Pharmaceutical companies are highly dedicated in giving quality possible product and service quality to its customers and potential ventures. World pharmaceuticals and labs are integrated in order to deliver the demands. Mentioning one of the key players in the pharmaceutical and medical industry is the Allergan.


Allergan, Plc is a multi-national pharmaceutical public limited company that focuses on dermatology, research on pharmaceuticals in the skin, contact, eye, general health, and more. This company produces branded and generic drugs, and performs research and development in the pharmaceutical sector. Initally formed on the date of February 18, 2015, before when the company formerly known as Actavis, Plc changed its name which was completed as of June 15, 2015. Actavis, Plc eventually became Actavis which now forms the AmGen division of the company.

Allergan Headquarters Address

Traded as (AGN Stock) NYSE: AGN
Industry focused Pharmaceutical
Founded in 2015 (by Actavis, PLC’s acquisition)
Founder Allen Chao, Ph. D. & David Hsia, Ph. D.
Headquarters/Based in Dublin, Ireland & Parsippany, Troy Hills, NJ, USA.
Products AbbVie


  • Clonshaugh (Business and Technology Park) B&T Coolock Dublin D17 E400, Ireland
  • Phone number/customer service number: 862 261 7000
  • Website:

Key People/Executives for Allergan

Mr. Brenton L. Saunders J.D. Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
Ms. Maria Teresa Hilado Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
Mr. Robert A. Stewart Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Mr. William Meury Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President
Mr. James C. D’Arecca Chief Accounting Officer and Vice President

Allergan Products

Allergan plc, is highly dedicated to develop, market, manufacture and distribute medical aesthetics, biosimilar, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical products internationally. It operates through the following categorical segments:

  1. US Specialized Therapeutics
  2. US General Medicine
  3. International segments
  • The company offers a portfolio (product pipeline) of products that provide treatment for the following:
    1. Central nervous system
    2. Gastroenterology
    3. Women’s health, cosmetic and urology
    4. Ophthalmology
    5. Neurosciences
    6. Medical aesthetics
    7. Dermatology
    8. Plastic surgery
    9. Liver disease
    10. Inflammation
    11. Metabolic syndromes
    12. Fibrosis, alzheimer’s disease.
  • It is also involved in other medical developments such as:
    1. Developing ocular implants that reduce intraocular pressure associated with glaucoma
    2. Medical devices for the correction of prominent ears
    3. Intranasal neurostimulation devices, as well as other dry eye products
  • In addition, the medical manufacturing company distributes tangible products such as generic and branded pharmaceutical products primarily to the following recipients or locations:
    1. Independent and chain pharmacies
    2. Nursing homes
    3. Mail order pharmacies
    4. Hospitals
    5. Clinics
    6. Physician offices


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