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The Coca-Cola Company is a beverage company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The Coca-Cola company locations are present nearly all over the world, and it manufactures, markets, and sells non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and syrups. The company is most known for its flagship product, Coca-Cola, a sweetened cola-flavored soft drink, but it has managed to expand its product portfolio to many more products, including different flavors of coke, diet coke, soft drinks with different flavors such as Sprite and Fanta, and packaged fruit juices.

The company was created in January 1892, so it is about 129 years old. The Coca-Cola company is known for its extensive marketing strategies and advertisements, due to which it has managed to keep itself relevant in people’s everyday lives despite facing tough competition from other corporations, especially the Pepsi Corporation.

The company mainly produces syrup concentrates which are distributed to bottlers who are located all over the globe. From these places, bottles get filled and are distributed to the retail stores and then to the consumers.

Currently, The Coca-Cola Company is the largest producer of soft drinks in the world and has a leading market share in the beverage industry in nearly all parts of the world.

General information

HQ: 14 -0082-0004-027, 1, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Zip Code: 30313
Traded as: NYSE: KO
ISIN: US1912161007
Industry: Beverage
Founded: January 29, 1892
Founders: John Stith Pemberton (as Coca-Cola) and Asa Griggs Candler (as The Coca-Cola Company)
Area served: Worldwide
Website: www.coca-colacompany.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What is The Coca-Cola Company?

The Coca-Cola Company is a US-based multinational beverage producing company mainly known for its Coca-Cola drink, a cola-flavored sugary soft drink. It is the largest beverage manufacturer company in the world as well as one of the largest companies by revenue.

Where is The Coca-Cola Company located?

coca-cola-headquarters, coca cola japan hq
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The primary Coca-Cola Company location headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia, in the USA and has more than 111 offices among 49 countries of the world. The Coca-Cola company locations are in nearly all of the countries of the world. For any consumer who wants to contact the Coca-Cola company, the company has provided a number for consumer relations-related issues on their official site. The number is given below:

Phone Number: 1.800.438.2653

How do I contact The Coca-Cola Company?

At the Coca-Cola company’s official site, the company has provided two numbers each for a different purpose which are given below:
For consumer relations: (1.800.438.2653)
For company statement: 1.888.348.2404

How can I email the Coca-Cola Company?

The Coca-Cola Company has not provided any email address for customers, although one can contact the company by filling a form on their site. The link to that page is given below:
Additionally, the company has also provided the email address of the current CEO of the company, i.e., James Quincey.

The email address is given below:
[email protected]

The Coca-Cola Company History

The Coca-Cola Company has a long history as it was founded more than 100 years ago. In 1886, John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist from Georgia, invented the original coke drink. He marketed it as a medicinal beverage and tried selling it through medical stores.

Later, a businessman named Asa Griggs Chandler purchased the Coca-Cola company and marketed it as a refreshing cola-flavored drink. In 1919, a businessman named Ernest Woodruff purchased the company from Asa, and it went under his management for the coming years.

In the same year, the company went public. The Coca-Cola Company stock got listed on the Ney York stock exchange for $40 each. The IPO was a success and paved the way for the company for years to come.

The company struggled with very tough competitors such as Pepsi corporation. At one time, it even lost most of the market share of sugary soft drinks to Pepsi, and even blind taste tests were indicating that Pepsi was better tasting than Coca-Cola, but the Coca-Cola company reinvigorated its old marketing tactics to regain market share from other companies and establish itself as the largest beverage manufacturer company in the world.

During its lifetime, the company acquired many other companies to expand its product portfolio. These acquisitions include Minute Maid, a beverage company; thumbs Up, an Indian Cola beverage manufacturer and retailer; Inca Cola, a distinct soft drink product; honest Tea, an organic tea manufacturing company and Costa Coffee, a coffee house chain based in England. At one point, Coca-Cola even owned Columbia Pictures, a film producing and distributing studio which was later sold to Sony.

The above-mentioned acquisitions allowed the company to expand its portfolio towards additional products as its competitors were doing so. These products include Sprite, Fanta, teas, bottled water, and juices.

Currently, the Coca-Cola company is one of the largest soft drink manufacturing and retailing companies in the world, with the lion’s share in its hands. It has managed to consistently beat its competitors out its way, for example, Pepsi, after trying to compete with Coca-Cola for so many years, finally decided to expand its portfolio towards other products (such as snacks) to compensate for not having as big a market share in the beverage industry as Coca-Cola does.

Although the company has experienced immense growth already and is not expected to have such a growth boom again, the company’s financial conditions and its marketing strategies indicate that it will still maintain steady growth in the coming years, so the future is as bright for the Coca-Cola company as was its past.

The Coca-Cola Company Profile

The Coca-Cola Company is an American manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of beverages. It has a wide product portfolio consisting of soft drink beverages and juices. The company earns money by selling the syrup concentrates to its bottlers, who then fill the bottles and distribute them to the retailers. In some cases, the company bottles the products and distributes them to the retailers all by themselves.

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most recognized and biggest companies in the world in terms of revenue and is the largest in terms of market share in the beverage industry. Coca-Cola company is known for its unique and extensive marketing strategies, which have allowed it to be the leading producer and retailer of soft drink beverages in the world.

By financial performance, the company is considered to be in the top tier, although now it is not expected to experience a growth boom again. But it is still managing to beat its competitors out of the market. This is why an investment in The Coca-Cola Company stock can be considered safe and moderately profitable.

What are Coca-Cola Company’s mission and vision?

Coca-Cola company’s mission statement is to provide optimism, freshness, happiness, and enjoyment to the people in every moment of their lives.

The company’s vision statement is to create a difference by providing refreshing drinks to their consumers and adding value to their lives in a way that is sustainable for both the business and the environment, thereby creating a bright, shared future for everyone.

The Coca-Cola Company CEO and key executive team

Names Roles
James Quincey Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
John Murphy Executive VP and CFO
Brian Smith President and Chief Operating Officer
Manuel Arroyo Global Chief Marketing Officer
Stacy Apter Vice President, Corporate Treasurer
Source: www.coca-colacompany.com

What makes The Coca-Cola Company successful?

The primary reason why the Coca-Cola company is very successful among its consumers is that it considers its brand image more than it considers its product itself. Focusing on the product could prove to be detrimental as there are so many companies with similar products, and there is no other way than marketing and branding to distinguish your company and product from others.

The Coca-Cola company has been able to keep its communication to the customers simple and consistent over time, claiming to provide them happiness and joy packaged in bottles. Now, the consumer base of the Coca-Cola company knows what to expect from the company, and the company knows what to provide to the customers. This is why the Coca-Cola company has managed to keep such as close and strong relationship with their customers.

Recently, the company has expanded its marketing strategy towards social media, which is the main platform by which a company can connect with its audience on a personal level. The company has managed to gain a huge following on many large platforms. The Coca-Cola Company uses these platforms to give consistent messages to their consumers to build a very specific positive image in the mind of the consumers that no other company or brand can take the place of.

Also, the company tries to personalize its relationship with its customers by connecting with them on an individual level. This makes the consumers feel important to the company, in turn helping the company manage a positive brand image in its customer’s minds.

Apart from marketing, the company is also known for its high standards of product quality. Coca-Cola has adopted a decentralized distribution system which allows it to maintain such standards of products. Most of the time, the company sells the concentrates and syrups to its bottlers all over the world, who then prepare and the product and distribute it to the retailers. This allows the company to cut down on distribution expenses in addition to maintaining high standards of the product.

As its distribution model is decentralized, the Coca-Cola company chooses the best business partners (bottlers and retailers) for the distribution of the product and establishes healthy, strong, and long-term relationships with them, which also helps in maintaining product quality.

The company holds the distributors responsible for any problem in the product quality and drives them to provide the best value to the consumer for their money, so they always know which brand of soft drinks to choose from a long list of them.

Coca-Cola has always emphasized simplicity in its products. Even in such a complex modern world of consumerism, the company still keeps its simple and classic product at the forefront of its brand image and marketing strategy.

All these strategies of the company helped it to become one of the most trusted and one of the largest brands in the whole world.

How Does The Coca-Cola Company Make Money?

The Coca-Cola company earns revenue through two main streams. In the first one, it creates the product, i.e., the beverages, and sells it to the retailers, which sell the product to the customers.
In the second stream, the company only sells the syrup and concentrate of the beverage to its bottlers all over the world, who then fill the bottles and carbonate them and then distribute them to retailers, and then the product reaches the customers.

In both these streams, the company realizes that distributers and bottlers (in the second case) are responsible for maintaining the quality of the end product reached to the consumers, so it tries to identify the best distributors and bottlers in the market and establishes strong relationships with them to satisfy their consumers.

Top Companies & Brands Owned by Coca-Cola:

While the total number of brands owned by the Coca-Cola company is approximately 200, the most famous ones are listed below:

Ades soy-based beverages Honest Tea
Aquarius ILOHAS
Ayataka green tea innocent smoothies and juices
Chivita Minute Maid juices
Ciel water Powerade sports drinks
Costa Coffee Simply juices
Dasani waters Schweppes
Del Valle juices and nectars SmartWater
Fairlife Sprite
Fanta Topo Chico
Fuze Tea Vitaminwater
Georgia coffee Fresca
Gold Peak teas and coffees

In addition to the brands, the Coca-Cola company owns a lot of companies as its subsidiaries, most of which are its regional bottlers that help convert the raw syrup of the beverages into usable drinks, bottle them and distribute them to the customers in their region.

Top 5 biggest The Coca-Cola Company Competitors or Alternatives

coca-cola company top competitors or alternatives

1. PepsiCo

Pepsi Corporation is an American manufacturer, retailer, and distributor of beverages and snacks headquartered in Harrison, New York. PepsiCo was created in 1965 as a result of a merger between Pepsi corporation, and Frito-Lay Inc.

Frito-Lay manufactures snacks while Pepsi division of the company manufactures Pepsi, a sweetened Cola flavored drink which is the direct competitor to The Coca-Cola company’s Coca-Cola drink.

The two companies have always competed with each other to the level that their rivalry has become a topic to discuss in pop culture. While Pepsi is a main competitor to The Coca-Cola company, I think that Coca-Cola has the edge over it, at least in the beverage sector, as Coca-Cola is the more trusted and accepted brand of the two.

2. Nestlé

Nestle is a Swiss food and drink processing company and is headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. It operates in nearly all of the countries of the world. The company was found about 155 years ago.

While the company does not produce any competing product to Coca-Cola, it manufactures packaged juice products, teas, and bottled water which is exactly the type of product that The Coca-Cola company has been trying to expand its portfolio in.

As The Coca-Cola company is in dire need to expand its product portfolio to healthy products like these, nestle is one of the main problems in the way, so it can be considered a dangerous competitor to The Coca-Cola company.

3. Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble is an American consumer goods manufacturing company and provides a wide range of products, including skincare and personal care products, etc. It is one of the largest corporations by revenue.

Procter & Gamble owned several juices and coffee products recently, which were competitors to The Coca-Cola company’s expanding portfolio, but most of them are sold, so P&G cannot be considered a good competitor to The Coca-Cola company due to the different nature of the products that they offer.

4. Unilever

Unilever is a British manufacturer of consumer goods headquartered in London, England. It is one of the largest companies in the world by revenue.

Its product portfolio has many products and also includes beverages such as coffees and teas, which makes it a competitor to The Coca-Cola company due to the recent expansion of the products of The Coca-Cola Company in this sector.

5. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is an American fast-food company headquartered in San Bernadino, California. Along with fast food products, the company offers milkshakes and smoothies, which can make it a competitor to The Coca-Cola company.

While it is a competitor, the products it offers are not perfect substitutes to each other, so it can be expected that The Coca-Cola company faces no direct threat from this company.

10 Fun Facts About The Coca-Cola Company

1. Invented by a pharmacist

The Coca-Cola drink today is considered unhealthy, but it is interesting to know that the drink was invented by a pharmacist. Not only that but the drink was originally sold as a medical supplement that could help people maintain a healthy life.

2. Red Label on the bottles

The famous red color used in the label of the bottles of Coca-Cola is due to the tax laws. During the early days of the company, alcohol was being highly taxed, so its executives tried using the red color to distinguish the bottles from alcohol bottles so they could evade the heavy taxes.

3. Open-top coolers

Coca-Cola helped popularize open-top coolers. During the early 20th century, the company hired industrial designers to create a more portable version of the coolers which resulted in open-top coolers. These quickly replaced metal buckets that were used at that time to keep bottles cool in hot temperatures and are still very popular today.

4. Design of bottles

The iconic design of the glass bottles of Coca-Cola was to distinguish it from its competitors. During the early days of the company, some other companies were also trying to sell their Cola flavored drinks in the market, so the Coca-Cola company decided to make its bottle design unique to set them apart from others.

5. Santa Claus

Coca-Cola is also responsible for creating the image of Santa Claus as we know him today. In the early 20th century, the company hired designers to paint pictures of Santa Claus, which were to be printed on the coke bottles. These images took inspiration from St. Nick, who looks like Santa’s modern image.

6. The secret sacred recipe

The Coca-Cola company is known for keeping the secret recipe of their flagship drink Coca-Cola. Although you cannot see the recipe itself, you can visit the place where it is kept secret. It is located in the Coca-Cola secret vault in Atlanta.

7. New coke

In the latter half of the 20th century, the Coca-Cola company introduced new coke, an updated version of the original Coca-Cola drink. It was highly criticized, and the sales of the company plummeted; the company had to bring back the original drink within 79 days. Some marketing experts believe that the company did all this on purpose so it can first make it relevant and then offer the consumers the product that they want. If that is true, the company was successful in carrying out its master plans as its sales boosted after the reintroduction of original coke.

8. It was taken to space

Coca-Cola was the first soda drink to be taken to space. In 1985, astronauts brought the Coca-Cola drink on the Challenger space shuttle, which made it the first soda to be used in space.

9. Deal of its recipe

In 2007, one of the employees of the Coca-Cola company tried to sell the company’s secret to its largest competitor, the Pepsi corporation and had to service 8 years in jail for that.

10. Largest buyer of coke

Mexico is the largest buyer of Coca-Cola products, even more than the Americans themselves. According to a report by the company on its official site, Americans had about 401 servings of the company’s products in a year while the Mexicans had about 745 servings in the same year. While these numbers are for all of the company’s products, not just the Coca-Cola drink, they are still pretty huge.

Is The Coca-Cola Company stock a good buy when considering long-term investments?

The Coca-Cola company stock is quite a safe long-term investment, if not the best one of all available in the market. The Coca-Cola company’s stock has shown consistent growth in its value since the company’s IPO. On top of that, the company is considered a dividend king among investors because it is consistently paying dividends to its investors and has also been increasing the dividend constantly for about 40 years.

Conversely, there are some major drawbacks to investing in Coca-Cola. The Coca-Cola Company is large, and it has already experienced immense growth that made it a global brand. Due to this, it is not expected to go through such a growth spurt again in its lifetime.

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People often quote that Warren Buffet-one of the richest men on the planet and perhaps the best investor ever- owns The Coca-Cola Company stocks, so they must be a good investment, but what they do not realize is that Buffet invested in Coca-Cola a long time ago so he benefitted from the appraisal in the value of the Coca-Cola company shares which new investors cannot do.

Also, in modern times, people are becoming more and more health-conscious and have been avoiding sugary drinks and moving towards more healthy beverages. This puts Coca-Cola in a dangerous position as its very flagship product is considered to be quite unhealthy. Now, unless the company significantly alters its portfolio to include healthy products, it cannot benefit from changing consumer preferences.

Still, Coca-Cola is a global brand and is expected to keep growing moderately, if not at a very high growth rate. So, any investor who is looking for a long-term hedge against inflation for his or her hard-earned capital, then the Coca-Cola company cans still be a good investment.

The best site for Coca-Cola Company Job Application

Multiple sites can be used to apply for a job in the Coca-Cola company. For applying for the job or internship, Coca-Cola’s official site and LinkedIn can be best. For job search best sites that are recommended are listed below in the table:

Top 5 sites for searching jobs and internships in Coca-Cola


When did The Coca-Cola Company go public?

The Coca-Cola company went public in the year 1919, and its shares opened at $40 per unit. The company is listed on NYSE and has a ticker symbol of KO.

Does The Coca-Cola Company pay dividends?

The Coca-Cola Company is known to pay huge dividends to its investors. The company started paying dividends in the year 1920 and continued playing it till now. Also, the company has increased its dividend amount since 1987 and has continued to do so as of 2019.

Currently, The Coca-Cola Company stock has a dividend yield of about 3.1%. It paid dividends of $.42 for one quarter in the year 2021.

Who is the auditor of The Coca-Cola Company?

Barry Below is the Vice President of the internal audit of the company.

Coca-Cola has been in a long-term relationship with its auditor, Ernst & Young, which is a multinational network of professional services, primarily accounting, and is considered one of the big four accounting firms. It has been the auditor of the company since 1921.

How much does The Coca-Cola Company spend on R&D?

The Coca-Cola company spent about $37.2 billion on its research and development in the year 2019, which is quite large for a beverage company. It can be expected that the bulk of this would have been employed in improving the company’s marketing tactics and advertisement strategies.

What makes Coca-Cola a big brand?

Undoubtedly, the primary factor that has contributed to Coca-Cola being such a large and trusted brand is its marketing strategy. From its early days, the main emphasis of the company was towards creating its unique image for the consumers, for which it used unique bottles, innovative advertising strategies, and considering consumer satisfaction as the main goal of the company.

The company has continued this vision to this day which can be noticed. Now the company is facing tough competition from its competitors but has still managed to be relevant in the minds of the consumers. Thinking about it, anyone can manufacture a soft drink and sell it, but the main feat of the Coca-Cola company is to make such a brand image that consumers blindly trust the brand.

Final Thoughts

The Coca-Cola company is no doubt one of the most trusted brands of our time, and rightfully so because it has always tried to create its image as such by its unique and extensive marketing. In addition to those, the company’s efforts to establish a close and personal relationship with its customers through social media and advertisements have been very helpful in portraying such a positive image of the company.

The Coca-Cola Company has always tried to maintain a good standard of their product, but what makes it so successful is that their primary focus is not on the product but on the experience that their customers gain from the product. This factor distinguishes it from other soft drink manufacturing companies.

The company’s financial performance has also been marvelous throughout the years, due to which its stock is a good performer on the stock market and pays a handsome amount of dividend to its investors. The Coca-Cola Company stock can be considered excellent for the people who want to secure or hedge their investments against rising inflation and want to earn passive income on their invested assets.

Lastly, the future for Coca-Cola also seems bright as its past because the company seems to have understood the changing consumer preferences in the modern world and is moving towards more healthy products. It can be concluded that although Coca-Cola may not have such positive prospects for growth as Apple Inc., Amazon Inc., or other big technology companies have, it is still going to be relevant for decades to come.

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