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Aon plc is a publicly traded multinational insurance brokerage and risk consultancy company based in the United Kingdom. Aon is a Gaelic word that means “one”. The company was founded in 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, United States by Pat Ryan and W. Clement Stone. The company was founded by the merger of two insurance companies. These companies were Ryan Insurance Group founded by Pat Ryan and Combine Insurance Company of America. The headquarters of Aon plc is located in London, United Kingdom. They also have around 52 corporate offices in the USA alone.

Aon provides a wide range of financial insurance and risk advisory services. Some of its financial services are Group and Individual Insurance, Kidnap and Ransom Insurance, Political Risk Management, Transaction Solutions, and Health Solutions. Aon is one of the leading British professional financial services providers. It has over 50,000 employees and Aon plc locations are in over 120 countries around the globe. Aon also provides B2B services to different firms and companies. As of 13th October, the stock price of Aon is $298. The highest price it touched today was $300 and the lowest was $294.

General Information

HQ: The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall St, London EC3V 4AN, United Kingdom
Traded as: NYSE: AON
Industry: Professional services
Founded: 1982
Founder: Patrick Ryan
Area served: Worldwide
Services: Risk Consulting, Retirement Consulting and Health Consulting
Website: www.aon.com
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

What is Aon plc known for?

Aon plc is one of the leading professional insurance service providers. It is widely known for the integration of technology in the insurance market. The company is famous for introducing innovative insurance services.

These technological advancements help Aon to cause decrements in volatility.

They also help in risk management and with the use of technology Aon elevates the profit margins. Throughout its presence, it has made a great reputation as a technological insurance company in the world.

Where is Aon plc headquarters located?

aon auckland new zealand headquarters
Aon is a British company and its corporate headquarters (primary Aon plc location) are also located in London, United Kingdom. You can visit their headquarters only on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm.

Address: The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall St, London EC3V 4AN, United Kingdom.

Where is Aon headquarters USA?

Aon plc locations are also in the USA. All of the operations which are carried out in the USA are managed from their USA headquarters. Their headquarters in the USA are in Chicago, Illinois.

Address: 200 E. Randolph St. Chicago, Illinois 60601 United States.

What is the phone number for Aon Global Service Desk?

Aon Global Service Desk number is 1.866.266.4357.

How do I contact AON corporate?

One can contact Aon corporate by calling them or by writing an email. Their phone numbers and email address is given below.

Phone Number: 1.800.453.0567

Email Address: [email protected]

Note: You can only contact them via phone on weekdays and their timing will be 8 am – 10 pm. On Saturday, their timing is 9 am – 5 pm.


Aon plc was founded in 1982 by the merger of Ryan Insurance Group and Combined Insurance Company of America. The initial name of this newly founded company was aon which was renamed after several years. Its new name was Aon. The founders of Aon are Pat Ryan and W. Clement Stone. Pat Ryan was the owner of Ryan Insurance Group and W. Clement Stone was the owner of Combined Insurance Company.

History of Combined Insurance Company

The mother of W. Clement Stone bought and started operating a small insurance company. In 1918, her son joined that insurance company. The company was very small and they only offered few services at that time. They were operating from only one branch and their customer base was also very narrow. After a year, in 1919, W. Clement Stone founded his own insurance company under the name Combined Registry Co.

In 1929, The Great Depression started. Combined Registry Co. reduced the workforce and started more focusing on productivity to save their expenses. Stone in 1939, bought Casualty Insurance Co. which was based in Dallas, Texas. From the 1940s to the 1960s, the company kept growing and they also expanded their services. Combined Registry Co. grew a lot during this time. They also introduced their services internationally however, the economic recession was a huge problem for the company.

History of Ryan Insurance Group

Patrick Ryan was the son of a Ford dealer in Wisconsin. He started Ryan Insurance Group as an automobile insurance company in 1964. Ryan’s company bought the insurance brokerage of Esmark conglomerate in 1976. Ryan’s focus was to grow his company by introducing more and more helpful and innovative insurance services. So, he started reducing the expenses of the company. After this, the company merged with Combined Registry Co.

History of Aon

In 1982, Combined Insurance merged with Ryan Insurance Group to form a new insurance company. After the merger, the control of the new company was in the hand of Patrick Ryan. In 1987, Ryan changed the company’s name to Aon. Aon sold its direct life insurance holdings to General Electric to focus more on consultation services.

It was the right time for the company to introduce its services overseas and for this purpose, Aon started acquiring other small international insurance companies. They bought Alexander and Alexander Services and Minet Group in 1997. This made Aon the largest insurance brokerage in the world.

In 2000, Aon bought the accident and health insurance business of Reliance Group. They also bought Actuarial Sciences Associates. At the end of 2000, Aon tried to restructure the company and they also reduced their workforce. In 2001, Aon became a publicly-traded company. After a year, most of the insurance holdings of Aon were bought by Endurance.

Aon acquired Hewitt Associates in 2010 for $4.9 billion. This was the largest acquisition of Aon. However, this purchase made Aon a very profitable company. They made $3 billion in revenue with Hewitt Associates. Then, in 2012, the headquarters of Aon were shifted from Chicago to London. Eric Anderson became the president of the company in 2020.

Company Profile

Aon is one of the most successful insurance companies in the world. The company was founded in 1982. Today, Aon plc locations are expanded in over 120 countries across the globe and they have 50,000 active employees. They provide a wide range of financial insurance services.

Some of the most famous ones are risk management, retirement insurance plans, health solutions, and crisis management. It was founded to provide superlative insurance services to the public.

Their goal is to help all types of clients with the most creative and thoughtful services. Therefore, their services are always customer-centric.

Aon plc CEO and Key Executive Team

Names Roles
Eric Anderson President
Brad R. Lorimer Health and Financial Institution Leader – Canada
Jason Ott President, Aon Private Risk Management
Radovan Skultety Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Risk Solutions, Czech and Slovak Republic
David A. Griffiths National Consulting Director, Financial Services Group
Source: aon.com, aon.com, aon.com, aon.com, aon.com, aon.com, aon.com

What makes Aon plc successful?

An experienced team, perfect management, integration of modern technology, and public trust are some factors behind the ultimate success of Aon plc.

They are known for their professional insurance services. Another thing that played a crucial role in its success is that it does not target a small sector of a wide audience.

Rather, they focus on a wide audience. Any type of person can find a suitable service at Aon. The company is very client-centric. All of these characteristics are the reasons behind its success.

Top 5 biggest Aon plc competitors or Alternative

aon top competitors or alternatives

1. AIG

AIG stands for American International Group. It is a multinational financial services provider and an insurance company founded in 1919 in Shanghai, China. The headquarters of the company is located in New York, United States. Their popular services are general insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, mutual funds, and investment management.

In 2020, their revenue was $43.3 billion. AIG was ranked at 60th on Fortune 500 in 2018. There is a severe rivalry between Aon and AIG.

2. Marsh McLennan

Marsh McLennan is another one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. It was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Some famous financial services of Marsh McLennan are risk management, investment consultancy, and insurance services. The company’s revenue in 2020 was $17.2 billion and the net income was around $2 billion. In 2018, it was ranked at 212th on Fortune 500.

3. Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. is an American insurance brokerage and risk management firm founded in 1927 in Itasca, Illinois.

The company is known for its insurance services and is one of the largest insurance brokerages in the world. Their revenue in 2020 was $7 billion out of which $858 million was their net income.

4. Aviva

Aviva is another very big name in the insurance industry. Aviva is a multinational insurance company however the company is based in the United Kingdom. Aviva was founded in 2000. The company provides its services in 16 countries and they are currently catering to 33 million customers.

It is also the largest general insurer in the United Kingdom. Aviva made total revenue of $63.4 billion and their profits were $3.9 billion. Aviva is not that big competitor of Aon but still, a competition exists.

5. AXA

AXA is another multinational insurance company. It was founded in 1816 in France and its headquarters are also located in Paris, France.

AXA provides services in 3 continents and its main market is Western Europe.

AXA made a total revenue of $119.7 billion with a net income of $4.4 billion in 2019. This revenue makes it the 2nd largest insurance company in Europe.

Is Aon plc stock a good buy when considering long-term investments?

An extremist answer cannot be given to this question. The short answer would be that Aon plc stock is neither a strong buy nor a strong sell. Due to the economic recession caused by the pandemic, it has become very difficult to analyze Aon stock.

We cannot say that the company is not growing or will not grow in the future and it would also be wrong to confidently say that it will grow swiftly. It is a very unpredictable situation for any tyro investor but in this section, we are going to cover this topic thoroughly. So, you do not have to worry about it.

According to wallstreetzen.com, 7 Wall Street stock analysts gave their own opinions regarding Aon plc stock. 5 out of 7 investors agreed that this stock is not a good sell. Rather, it is a time to buy it and hold it as a long-term investment.

On the other hand, 2 out of those 7 investors did not agree with that. In their opinion, Aon stock is a strong buy. However, none of the 7 investors recommended selling Aon stock. So, this is for sure that either Aon stock is a great buy or it is a good buy according to all of those investors.

According to Govt Capital Blog, in the first quarter of 2025, the stock price of Aon plc will be priced at an average of around $980 and the highest possible price of $1,132 and lowest of $837. In the last quarter of 2026, it may touch $1500. Although, the highest prediction is $1,725 and the lowest prediction is $1,275.

In our recommendation, Aon stock is not perfect for short-term investment and one may meet some losses by investing in it on a short-term basis but if you are considering a long-term investment, you will likely find it profitable.

Top Aon plc Major acquisitions

After the merger of Combined Insurance Company and Ryan Insurance Group, the primary focus of the new company, Aon, was to expand nationally and internationally. For this purpose, the strategy of the company was not different.

They acquired several small-scaled insurance and financial services companies to expand their services and to expand overseas. In this section, we are going to discuss some of those major acquisitions.

  1. WedSafe Wedding Insurance

It was announced by Aon in January 2007 that they are going to acquire the WedSafe Wedding Insurance program. WedSafe is a private wedding and other event insurance brokerage. However, the acquisition price and actual acquisition date have not been revealed publicly. It was acquired by the Affinity group of Aon. The affinity group is a subsidiary of Aon.

  1. Benfield Group

In March 2010, Aon revealed publicly that Benfield Group had been acquired by them. It was London based reinsurance company and risk intermediary founded in 1973. The acquisition price was around $1.75 billion. There was also a debt of $170 million. After the acquisition, the reinsurance department of Aon started working under the name “Aon Benfield”.

  1. Senior Educators Ltd.

In 2010, Hewitt Association, which was a subsidiary of Aon, announced that they had acquired Senior Educators Ltd which was a US-based insurance company. It was founded in 2005. They primarily provide insurance for healthcare supplemental products.

  1. Lincolnshire

Aon made another acquisition in 2010. Aon acquired Illinois-based Hewitt Associates which was founded in 1940. It is an outsourcing company. Currently, they are providing their services in over 120 countries. This acquisition was made with $4.9 billion in cash and in stocks. It was the biggest acquisition of Aon.

  1. Johannesburg

Johannesburg was also acquired by Aon. They publicly gave the official statement of acquisition in 2011. However, the financial terms were not shared with the public. Also, the exact acquisition date was not revealed by the company.

  1. Westfield Financial Corporation

In the same year, Aon announced another acquisition. It was Westfield Financial Corporation. The public announcement date was 19 July 2011. Aon did not reveal the acquisition price and the acquisition date.

  1. OmniPoint

Aon announced that they are agreed on the purchase of OmniPoint in the last quarter of 2011. OmniPoint was a workday consulting firm. The company was founded in 2008. Financial terms and acquisition date in the case of OmniPoint are also not revealed publicly.

  1. National Flood Services

In June 2014, Aon publicly announced that they are ready to acquire National Flood Services. It was an insurance company with a specialty in flood insurances. In 2018, National Flood Services was acquired by PEAK6 Investments LP from Aon. The company was founded in 1985 and its headquarters are located in Montana, United States.

  1. Stroz Friedberg LLC

Aon risk management department announced in 2016 that they have completed the acquisition process of Stroz Friedberg LLC. Stroz Friedberg LCC is a professional actuary firm with a primary focus on cybersecurity risk management, data security, compliance, and forensic accounting. They help companies and individuals to perform digital tasks conveniently.

  1. CoCubes

CoCube was acquired by Aon in November 2016. It is an Indian assessment firm founded in 2007. Their headquarters are in Gurugram, India. CoCubes takes assessment tests from engineering and business graduates to increase their job aspects and opportunities. Their test is taken once a year.

  1. Human Resources Outsourcing Platform

Aon announced that they are going to sell their Human Resources Outsourcing Platform to Blackstone Group L.P. for $4.8 billion. This deal was made in February 2017. The reason behind this deal was to form a new company named “Alight Solutions”. Today, Alight Solutions is a multinational outsourcing company.

  1. The Townsend Group

In 2017, Aon declared that they are considering purchasing The Townsend Group. The Townsend Group was a subsidiary of Colony NorthStar. The acquisition price was $475 million. This acquisition helped Aon to enter into real estate investment. The Townsend Group now provides real estate solutions to individuals.

  1. Willis Towers Watson

Aon did not acquire Willis Towers Watson rather both companies merged. Willis Towers Watson is a UK-based insurance company founded in 2016. The deal was done for $30 billion. However, the board of directors of Willis Towers Watson abandoned the deal in 2021.


1. When did Aon plc go public?

Aon plc became a publicly-traded company in 2001. Its stock symbol is NYSE: AON. The company is registered on New York Stock Exchange.

2. Does Aon plc pay dividends?

Yes, Aon plc does pay a quarterly dividend to its shareholders. The dividend price is $0.51 per share and their dividend growth percentage is 3.89%.

3. Who does Aon sponsor?

Manchester United is the sponsor of Aon plc. They have 8 years of contract of sponsorship with each other. Aon spent around $240 million for this sponsorship.

4. Why is Aon a good place to work?

Rich corporate culture, management, great administration, and a positive environment are some factors that make Aon a great place to work. The company also gives loads of benefits to its employees. Aon is considered the provider of one of the best corporate environments. The company is great to find a job.

5. Is Aon a carrier or broker?

An insurance carrier is a company or firm which sells insurance services whereas an insurance broker is a third party that deals with consumers and insurance carriers. Aon plc is an insurance carrier as well as a broker.

6. How do I make an Aon insurance claim?

You can make an insurance claim by emailing Aon plc or by sending a post. You can also contact Aon customer support if you need further help. You can find their email address and customer service phone number above in this article.

7. What is the Aon portal?

Aon portal is an official portal launched by Aon to give access to benefits and services to Aon colleagues.

Final Thoughts

Aon plc; a leading insurance and financial services company was discussed thoroughly in this article. No doubt, Aon is one of the best options if someone is looking for insurance packages or other financial services.

Quality of their services, professional team, authenticity, and beneficial services are few notable reasons which make Aon plans worth buying. If you are considering investing in the company, then it will also be a great investment. In a nutshell, we can say that company has performed well in past and it is likely that it will also perform very well in the future.


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