The banking industry is without a doubt one of the financial powerhouses in the economy of a nation and, in a larger scale, the world. They serve as the drivers for financial sources and crediting. American Express is a public company, mainly based in Three World Financial Center, New York City, New York, United States. The company’s niche is in the banking industry. The key people of the company are Stephen J. Squeri and Kenneth I. Chenault. The company’s CEO/Chairman is Kenneth I. Chenault, which resided by the current Vice Chairman, Stephen J. Squeri. Jeffrey C. Campbell is the current CFO while Laureen E. Seeger is the Executive VP and General Counsel. The Pres of Global Consumer Service is Douglas E. Buckminster.

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General Information

Traded as: NYSE: AXP
Industry: Banking and financial services
Founded: March 18, 1850 (in Buffalo, New York, US)
Key people: Stephen J. Squeri, Kenneth I. Chenault
Headquarters: Three World Financial Center, New York City, New York, United States
Products: Charge cards, credit cards, traveler’s cheque and corporate banking
Services: Finance, Insurance, Travel
Business data: Google Finance / Yahoo! Finance / SEC filings

How to Contact American Express Corporate Office

Main: (212) 640-2000.
Customer Service: (800) 528-4800.
Toll Free: (800) 528-4800.

Key People/Executives for American Express

Kenneth I. Chenault Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer, Chairman of American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc and Chief Exec. Officer of American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc
Jeffrey C. Campbell Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP of Fin.
Laureen E. Seeger Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel
Stephen J. Squeri Vice Chairman
Douglas E. Buckminster Pres of Global Consumer Service

American Express Products and Services

American Express Company focuses on the provision of charge/credit payment card products and travel-related services to consumers and businesses internationally. Four segments comprise the main service circle of Amex. These are:

  1. S. Consumer Services
  2. International Consumer and Network Services
  3. Global Commercial Services
  4. Global Merchant Services

The company’s wide range of products and services include the following:

  1. Charge and credit card products, as well as other payment and financing products in lieu of cash such as Amex Blue and Express Credit Card
  2. Network services (Am Express P2P, Mediated, etc.)
  3. Expense (cost, overhead and others) management products &services
  4. Travel-related services (Cheques, etc.) such as Delta
  5. Stored value or prepaid products.

Its products and services also include acquiring merchants and processing settlement and service rendition such as American Express customer service, merchant financing, POS marketing, and information products and services for merchants; and security services such as fraud protection. The company uses different media for selling such as manpower in-house selling or walk-ins, third party selling, online services, and more.

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  1. I called the corporate office today, 01/15

    AMEX Should stay out of individual politics. Your mission is to provide a service and stay profitable. Do not give to “individual” political candidates. Otherwise, why have lobbyists?
    Yours is a PUBLICITY ploy….We’re talking about tiny amounts.

    We do not need you to be a Nanny or our clergy. Also, if your board wants to, they ,as individuals, can make or not make political contributions.

    After over 30 years of membership, despite a good relationship, we are considering
    dropping our membership.

    Lenore H,Leonard and James M. Leonard

    This email is probably a lost cause because we are only a few among millions.

  2. I am not exactly thrilled with the decision of American Express to further divide and bring attention to race by implementing CRT. There is NOTHING wrong with stating, “I don’t see color.”. Period. I don’t. I could care less if a human being is white, brown, black, purple, green, atheist, Catholic, Protestant., or feels they relate to being a man, a woman, a dog, a pig or a cow. I simply do not care! By segregating the races and human beings and pigeon holing people you are doing FAR more harm than good.

    Further, we have taught our kids “If you work hard you can succeed.”. It is the truth. Any person may better themselves if he, she or they choose to….there is nothing wrong with working hard, making a contribution to society and bettering oneself. Nothing at all I’d rather tell my kids they need to work hard to succeed to earn their way! Save, buy your first car! Put your way through school! You all can’t seem to see the first through the trees.

    I will not be doing ANY business with AMEX and am going to encourage my family members to close any personal and business accounts. There are companies that treat humans simply as humans and don’t subscribe to wrong is right and right is wrong.

  3. I totally agree with previous comments: AMEX should stay out of politics. Why should anyone pay your outrageous fees and be lectured on race.
    I am outraged regarding the “Anti-Racism Initiative AMEX executives are mandating to employees. Please be clear Capitalism is NOT racist! Since AMEX Communist believes do not represent my views I will be canceling all my AMEX cards. You might just get a boycott out of of your users. I am so upset I was about to recommend AMEX to my son but now I will make sure NOT to!!!

  4. I would hope the powers that be at AMEX understand capitalism is what built their company and what allows most of your customers to own your card. If I do not see some type of retraction on this policy, I along with a number of my “privileged” friends will be canceling our AMEX cards.

    • I completely agree with the comments criticizing AMEX for instituting so-called Critical Race Theory. I know I am one of millions of cardholders but I am compelled to cancel my account as I no longer wish to be associated with American Express.

  5. If this country is so bigoted, how is it that Stephen J. Squeri rose to the position he now holds at AE. I’m sure he feels he worked hard and prides himself to have achieved his success as have others of ALL races. That is the reason so many have migrated to the US. It’s platform provides for a chance at success, doesn’t guarantee it but with hard work and determination it’s possible. Ask those that have migrated from former communist and socialist countries. Our diversity makes us great.
    AE provides a service and if they enjoy the success they’ve had in that field they need to stay out of politics. This implementation of CRT divides and dividing does not allow for a winning platform. No group is better than another. I am a consumer and I decide where my money goes. If this is the path AE continues to go down, then I guess, I’ll be switching to a wiser corporation.

  6. I completely agree with the comments criticizing AMEX for instituting so-called Critical Race Theory. I know I am one of millions of cardholders but I am compelled to cancel my account as I no longer wish to be associated with American Express.

  7. after 53 years, american express canceled my hilton honors card and my delta sky miles card without explanation. This happened in July 2021. I would like the cards reinstated.
    I have a 750 -800 credit rating with each of the three major credit rating agencies.

  8. I am aware of a person who has been using an Amex card since last October when the card owner was put in a nursing home. This person continues to use the card now even though the card holder died in March.

    What should I do?

    Lynn Rice


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