The banking industry is without a doubt one of the financial powerhouses in the economy of a nation and, in a larger scale, the world. They serve as the drivers for financial sources and crediting. One company that is very much well-known and renowned all over the world from application, travel, and for other purposes is the American Express.

American Express is a public company, mainly based in Three World Financial Center, New York City, New York, United States. The company’s niche is in the banking industry. The key people of the company are Stephen J. Squeri and Kenneth I. Chenault. The company’s CEO/Chairman is Kenneth I. Chenault, which resided by the current Vice Chairman, Stephen J. Squeri. Jeffrey C. Campbell is the current CFO while Laureen E. Seeger is the Executive VP and General Counsel. The Pres of Global Consumer Service is Douglas E. Buckminster.

American Express Headquarters Address

Traded as NYSE:AXP
Industry focused Banking and financial services
Founded in March 18, 1850 (in Buffalo, New York, US)
Key people Stephen J. Squeri, Kenneth I. Chenault
Headquarters/Based in Three World Financial Center, New York City, New York, United States
Products Charge cards, credit cards, traveler’s cheque

200 Vesey Street Lower Manhattan New York, NY 10285 United States
Telephone: 212-640-2000

Key People/Executives for American Express

Kenneth I. Chenault Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer, Chairman of American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc and Chief Exec. Officer of American Express Travel Related Services Company Inc
Jeffrey C. Campbell Chief Financial Officer and Exec. VP of Fin.
Laureen E. Seeger Exec. VP and Gen. Counsel
Stephen J. Squeri Vice Chairman
Douglas E. Buckminster Pres of Global Consumer Service

American Express Products and Services

American Express Company focuses on the provision of charge/credit payment card products and travel-related services to consumers and businesses internationally. Four segments comprise the main service circle of Amex. These are:

  1. S. Consumer Services
  2. International Consumer and Network Services
  3. Global Commercial Services
  4. Global Merchant Services

The company’s wide range of products and services include the following:

  1. Charge and credit card products, as well as other payment and financing products in lieu of cash such as Amex Blue and Express Credit Card
  2. Network services (Am Express P2P, Mediated, etc.)
  3. Expense (cost, overhead and others) management products &services
  4. Travel-related services (Cheques, etc.) such as Delta
  5. Stored value or prepaid products.

Its products and services also include acquiring merchants and processing settlement and service rendition such as American Express customer service, merchant financing, POS marketing, and information products and services for merchants; and security services such as fraud protection. The company uses different media for selling such as manpower in-house selling or walk-ins, third party selling, online services, and more.


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