Investing is essential and if you’re interested in dipping your feet into the water, Amundi can be of help. Being one of the biggest and leading financial management companies in the world, it has a proven track record in the field. Learn more about them through this article.

General information

HQ: 90 Bd Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France
Phone: +33176333030
Traded As: Euronext: AMUN
Industry: Investment management
Official Website:

Where is the Amundi headquarters located?

The Amundi headquarters is located in Paris, France. You can find this at 91-93, boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France. Those who want to get in touch with the company may do so by calling their hotline at +33 (0)1 43 23 30 30.

The Amundi building measures almost 40,000 square meters or nearly 430,555 square feet. With its size, the company headquarters is considered the seventh-largest office building in the whole of Paris.

Apart from its headquarters in Paris, the company has numerous offices in different parts of the world. They have offices in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, and Europe. Amundi has local investment centers, joint ventures, and investment hubs.

Amundi Asset Management Headquarters

Where is the Amundi Corporate Office Headquarters?

The Amundi corporate office is the same as the address provided above. It’s at 91-93, boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris, France.

How do I contact the Amundi corporate office?

If you want to contact the Amundi corporate office, you can call their phone at + 33 (0)1 76 33 30 30. You can likewise give them a fax at the same number.

Amundi Corporation Short History

Amundi was founded just 12 years ago on January 1, 2021, the company came to be as a result of Credit Agricole and Societe Generale merging their respective asset management subsidiaries to create Amundi, the new company.

Although the asset manager’s history is considered on the relatively younger side, it has proven itself as one of the leading asset managers not just in the whole of Europe, but also in the world, managing to snag one of the 10 spots in terms of being the biggest asset managers in the world, handling €670 billion upon its creation alone.

Amundi went public on November 12, 2015, with a market capitalization of €7.5 billion, with its shares priced at 45 euros each.

In the years after its creation, Amundi made strategic acquisitions, such as getting Smith Breeden Associates in the United States, Bawag PSK Invest in Austria, and Kleinwort Benson Investors in Dublin, allowing it to successfully permeate these markets and expand their reach over time.

It has likewise made strategic partnerships, including the likes of Lyxor, making it have just under €2 trillion by the end of 2021.

What does Amundi do?

Amundi is a French asset management company. It is considered one of the biggest investment managers throughout the world and the largest in the whole of Europe. They provide an array of wealth management solutions to customers, including savings and investments.

Amundi Products and Services

Amundi offers a broad range of products and services as part of its investment and wealth management solutions. It includes fixed-income solutions, as well as equity and multi-asset investments.
Passive equity and bond management, as well as ETFs, Smart Beta, and factor investing, are also being explored by the company. The company also extends bespoke advisory to its clients, catering to their unique needs.

Amundi CEO and key executive team

Name Designation
Valerie Baudson Chief Executive Officer
Nicolas Calcoen Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Strategy, Finance and Control Division
Bernard de Wit Executive Senior Manager and Head of Governance and General Secretary
Jean-Jacques Barberis Head of the Institutional and Corporate Clients Division and ESG
Pascal Blanque Chairman of Amundi Institute

Does Amundi work internationally?

Amundi has offices both locally and internationally. It has established its presence not just in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. It has offices in Casablanca, Miami, Durham, Boston, Montreal, Mexico, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Paris, Dublin, and London, to name a few.

Where’s the Amundi head office in the US?

There are three Amundi locations in the US, with one being in Boston, another in Durham, and another in Miami. However, only the Boston office is considered the head office in the country. You can find this at 60 State Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02109.

Where’s the Amundi head office in Canada?

The Amundi headquarters in Canada can be found at 2000 McGill College Avenue, Suite 1920, Montreal, Quebec H3A 3H3, Canada.

Where’s the Amundi head office in the UK?

The Amundi head office in the United Kingdom can be found in London. Their address is 77 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5BJ, United Kingdom.

Where’s the Amundi head office in Australia?

Unfortunately, Amundi no longer holds offices in Australia based on its website. Previously, however, the asset management company can be found at 25 Lime Street, Suite 305, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

Amundi Customer Service Support

If you have any concerns, you may reach out to Amundi by calling them at +33 (0)1 43 23 30 30. Alternatively, you can also send them your correspondence via mail at their postal address located at 90 boulevard Pasteur, CS21564 75730 Paris Cedex 15 – France.

Meanwhile, those who are in the United States may call US Client Services at 800-225-6292 or 877-345-5070. You can likewise get in touch with customer service representatives by giving filling out the contact information sheet provided on the website and an agent will get to you regarding your concern.

Executive Summary

Amundi is one of the European asset managers in the world. If you want to get started on building and improving your wealth today, make sure to get in touch with the company through the contact numbers provided.

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