Aflac Incorporated, through its subsidiary, American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus, provides voluntary supplemental health and life insurance products.

It operates through two segments, Aflac Japan and Aflac U.S.


The Aflac Japan segment offers voluntary supplemental insurance products, including cancer plans, general medical indemnity plans, medical/sickness riders, care plans, living benefit life plans, ordinary life insurance plans, and annuities in Japan.

The Aflac U.S. segment provides products designed to protect individuals from depletion of assets comprising accident, cancer, critical illness/care, hospital indemnity, fixed-benefit dental, and vision care plans; and loss-of-income products, such as life and short-term disability plans in the United States.

The company sells its products through sales associates and brokers, independent corporate agencies, individual agencies, and affiliated corporate agencies.

Aflac Headquarters Office Address

Aflac Incorporated
1932 Wynnton Road Columbus, GA 31999, United States
Look: Google Map Place


Phone: 706-323-3431 | Website:


CEO: Daniel P. Amos
CFO: Kriss Cloninger III
COO: Paul S. Amos II

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  1. I have tried 3 or4 times to contact AFLAC. To date no one has contacted me.
    I have scheduled calls and waited and waited for them to call. When I answer the phone
    goes dead. This is the worst treatment I have ever had. All I want to know is what is the status of my claim. I have been with this company for many years and don’t deserve this type of treatment.


  2. I have contacted Aflac 8 times since 4/28/2021 about entering my new account number for auto pay. Since then I have been given the run around and just found out that the supervisor that entered the information finally on 9/17/2021 that supervisor entered the old account number to attempt to add the auto pay and receive payment. The reason for the account number change was I had fraud committed on my account. 4/28/2021 I emailed my information somewhere and they never found it so I had to email the form again, I am feeling that the company is making every attempt to make me lose my account. I am very upset and I really need someone to call me concerning this matter because 8 times is too many to contact a company to change an account number for auto pay. I have been very proactive with me making every attempt to make payment on my account. I do hope that someone cares enough at this company and doesn’t think that I am just a number but a human being dealing with this new way of life and will call me about this matter so it is settled.

    • They don’t care about their customers…that is obvious.
      They tell yuou one thing but when they report on the conversation what they told you is all screwed up

  3. i agree with the people with comments, today i called 10 time and not a real person came on the the automation kept giving the wrong time for call back, then hang up. the chat suppose to be people was worse they kept saying they don’t understand, so i ask should i submit one statement at time. i have the insurance for many years and may have to cancel. i am resigning nest month and need to know what steps to take to continue my payments

  4. I need to change my bank information for direct deposit of my commissions. What is your process? Void Check? Bank Form?? Please advise


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