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Cisco Systems, Inc. is a renowned networking business well recognized for its networking equipment manufacturing and distribution. The business also sells software and provides related products. Cisco has specialized in IP-based network technology, switching, and routing systems, and technology for IP telephony, networking, security, storage area networking, wireless technology, and optical networking throughout its existence.

Cisco Systems is one of the multinational American technology firms best recognized for their computer networking technologies.

General information

HQ: San Jose, California, United States
Zip Code: 95134
Traded as: Nasdaq: CSCO
Industry: Networking hardware and Networking software
Founded: December 10, 1984; in San Francisco, California, United States
Official Website: www.cisco.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What does Cisco Systems do?

Cisco Systems is a well-known IT and internet networking company that deals with cybersecurity, routers, switches, and the Internet of Things, and whose logo appears on every corporate phone and meeting equipment.

Despite the fact that Cisco is a popular company, there is still an air of mystery about the corporate, leaving a slightly satisfied but anxious to learn more impression due to the fact that there are aspects of Cisco, including the name of the brand itself that is unknown.

The networking services of Cisco connect users, electronic devices, and computer networks, enabling individuals to access and transmit data regardless of time, location, or computer system type.

Cisco is the only company that can boast a ‘history’ in a sector as fresh as global networking. Not only does Cisco’s network carry 80 percent of all Internet traffic, but we also utilize the Internet to operate our personal business, from orders placed and inventory control to employee communications and travel costs.

So, while you consider your options for your firm, start from the beginning. Because Cisco Systems invented the Internet, we understand exactly what is required to get your company online. Enjoy the benefits of Cisco’s expertise and experience to get the Internet functioning for your company.

Where is Cisco Systems, Inc. headquarters located?

cisco systems headquarters
Cisco Systems is a well-known networking hardware firm whose stock is traded under the symbol CSCO.

Cisco corporate headquarters are is located in San Jose, the United States of America. It is one of the world’s biggest networking hardware firms. They have a significant market share in the networking services, goods, and materials industry. The corporation is a well-known brand among clients who have high levels of trust in it.

They have offices in Japan, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, France, Switzerland, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, among other nations.

Contact Number

  1. How to contact Center Enterprise Customer Service

You can contact Center Enterprise Customer Service of Cisco through this number 1 800 553 2447 or Cisco Worldwide Support Contacts.

  1. How do I contact Cisco sales team?

You can contact Cisco sales team by dialing this number: 1-888-469-3239 or Call Webex Sales.

  1. How do I chat online with Cisco?

During local business hours, Online Chat Support of Cisco delivers live, actual technical support for Cisco products via a web live chat with a Support Center engineer.
The standard warranty for online chat assistance is one year from the purchase date and can be prolonged with the Support Service.
Improve the speed with which you receive product service contract support:

  • Make sure you have your Cisco.com login ID available.
  • Make sure you have your product serial number ready.

If you’re working on a service contract, make sure you have your contract number ready.

Cisco System History

Cisco was established with the goal of facilitating communication. Bosack and Lerner, the company’s founders, were making research at Stanford University in 1984 to connect two independent networks. After connecting network cables in between the two locations and interconnecting them with bridges and also routers, the two recognized that they required a system that could manage the various local area protocols to enable the separate networks to interact with one another and exchange information.

As a result, in 1986, Lerner and Bosack designed the multi-protocol router that they later released. The revenues of Cisco were about $26 million in 1989, with just three products and 110 workers.

Cisco received its first invention for its technique and devices for routing communication across networked computers with the arrival of the 1990s and the increasing usage of the Internet.

After thirty-three inventions and a slew of cutting-edge goods, the business launched its first fax-over-IP and voice-over-IP devices, and also a line of cable data, in 1997.
Cisco developed the first ever wifi router for small offices, homes, and telecommuting in the next year, as well as Gigabit Ethernet.

Cisco is at the core of a latest means of communication as networking changes over time from facilities to platform. With above 10 billion systems predicted to be connected to the Internet by 2010, Cisco is developing a normal state communications system that will allow the reliable integration of data, video, voice, and smartphone communication.

Cisco, for instance, is working on IP-based video devices that will revolutionize how video content is transmitted to homes and businesses in the future.

Cisco is also assisting in the modernization of the medical facilities by inventing technology that would give room for the connection of medical information and the construction of national and regional health-care networks. Cisco’s innovative culture also allows students in over 120 countries to pursue their educational and career goals.

Cisco Systems, Inc. Profile

Cisco manufactures network equipment such as switches, servers, and routers and also software that transports data across the internet and business networks.

Internet conferencing systems, security devices, and other network devices for enterprises and government organizations are also manufactured by the corporation that has dominated the industry for IP-based networking equipment. Cisco, which also gives cloud connection, is focusing more on software that oversees networks.

Clients from the Americas account for the majority of sales. Large telecommunications service providers are Cisco’s principal customers, although the company also sells devices to small enterprises and the government.

Cisco’s products and services are divided into four categories, which are:

  1. Infrastructure platforms

Switching, routing, wireless, and data center solutions provide networking capabilities as well as transmit and store data, and these platforms account for 50 percent of the company’s sales.

  1. Applications

Applications are generally software-related services that work on the networking and data center platforms of the company, accounting for more than 10% of sales.

  1. Security product category

Access management, Email security, advanced threat protection, Network security, and unified threat management products make up the Security product category, which accounts for over 5% of sales.

  1. Other Products category

Cloud and system management products, as well as emerging technologies product lines, are included in the Other Products category.

Key Executives

Chuck Robbins Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Maria Poveromo Chief Communications Officer
Maria Martinez Chief Operating Officer
Gerri Elliot Chief Sales and Marketing Officer
Liz Centoni Chief Strategy Officer

How Does Cisco Systems, Inc. Make Money

Cisco is known for producing high-quality products for a wide range of clients.

Possessing Cisco products or working with them can greatly benefit the businesses.

One of the factors that attract clients is the brand.

Cisco, unlike many other corporations of this kind, has just few revenue streams. Cisco makes the majority of its money in two ways. Let’s have a look at those ways.

Here are the two majority ways in which Cisco makes most of its money:

  1. Product sales of high-quality hardware

This is something you are already aware of. The first thing that pops up in the mind of people when they think about Cisco is the hardware items that they sell.

As previously stated, it makes practically all of the things that a business requires to execute its operations. Not just that, but it is always improving its goods to make them suitable with modern technology. The company makes the most of its money by selling telecommunications equipment, network infrastructure, and other comparable items.

  1. Fees for subscriptions

It also makes money by selling software and providing infrastructure services. Cisco supplies enterprises with the tools they need to conduct their businesses both online and offline. WebEx, an audio and video conferencing app, is also available.

Cisco WebEx is a popular video conferencing tool used by companies for most of their online meetings and other purposes. For using its services, Cisco charges a monthly subscription.

Popular Cisco Enterprise Networking Solutions

Cisco, being one of the most well-known network gear vendors, provides organizations of all sizes with secure and reliable solutions.

Do you know how to set up a network using Cisco switches, firewalls, routers, or other devices?

Now is the time to discover the perfect Cisco solutions to enable you to achieve creativity and safety while lowering complexity and costs.

For businesses of various sizes, there are four enterprise office networking solutions.

Select the appropriate office network solution for 1 to 25 people, 50 people, 100 people, and 200 people.

The other 5 Center Enterprise Networking Solutions of Cisco are:

  1. Conference Room Network Solution
  2. Hospital Network Solution
  3. Internet Cafe Network Solution
  4. Financial Network Solution
  5. Catering Chain Network Solution

Top 5 biggest Cisco Systems competitor or Alternative

Cisco Systems top competitors or slternatives

1. Dell Technologies

Data storage devices, cameras, PCs, network switches, servers, and printers are all developed, sold, and maintained by Dell, which is a multinational Technology firm. It is the world’s largest provider of corporate external storage devices, and it will remain such in 2020.

Dell has up to 25 percent share of the external storage market globally in 2020, which is higher than its next four competitors altogether. Dell made $5 billion in sales from total storage sales in the second quarterly report of 2021.

Dell is also the leading company in hyper-converged systems, with a market share that is more than double that of Cisco. It is one of Cisco’s main opponents due to its prominence in the hyper-converged and external storage system sectors.

2. Lenovo

Lenovo is also one of the leading telecom companies with a global impact. In the hyper-converged and HCIS system market, Lenovo competes with Cisco. The sales of hyper-converged systems increased by 50 percent every year to up to $75 million in a second fiscal quarter of 2020.

Lenovo also has a 9% share of the global HCIS market, increasing from 6% in the second quarter of 2019. In the HCIS market, it is now rated the 5th position. The data center division of Lenovo had a 20 percent growth in sales to $1.5 billion in the first fiscal quarter of 2020.

Lenovo’s primary competitive edge against Cisco is its collaboration with AMD, Microsoft, Nutanix, and VMware.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft is a well-known multinational corporation that develops and supplies computer software, hardware, gadgets, and services. Azure, the main cloud platform of Microsoft, competes with the cloud-based services of Cisco.

In Third quarter of 2020, Microsoft Azure had a 60 percent increase in revenue yearly. It resulted to a 15% increase in the total quarterly profit of Microsoft to $35 billion in the third quarter. Microsoft is engaging in both AI and IoT, which will help it maintain its competitive advantage.


Nvidia is a graphics processing unit maker and IT business that specializes in computer chips. With the widespread implementation of AI and deep learning, need for graphics processing unit has skyrocketed, as has Nvidia’s competitive advantage.

Nvidia’s data center business expanded by almost 60 percent between 2018 and 2020. The total revenue of Nvidia increased by 15% during the period of time.

Nvidia Virtual graphics processing unit is stealing corporate clients from Cisco VXI when it comes to the Infrastructure Software of Virtual Desktop. Demand for the graphics processing unit of Nvidia will continue to rise as more apps and gadgets use both AI and deep learning.

5. Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent Company is a prominent communication, network, and cloud services supplier. Alcatel-Lucent, which includes California State University, had over 800,000 subscribers in 2020.

Cal State implemented a new data center using the company’s OmniVista and OmniSwitch systems, which reduced delay, boosted download speed, and conserved the university roughly $100 million.

Mercy Ships is one of the humanitarian causes and organizations that Alcatel-Lucent supports across the world. Alcatel-Lucent is a major competitor of Cisco due to its experience and reliable networking technologies.

Is Cisco Systems a good investment?

Yes, Cisco system is a good investment.

Cisco is a steady corporation that dominates the industry in hardware and is growing its software services sector.

Cisco is a fantastic corporation that, at the proper price, would be the best long-term investment.

Cisco Systems is a high-quality organization that is changing its focus to new business areas. It has a robust financial sheet, with low gross debt and good profitability, and the enterprise has demonstrated its commitment to investors by paying a dividend and repurchasing stock.

Cisco has the largest market share in networking equipment. As a result, their core hardware industry has been able to generate consistent cash flows and pay large dividends to shareholders.

Cisco is now shifting its focus to network security and software services. Cisco has already made significant strides in expanding its software business.

However, despite its uninspiring short-term outcomes, investors should consider investing in Cisco stock to enjoy the benefits of the low valuation of the company compared to its brighter long-term prospects as it transitions away from its heritage portfolios and business strategy.

What is Cisco System stock symbol?

Cisco Systems is a well-known networking hardware firm whose stock is traded under the symbol CSCO.

What year did Cisco System go public?

Cisco System went public on February 19, 1990 with the symbol CSCO.

Cisco was created in year 1984 and went public in 1990, with a 25 percent increase in share price on the first day, beginning off a long run of gains. As the digital revolution took place, the company created a leading industry around routers and switches hardware for network access, and enjoyed spectacular sales and profit margins.

Cisco’s dominance in corporate networking hardware fueled stock growth, and the company dominated the industry for a decade. Cisco stock reached a high of $80 a share in 2000, with a market capitalization of $550 billion, overtaking Microsoft as the most valuable firm and inspiring speculation in the world that it could reach a $1 trillion worth.

The networking sector had never before undergone such a severe downturn, and the company’s unbridled confidence about the internet’s future pushed it to increase production and demands to unsustainable levels.

Shares steadily rebounded, reaching a peak of $35 in 2007, equating to a market worth of nearly $200 billion. These earnings were wasted during the financial crisis of 2007-2010, with shares trading at $15 during the worst of the downturn before rebounding to around $25 by 2009.

Is Cisco System a publicly traded company?

Yes, Cisco system is a publicly traded company.

Cisco had its first public offering in 1990. Because of the spectacular success of the company in succeeding years, the IPO of Cisco is regarded as the best of all time. It ranked first on Forbes’ ranking of the greatest IPOs of the 1990s.

Cisco stock reached a high of $80 a share in 2000, with a market capitalization of $550 billion, overtaking Microsoft as the most valuable firm and inspiring speculation in the world that it could reach a $1 trillion worth.

Does Cisco Systems, Inc pay dividends?

Yes, for sure. Cisco is a dividend paying company.

Despite the fact that it has a relatively brief dividend history, Cisco is a dividend-paying stock with a growing dividend. It is dividend-paying technology stock, to be precise.
Cisco pays a $1.5 cents per share yearly forward dividend.

The most previous quarterly dividend paid by Cisco is the forward dividend per share. Dividends are paid out every year over the course of four fiscal quarters.

At the current Cisco stock price, the forward dividend per share provides a 2.8 percent Cisco dividend yield.

Cisco always pays its dividends every three months or even four times a year.

In January, April, July, and October, Cisco has routinely paid dividends.

Because Cisco’s dividend payment date is subject to change, checking the company’s investor relations website is a smart idea.

Alternatively, you can also read their most recent dividend announcement public statement. The actual date for each dividend payment will be provided by these sources.

The dividend of the company has continuously increased since its first payment in 2011. Since its inaugural quarterly dividend payment of only 6 cents per share, the company has grown significantly.

What stock sector is Cisco Systems?

Cisco System belongs primarily to technology stock sector.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is one of the top companies that belong to communications and information technology sector that designs, manufactures, and sells Internet Protocol-based networking devices and services.

The business also sells software and provides related products. Cisco has specialized on IP-based network technology, switching, and routing systems, and technology for IP telephony, networking, security, storage area networking, wireless technology, and optical networking throughout its existence.

The company that has led the networking equipment also manufactures security devices and other network devices for businesses and government agencies. Cisco, which also provides cloud connectivity, is concentrating on network management tools.

How many locations does Cisco have?

Cisco has up to 266 office locations in 87 countries. It is based in San Jose, California.

Some of the main office locations are:

  1. San Jose (Headquarter), CA, United States
  2. Albany, NY, United States
  3. Albuquerque, NM, United States
  4. Anchorage, AK, United States
  5. Atlanta, GA, United States
  6. Baton Rouge, LA, United States
  7. Bellevue, WA, United States
  8. Clovis, CA, United States
  9. Colorado Springs, CO, United States
  10. Destin, FL, United States
  11. Doral, FL, United States
  12. Dublin, OH, United States
  13. Durham, NC, United States
  14. Fargo, ND, United State
  15. Greensboro, NC, United States
  16. Greenville, SC, United States
  17. Harvard, MA, United States
  18. Houston, TX, United States
  19. Jefferson City, MO, United States
  20. Malvern, PA, United States
  21. Memphis, TN, United States
  22. Montgomery, AL, United States

Who is Cisco owned by?

Bosack and Lerner, two computer scientists who were influential in connecting computers at Stanford, formed Cisco Systems in December 1984.

But Cisco is currently owned by Chuck Robbins, who is the CEO and Chairman.

How many employees does Cisco have?

Cisco has up to 77,500 employees all over the world, with over 38,500 workers in the U.S.

Cisco lost over 480 workers in both its San Jose and Milpitas locations in California in July, with 390 workers at its headquarters as well as another 90 in Milpitas.

Who does audit for Cisco Systems?

Cisco’s Senior Internal Auditor is Rahul Gopi. He does most of the auditing for CIsco system.

Rahul Gopi has more than 6 years of audit and consulting expertise as a Chartered Certified Accountant. Internal and external auditing, accounting, annual financial preparation, and reporting are all skills he possesses.

How to get a job in a networking company like Cisco

Cisco has a tough recruitment and interview procedure, so getting a networking job there is no easy task. Here’s a basic overview on how to apply for the position.

If you apply for a top level, Cisco will conduct a thorough interview to confirm that you are competent of doing the required tasks. You’ll need to plan ahead of time if you want to make it through this.

How to Apply for a Job at Cisco

You should begin by researching Cisco Systems thoroughly. Then figure out which jobs you’re qualified for. Cisco’s job postings specify all of the essential abilities, so make sure you have them before applying.

Cisco also combines a variety of graduate and intern trainings that will provide you with the hands-on computer science expertise you’ll need to get started in the tech and networking industry. These possibilities will provide you with industry experience and may potentially lead to a career opportunity with the organization.

On the website of the company or through a recruiter, you can apply for a job with Cisco. Ensure your CV is well-written and reflects your qualifications and enthusiasm for the job.

The recruitment process for an engineering position at Cisco spans from two to three weeks on average. The duration varies widely depending on the position you’re applying for.

A phone screening interview is frequently required of online applicant or candidates who apply through a recruiter. They’ll then do up to four onsite interviews to assess your code abilities, debugging abilities, CCNA skills, and behavior.

Those who apply through a university or college will be requested to fill an on-campus screening first. Then they’ll be quizzed on technical issues and possibly given a coding project. The candidate will then be subjected to onsite technical interviews.


  • Cisco deals with IP-based network technology, switching, and routing systems, and technology for IP telephony, networking, security, storage area networking, wireless technology, and optical networking.
  • Cisco’s headquarters are in San Jose, California, in the U. S. They have offices in Japan, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, France, Switzerland, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, among other nations.
  • Both Bosack and Lerner are the main founder of Cisco.
  • Cisco developed the first ever wiFi router for small offices, homes, and telecommuting, as well as Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Cisco System went public on February 19, 1990 with the symbol CSCO.
  • Cisco makes the majority of its money in two ways, which are Product sales of high-quality hardware and Fees for subscriptions
  • Cisco Systems is a well-known networking hardware firm whose stock is traded under the symbol CSCO.
  • Cisco has up to 260 office locations in 87 countries. It is based in San Jose, California.
  • Cisco System belongs primarily to technology stock sector.
  • Cisco pays a $1.5 cents per share yearly forward dividend.
  • Cisco has up to 77,500 employees all over the world, with over 38,500 workers in the U.S.
  • Cisco’s Senior Internal Auditor is Rahul Gopi.
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