Anglo Arab Alliance Shentel Headquarters Office

Anglo Arab Alliance Ltd
London Office:
Avenfield House, 118 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 7AF.
Tel: +44 207 193 5857

Middle East Office:
111 Sayf Al Izah Street Al Nahda Dist. Jeddah P O Box 1757 Jeddah 21441 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 2 6945 831
Tel: +966 561 50 80 69 (24 Hr)


President & Chief Commercial Officer: Paul Sagoo
CEO (UK): Andrew Lloyd

Businesses History

Traditionally for UK luxury brands, the Markets of Saudi Arabia and surrounding Arab countries remained shrouded in mystery, a baffling world of red tape which would deter even the hardiest of companies.

Thanks to AAA, this shroud has now been lifted. The Anglo Arab Alliance allows UK luxury brands a risk free way to make their products available in the Middle East.

AAA purchase the products directly from British luxury brands, removing the traditional hassle and risk of dealing with unregulated foreign companies. From prestige cars and bespoke fashion to cutting edge technology and luxury yachts, AAA opens up a market with an insatiable lust for the very best of British luxury.

The Anglo Arab Alliance has the backing of some of the most influential businessmen in the region and is strongly affiliated with SAGIA, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, allowing deep access into Arab markets. This puts AAA clients in a very favorable position when competing against other luxury brands about replica handbags.

Membership of AAA is strictly by invitation only. All AAA partners have a simple truth in common; that their products and services are the best, made and delivered without compromise, to satisfy some of the most demanding customers in the world.


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