Addus was founded in 1979 as a home cleaning service focusing on serving residents in high rises in downtown Chicago. The company expanded when a small contract was acquired with the city of Chicago to provide chore services to the city’s at-risk elderly population.

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Addus has intensified its focus on becoming a sales and service driven organization, expanding its service integration model and establishing the company brand. Addus currently holds approximately 300 home care contracts throughout the country. The company provides health care services to over 33,000 consumers weekly from over 111 branches located in 24 states.

Addus has also continued to develop an employee-centered culture based on a commitment to practicing its established beliefs and values and the recognition that Addus employees are its greatest asset.

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Addus HomeCare Corp Corporate Office

Addus HomeCare Corporation ADUS:US NASDAQ GS
Address: 2401 South Plum Grove Road Palatine, Illinois 60067 United States
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Contact Number

Phone: 1-847-303-5300 / Fax: 630-487-2707
Email: [email protected] | Website:

Executives Board Members

R Dirk Allison President/CEO
Maxine Hochhauser Chief Operating Officer
James Zoccoli “Zeke” Chief Information Officer
Brian Poff Exec VP/CFO
Darby Anderson Exec VP/Chief Bus Dev

Building a Multi-Language Community

One of the things Addus is most proud of and thankful for is our amazing community of home care and support professionals. This community believes outstanding outcomes begin with good communication. Dedicated to this ideal, Addus employees represent a diverse group with a multitude of language skills.

Currently represented languages include American Sign, Bosnian, Cambodian, Cantonese, English, Farsi, French, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Navajo, Nigerian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Yugoslav.

The chore services program later expanded into the Community Care Program through the Illinois Department on Aging, and the company significantly increased its client base in Illinois under the new name, National Home Care Services.

The company’s growth continued through the acquisition of additional home care contracts in other states, the opening of new branch offices, and the diversification into new service lines, including skilled home health services and adult day services. In 1996, the company changed its name to Addus HomeCare.

Through a national name change nomination contest, an employee in California, who studied ancient deities as a hobby, suggested the name Addus based on the ancient Celtic deity who brought health and wellness to his people.

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  1. I live in Chicago and I just want to make your company aware that the young workers that are hired to do just pop-up visits to the elderly(Shatarra Garrett) has a very horrible attitude and actually doesn’t have any respect for the elderly “Look at the paper if you can read” QUOTE… a statement made by her after being asked a question by the client and very argumentative with patient and making false claim of not being able to see him when he was right there letting her know to stop arguing and come in and instead she walked off saying “first attempt”. She was very flip at the mouth tell the client they were trying to be “real jazzy” whatever she meant by that but her supervisor wouldn’t answer the call when we tried to reach her. Not just that but she also suggested if we didn’t like the service find another agency.

    • Hello my name is Nicole bibb and I worked for the Montgomery Alabama office.and I had and bad experience working for the Montgomery office adds home care 2421 fair Dr.montgomery Alabama my supervisor name was Leslie and she had messed up my pay from the first time I got paid.i would be working lots of hours and she would go in and take my hours.and you try to talk to someone in the office about it.she would try to make it seem like you did not have no hours right now I have two checks own to me.dec 27 2019 for $455.00 and for Jan 10 2020 $405.00 and my supelrvison is doing all she can to make sure a do not get paid these two checks .and there are other people going through the same thing not just me.this lady steal all the money she can and never get caught. I really need my to checks

    • This is a horrible business to be employed by. My supervisor and the director of my office location were awful. They had no redirect for their employees whatsoever. They cover their own rear-ends and punish the employees. Never work here if you want a decent employer.

      • Hello all, my name is Caprice Gonzales, I work from the Twinfalls, Idaho branch I have a question for miss Nicole Bibb, did you ever get your paycheck problem solved with your boss? I’m asking because I’m also having the same difficulty. I don’t like to think that my boss is embezzling from her employees, but I find myself more frustrated after iv spoken to her than before. She is illusive, and offers no good answer for myself not being payed .This started happening shortly after I was hired in March of 2019. The only thing she did to help, according to her was gave me an a-line debit card, said it was from the company, and all that was on it was 187.00 but in order to get the money from the card I had to pay an atm fee every time used it, to get the money they have owned mefor several months. I’m so angry about this whole mess I could scream. I heard nothing from corporate about this payroll problem. Also have you noticed there are absolutely no phone numbers to contact the payroll department. I was told payroll department doesn’t have a phone number to call and also that no one has ever requested to have an employee payroll audit. It may take months or even years for them to give me answers if they ever do. What can be done?

  2. I agree this company is terrible they expect u to be professional but the bosses sure aint. I took a young girl in only to get asked to leave and be put on probation. When asked for a higher up chain of command they just are not handing over any info.

    • You are not treating your workers right!! Sad place to to work and it’s not right to get a schedule at MIDNIGHT!! You should get it the first of the week and have all your clients set up for that week!! You people need to get your ACT TOGETHER!!

  3. I’m reporting my office Addus on 95th and western that office has very poor service I call them every day about my in-house pay and they will not respond back and the supervisors down there they don’t do there job it seems like since this COVID-19 and they work from home they just got lazy and want help you with nothing they just get smart with you and I don’t need to keep going on do I?


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