From outside the U.S. +1 678 624 6210 24 hours a day
Employee Stock Plans 1-800-838-0908
From outside the US and Canada + 1 650-599-0125
Contact link
Website: us.etrade.com
Live Chat Customer service

E-Trade Branch Locator

Find a branch near you search branch list. Branch Locations by State. https://us.etrade.com/contact-us/branch-locator

Executives Board Members of E-Trade

Paul T Idzik Chief Executive Officer
Michael Pizzi Exec VP/CFO
Michael E Foley Exec VP/CAO
Ellen Koebler Exec VP/Chief Risk Officer
Karl A Roessner Exec VP/Secy/General Counsel

Historical Business Summary of E-Trade

etrade financial center market st san francisco, E-Trade: Headquarters
E*TRADE Financial Center

E*TRADE Financial Corporation, a financial services company, provides brokerage and related products and services primarily to individual retail investors under the E*TRADE Financial brand name. It operates through two segments, Trading and Investing, and Balance Sheet Management.

The Trading and Investing segment offers retail brokerage products and services, investor-focused banking products, and corporate services. The Balance Sheet Management segment manages asset allocation; loans previously originated by the company or purchased from third parties; deposits and customer payables; and credit, liquidity, and interest rate risk.

The company provides its services to customers through digital platforms; and a network of customer service representatives and financial consultants through phone, email, and online at two branches, as well as in person through 30 branches across the United States. E*TRADE Financial Corporation was incorporated in 1982 and is headquartered in New York, New York.


Logo for E-Trade.

The purple and green color palette, the talking babies, and the stock symbol, there was a small financial technology start-up with a big idea—online trading.

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  1. When I originally signed up for Etrade the hold time for a customer service rep. was a couple of minutes. That was years ago though. The hold time now, consistently, both before and after Coronvirus scare has been approx. 45 minutes to an 1 hour each time and I end up just hanging up so it’s probably longer. If Etrade would put even a little of the $ they put into their TV ads into properly staffing their customer services lines they would not be discouraging the new business their TV ads are generating. To avoid the frustration of never being able to reach a customer service rep when you need one, I would NOT do business with this company.

  2. I set up an joint account with my wife 3 weeks ago, transferred money into the account and have not been able to trade due to restrictions on the account. I have followed instructions to remove the restriction and am still unable to trade. I call the help number but each time am on hold for for over an hour with no response from a human being. I very much want to use this service. Do you have any ideas?

  3. I opened an e-Trade account recently and wired some money. The wire went through just fine. However, I wanted wire the money back (I decided against investing at this time). I tried to do this via the e-trade portal but the bank verification just does not work. I have repeatedly tried to sending messages from the portal but that is useless as nobody responds. Customer Services is an hour + wait. I do not know how else to get what I want done. This is not what I expected.

  4. I just moved my Etrade accounts to another broker I can actually talk to. My wait times were always over an hour and then I would sometimes get cut off when they finally answered. They don’t know the meaning of customer service.

  5. My grown-up children and I have been customers of eTrade since its inception when customer service was available on phone in just a couple of minutes. Now it has deteriorated to the point of being a big frustration and time waster, with hold time on phone as well as on Chat for over 80 minutes.
    Moreover the “secure” messages is simply a boiler plate sentences that say “call us” with no other information or explanation. So written communication is useless and offers just a runaround to start all over with 80-90 minutes waiting on phone or chat connection. Why call this message “secure” when all it says is “call us”.
    Of course, not only the telephone and chat services need to improve in terms of response time, but the overall “service” could be a bit improved if the “secure” message explains a little more in a sentence or two rather than simply “call us”.  Let’s hope that eTrade will urgently implements appropriate steps to improve the communications and response times and before this current mode becomes a new normal.

  6. I will be moving my money out of Etrade ASAP. I cannot wait on the phone for more than 45 minutes each time I called them. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  7. E*TRADE’s response to COVID-19 was probably not well thought out as it seems. There is a surge of retail investors in this year alone, yet their customer service line is horrible. Just as others comments here have stated before me wait times to to speak to a representative are longer than 45 minutes to an hour! I’m still struggling getting someone on the phone just so I can get approved for options trading level 3. Hey E*TRADE corporate! If you’re reading this, hire more staff members for your customer service line already!! The only employees who should have gotten a pay cut or laid off are your senior/tenured upper management as they rarely add much value to your company with their antiquated work ethic!

    • Stay away from this broker at all cost. Fed up with their service when had accounts with them. Until this moment, they still had not and refused to transfer my cost basis to the new broker.

  8. So what’s up Etrade!!? I’m getting tired of being lied to on every level. And most of them are supervisors. Promising call backs but following through. This is becoming absurd. I can be on the phone with them for hours and they can’t solve the issue and I have logged over 37 hours on the phone with these people and it’s the same story every time . But ETRADE this is crazy that you are avoiding the truth of this matter and it’s wrong for you to not explain to me what’s going on and if you don’t know then say that and let’s work on this together to solve . I will be expecting a call from the senior office because the lower level cannot get it and I have some ideas to what may be helpful or maybe not but atleast let’s try and resolve this . You have my info and contact number .. reach out !! Hopefully upper management calls me

  9. Steve…your post could have been written by yours truly. I have been. suffering for about a month trying to get the hold on my accounts lifted. I have been advised that e-trade has received the docs required to remove the blocks and than I get the same run around ” we will refer this matter to our legal dept and call you back tomorrow……..this is massive.
    bull doody as I have heard this at least 4 times from 4 different sales people.
    if I ever get control of my and stocks, you can be sure that the next day I will have a new broker. I have been in the market for…get this….60 years and have never encountered anything so unprofessional before.

    curses on you, e-trade

  10. By the looks of all the other comments that E*Trade’s clients have left, it doesn’t appear that anyone at E*Trade really cares, much less responds to any of it’s customer’s complaints. I’m not sure if filing an official complaint with the SEC or FINRA will help, but I’m tired of screwing around with these people. My biggest question to their CFO, Paul T Idzik, is how is it that E*Trade even has any customers? We’ve been trying to just re-register my dead parent’s account since November. Shame on you.


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