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Dell Technologies is a USA-based multinational technology company with headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. The company’s products include PCs, servers, peripherals such as monitors and projectors, smartphones, televisions, computer software, and security products. The company was founded in the September of 2016 by the merger of Dell Inc and EMC Corporation.

Dell Technologies owns several technology companies, including Virtustream and Secureworks, while it has owned various companies such as VMware in the past. It is one of the biggest corporations in the world by revenue. It went into private ownership in 2013 after its initial public offering before again shifting towards being a publicly-traded company.

General information

HQ: 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, TX 78682, United States)
Zip Code: 78682
Traded as: NYSE: DELL (Class C)
Industry: Computer hardware, computer software, cloud computing
Founded: September 7, 2016
Founder: Michael Dell
Products: Personal computers, Servers, SAN storage, NAS storage, Networking, Software
Area served: Worldwide
Divisions: Dell Client Solutions Group, and Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group
Subsidiaries: Alienware, Boomi, SecureWorks, Virtustream and VMware (80%)
Website: www.delltechnologies.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What do Dell Technologies do?

Dell Technologies is an information technology company, and its products include desktop computers, laptops, peripheral devices such as monitors and projectors, smartphones, tablets, televisions, MP3s, cameras, and other electronic devices. Additionally, the company also provides computer software, servers, storage and repair, and security services to its customers. While the company does include services in its portfolio, the bulk of its revenue comes from the sales of personal computers.


The products made by Dell Technologies are targeted at various segments of the market, including large businesses and corporations, small and medium businesses and enterprises, the public sector, and the ordinary consumer class.  Its products include personal computers including desktops and laptops, peripherals such as printers and projectors, and other consumer electronic devices.


Dell services provide business and IT solutions to clients such as cloud services, security, infrastructure, application, and business process services and deployment and support services.

Dell Technologies aims to provide good, valued products at a low price to its consumers. It earns its revenue from direct selling to its customers, e-commerce channels, creating specially customized products for people, and selling mass customized products.

Value Propositions

Dell Technologies offers three main value propositions: price, customization, and brand.

  • Price

The company strives to provide its products to consumers at low prices. It spends very little on research and development compared to its competitors, such as Apple and HP. It practices a lean manufacturing process where efficiency and profit maximization are given utmost priority while costs are kept at a minimum. It also does not maintain a large physical presence and has no retail store. These operational tactics allow it to reduce the prices of its products.

  • Customization

The company offers customization options to its customer by which they can select and reject various features of their devices, almost like making them themselves. Customers can choose the processor, hard drive sizes, rams, video cards, optical drives, and operating systems of their devices. This gives the company an edge in providing customers exactly what they want, which is not possible in retail purchasing.

  • Brand

Dell Technologies maintains a valuable brand image in the market. It was one of the first companies to enter the personal computer market and is still one of the top producers of PCs in the world. This brand image of Dell Technologies helps a lot in convincing their customers to buy their products.

Distribution Channels

Dell’s distribution channels include its official website, from where most of its sales occur. In addition to this, Dell Technologies maintains a solid social media base and uses third-party retailer stores, solution providers, and resellers for marketing its product.

Customer Relationship Management

Dell has tried to automate its customer relationship with ordinary consumers. The customer service center on its website has detailed answers to frequently asked questions, while the community in online forums can also help its customers with their problems. In addition to this, personal assistance by the company is also present in the form of phone, chat, and e-mail support.

As for the businesses, corporations, and institutional customers, Dell tries to provide personal assistance to them for better customer service. The company normally assigns a team of specialists to these clients so they can help them with their problems through their expertise.

Main Business Activities

As we all know, the primary business activity of Dell Technologies is to design, manufacture, and sell its products and services. Dell outsources production to third-party manufacturers to minimize costs and deliver products fast. The largest assembling facilities of Dell are located in China and Malaysia, while various others are in the USA, Brazil, India, and Poland.

Cost Structure:

The company’s success is highly credited to its cost structure. Dell Technologies aims to manufacture the best products and provide them to their customers at a minimum price. Most of the company’s budget is spent on management and administration.

Dell is trying to invest more in fixed research and development costs to build its reputation as an end-to-end solution provider.

Important Partners:

Dell is a member of the Commercial Partner Program. The program provides training and sales and marketing tools to its members.

Through Dell Partner Direct Program, Dell connects with resellers of its products such as Avalon Technologies.

The technology partner programs of Dell use its platform to build solutions. Partners in this group include Atlantis Computing and Citrix.

The original equipment manufacturer (OEP) program includes entities that help customers integrate technology in Dell hardware. Partners in this group include Datatrend and Blue Chip.

The global alliance of Dell involves those partners that use Dell’s products, including its hardware, software, and services, into their own already existing offering. These include Oracle and Microsoft.

The global system integrators are the companies that develop services in companionship with Dell Technologies, for example, Deloitte and Atos.

Lastly, the service providers are the companies that provide Dell’s service solutions to their own consumers.

In short, Dell Technologies provides hardware, software, and other computer-related high technology products and services to its customers at a minimum price. It does so by using its lean manufacturing model and innovative distribution channels. Both these tactics allow it to sell its products at lower rates. Dell uses its unique value propositions and its partner companies to market and sells its products and services to its consumers.

Where is Dell Technologies headquarters located?

Dell Technologies 3501 SW 15th St Bldg A Oklahoma City OK 73108 United States
The headquarters of Dell Technologies is located in Round Rock, Texas, USA.

Contact Number of Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies Customer Service

The customer service of Dell Technologies can be accessed at their official website, where they can be contacted via e-mail, online chat, or phone call. The link to Dell Technologies’ customer service page is www.dell.com/learn/us/en/ussoho1/campaigns/soho-contact-us.

How do I complain to Dell Technologies?

A complaint can be sent to Dell Technologies in many ways.

Dell’s customer care’s phone number is 1(800)624-9897

The customer care form contact form can be accessed at secure.opinionlab.com/ccc01/comment_card_d.asp to list any complain.

Dell Technologies Profile

Dell Technologies is an American technology company that specializes in providing personal computers, computer hardware, software, and computer-related services to its customers.


Dell’s customer base includes large corporations, public sector customers, small businesses and enterprises, and ordinary consumers.

Headquarters and Facilities:

The headquarters of Dell Technologies is based in Round Rock, Texas, and it has 374 locations in 77 countries of the world. The bulk of manufacturing and assembling of Dell laptops, one of its most demanded products, is done in two locations: Penang, Malaysia, and Xiamen, China.


Dell is structured in two main divisions; the client solutions group mainly deals in personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and peripheral devices, while the infrastructure solutions group provides servers, storage, and networking services.

Dell Technologies has expanded in the services sector, but its main source of revenue is still the hardware products such as personal computers and laptops.

Contact Information:

The company’s customer service management, technical support, and sales support can be contacted through its official site. Customers can choose to contact the company via e-mail, phone call, or through a chatbox. The link to the company’s official site is www.dell.com/en-us.


Dell was founded by Michael S. Dell while he was studying at the University of Texas at Austin. He founded the company to sell IBM personal computers to customers.


A complete list of the key executives of the company is given below, with their names and roles in the company in separate columns of a table.

Mission and Vision Statement:

Dell’s mission and vision statement include being the best computer seller in the world by providing the customers the best experience at minimum cost.

Business Strategy:

Dell Technologies tries to provide its products to the consumer at minimum cost. For this purpose, it gets the product manufactured in a lean manufacturing method by keeping its own costs to a minimum.

How Does Dell Technologies Make Money?

Dell earns its money by offering the following products and services to its customer.

  • Products:

The majority of Dell’s revenue comes from selling its products such as desktop computers, laptops, and computer peripherals.

  • Services:

On the service side, the company offers cloud computing services such as servers and storage, security services, and computer repair services centers.

Top 5 biggest Dell Technologies competitors or alternatives?

Dell Technologies top competitors or Alternatives

1. Lenovo Group

Lenovo is a Chinese multinational information technology company that specializes in manufacturing personal computers, smartphones, workers, supercomputers, and storage devices. Lenovo carries out its operations in more than 60 countries and it sells its products in more than 180 countries. It is a publicly listed company, and its stock has not shown consistent growth in its lifetime.

2. HP Inc.

HP is a world-famous company that manufactures and sells computers and laptops and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. HP is also a public company, but its stock has not shown as much consistent growth as Dell’s stock has experienced in the previous years.

3. IBM

IBM, or international business machines, is an American technology company that provides hardware, software, middleware, and hosting and consulting services to its consumers. IBM is a quite old company and is famous for its important inventions and acquisitions of other large technology companies. Compared to Dell, IBM’s stock is not performing as well.

4. Apple

Apple is a famous American multinational technology company that provides consumer electronic devices, software, and online services to its customers. It is among the largest technology companies in the world and has been a very good performer as a publicly listed company. Apple can be considered a worthy competitor to Dell due to its brand value, market capitalization, and innovations.

5. Samsung

Samsung is a Korean multinational conglomerate company specializing in consumer electronics and computer chipmaking. It is famous for its high-quality smartphones. Although Samsung is a very good performer in the stock market, it does not give direct competition to Dell because it has many other sectors of business than manufacturing and selling laptops. Also, Samsung is not considered to specialize in the laptops segment, and consumers prefer Dell’s products, so Samsung is not a major competitor to Dell.

Looking at the profiles of all potential competitors to Dell Technologies, it is evident that Dell only has to worry about Apple or Lenovo at most. It shows that the company is able to manage itself in a competitive environment.

Is Dell Technologies a good investment?

Dell Technologies’ stock (DELL) is currently trading at about $96.22 and has jumped more than 50% in the previous 1 year, which is a great performance. Currently, it pays no dividends to its investors, but that is compensated for by its high growth potential.

Dell Technologies has been consistently outperforming its competitors such as Apple, HP in 2020 due to the increasing demand for its personal computers. The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown caused a spike in demand for its products due to the increasing trend of remote working and education in the previous year, contributing to its stocks’ high performance.

Dell’s increasing investments in emerging technologies such as cloud computing services and 5G infrastructure shows that the future for Dell Technologies is bright in the coming years.

Due to the strong prospects of Dell Technologies’ stock, most of the analysts are giving a high stock target price. The higher target price of Dell is about $136, which is quite higher than where the stock is now. The lower price target is at $92, just a few units down from its current trading price. The median price target and the most probable target is $118, more than 20% higher than the current price.

Looking at the demand of products of Dell, its future interests and plans, its performance compared to competitors’ performance, and its price targets, Dell can be considered a Buy stock meaning that it can prove a good and profitable investment.

What is Dell Technologies’ stock symbol?

Dell Technologies is listed on the New York stock exchange with the ticker symbol DELL.

What year did Dell Technologies go public?

Dell went public in June 1988, offering 3.5 million shares at a price of $8.5 per share. Dell went back to a privately owned company in 2013 after a buyback by its owners at the price of $13.65 per share. In 2018, Dell Technologies, the company formed by the merger of the original Dell and EMC corporation, again went public.

Is Dell Technologies a publicly traded company?

Yes, Dell Technologies is a publicly traded company. It is listed on the NYSE with the ticker symbol DELL and is currently trading at about $96.22.

Dell Most Ask Questions:

Does Dell Technologies pay dividends?

No, Dell Technologies currently does not pay any dividends to its investors.

What stock sector is Dell Technologies?

Dell Technologies belongs to the information technology sector of publicly traded companies.

How many employees does Dell Technologies have?

Dell Technologies has about 158,000 employees as of 2021.

How Much is Dell Technologies Worth?

The total assets of Dell Technologies are about $123 billion, while the market capitalization is about $73.8 billion.

Who does audit for Dell Technologies?

Dell Technologies has had a long-term relationship with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a UK-based accounting service providing a network of firms. PwC has been the independent auditor of Dell Technologies for about 20 years, and Dell has paid more than $22 million to PwC for its professional services regarding the company’s auditing.

Is Dell owned by Microsoft?

Dell is currently a publicly traded company, and as with any other publicly-traded company, its shares are owned by its individual investors, institutional investors, and its key figures, such as Michael Dell. Although Microsoft helped the company’s buyback in 2013 by putting $2 billion in acquiring the stock of the company, it is not an owner of Dell Technologies currently.

In which country dell’s laptop was manufactured?

While Dell Technologies’ facilities are present in the USA, India, France, Poland, Brazil, Panama, Morocco, France, and many other countries of the world, more than 95% of the Dell laptops are assembled in Penang, Malaysia, and Xiamen, China.

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Dell Technologies is USA based multinational information technology company that provides computer hardware, software, and computer-related services to its customers. Dell’s business activities are divided on the basis of customer base and the nature of the offerings.

Due to Dell’s innovative manufacturing and distribution processes, it has been able to offer its products and services at reasonable prices to its customer and consistently perform better than its competitors on the stock market.

Due to its strong company profile, innovative business model, excellent performance in the past, and expected future growth, Dell’s stock can be considered a good investment.

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